Carpenter Captures AMRA Lates
Smith Smothers Sprints/Hall Hammers Semi's
Venham, Jr. Masters Mods/Mayle Masterful in Mini's

Skyline Speedway Results FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-While it was smothering hot outside, the on track action was even hotter in the Southern Appalachian Hills of Skyline Speedway. Eighty-two cars and a large crowd beat the severe storms in the area with Rick Venham, Jr. taking the final checker flag in the AMRA Modifieds at 10:50 just before a final storm moved through the area. Chris Carpenter, South Parkersburg, made it another clean sweep in the AMRA Late Models, Danny Smith, Chillicothe, OH claimed the OVSCA Sprints, Frankie Hall hammered the semi-lates, and Cole Mayle
mastered the Mike's Auto Body Mini-wedges.
The semi-late crates were the first to take to the track. Frankie Hall, Parkersburg, recently purchased a car from Freddie Carpenter, slapped on the 21jr sticker and drove like a pro in picking up the heat win and the feature win. For a time Nelson Freshour started to catch Hall in traffic, but once the field spread out, Hall once again throttled away and on to the victory. Rounding out the top ten were Frankie Hall, Nelson Freshour, Eric Foster, Nathan
Harrison, Johnny Vandale, Terry Hinkle, Roger Bowling, Pete Crum, Tim Good, and Matt Kussmaul.
In the competitive AMRA Late Model main four cars were all within inches for much of the first 15 laps. K-C Burdette grabbed the early lead and led by five car lengths over the first three laps. Fast timer and heat winner Chris Carpenter began to reel him in as Chris Garnes and Tyler Carpenter came three wide through four with the eventual winner strapped in the middle.
All four cars fought for the lead with Ralph Withem, continuing his string of great charges, tried to make it
a five car race. Meanwhile, Dan Morrison was charging toward a top five and also challenged Garnes for position. Chris Carpenter worked five hard laps beside Burdette until Carpenter pulled Burdette down the stretch to lead lap fifteen. A lap later Burdette, Garnes, and Tyler Carpenter tried to pull three cars in a two-car hole, sending Carpenter
spinning hard across the uke tires and out of the race.
Although the action was close all the way around the track, the caution strung out the field over the last nine laps. Carpenter brought home the popular win ahead of Burdette, Ralph Withem, Chris Garnes, Dan Morrison, Zach Dohm, Freddie Carpenter, Colten Burdette, Andy Bond, and Larry Bond,who rounded out the top ten.
Said Carpenter, "It's great to get the win and finally get back on track. We are starting to get some
momentum and hopefully get back here to victory lane again."
Andy Bond was the hard charger in a 14th to 9th place run. Zach Dohm and Colten Burdette also picked up four spots in good runs to the top ten. Eleven exciting heats, many of which went right down to the wire set the stage for a great night of feature racing. Each feature event seemed to top the previous one as the Danny Smith-Josh Davis marquis billing in the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association sprints proved to be one of the night's best.
Danny Smith, the crafty veteran got a great start, zooming from sixth toward the lead upon the turn two exit. Pole sitters Mitchell Harble on the high side and Jimmy Stinson on the low side soon gave way to the high-flying Smith. Stinson ran the high side and Smith tucked in behind blasting by Stinson and setting the stage for a battle in reverse order.
As the race progressed Josh Davis found a groove in the middle of the track, lassoing Stinson for second by the halfway mark, then slowly but surely reeling in Smith. Smith on the high side, Davis down low, the two battled
hard for much of the next seven laps. Davis nosed under Smith prompting Smith to move to the low groove where Smith gained the edge in lapped traffic to win by a car length at the finish.
Jimmy Nier was the hard charger in a last to seventh finish. Behind Smith and Davis were Jimmy Stinson, Andre Layfield, Aaron Higgins, up and coming Chris Myers, Jimmy Nier, Mitchell Harble, Brian Benson, and fast
timer Dave Dickson. Aaron Higgins also had a good run from deep in the pack to a top five just behind the steady-handed Andre Layfield.
The best may have been saved for last as Rick Venham, Jr. and Andy Bond battled for all 20 laps of the
AMRA Modified main. Venham, the second heat winner, made a daredevil move between two cars in the heat to earn outside pole honors. His mystifying effort didn't susbside by feature time as Andy Bond took the early lead. By lap five Venham set up the pass and put the RV-8 high upon the bars in bonsai fashion. Bond managed to stay close, trying to find a groove that equaled Venham's dominance.
The next five positions saw some great dicing among Robbie Evans, Vince Conrad, Roy Roush, Jeremy
Blake, and Doug Henry, while J.P. Roberts and Gary Gould battled side-by-side for the next spot back. During the
last six laps as Venham reached lapped traffic, Bond was able to pressure him for the pass.
Pulling alongside a couple times in the turns, Bond tried to pull off the pass but each time Venham pulled away and roared on to the exciting win. Behind Venham, Jr. was Bond, Robbie Evans, Vince Conrad, Roy Roush,
Jeremy Blake, Doug Henry, J.P. Roberts, Gary Gould, and Derrick Smith.
The hard chargers were Dusty Boley and Derrick Smith.
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Skyline will race again next Friday with an AMRA Road Warrior Tour Special paying $1,200 to win, AMRA Late Models, OVSCA Outlaw Sprints, Four Cylinders, and Mike's Auto Body Mini-Wedges. For more information please visit << >> or call 304-539-4410 or the track phone at 740-662-4111.

The summary:

410 Sprint Cars (17)
Fast Time: Dave Dickson 13:28
Heat One: Mitchell Harble Andre Layfield, Danny Smith, Chris Myers, Dave Dickson, Bryce Dickson, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Nier
Heat Two: Jimmy Stinson, Brian Benson, Josh Davis, Aaron Higgins, Benny Hinkel, Mark Imler, Eric Martin, Jordan Harble
Feature: Danny Smith, Josh Davis, Jimmy Stinson, Andre Layfield, Aaron Higgins, Chris Myers, Jimmy Nier, Mitchell Harble, Brian Benson, Dave Dickson, Mark Imler, Bryce Dickson, Kory Crabtree, Eric Martin, Benny Hickel, Jordan Harble, Wes McGlumphy (DNS)

AMRA Late Models (22)
Fast Time: Chris Carpenter 14:47
Heat One: Chris Carpenter, Chris Garnes, Dan Morrison, Jeff Burdette, Ronnie Mayle, Barry Lowery, Jeremy Misel, Roy Roush (DNS)
Heat Two: KC Burdette, Kevin Layne, Freddie Carpenter, Colten Burdette, Andy Bond, Tony Roush, Dusty Adkins
Heat Three: Tyler Carpenter, Ralph Withem, Zach Dohm, Larry Bond, Justin Powell, Ernie Hoschar, George Klintworth
B-Main: Tony Roush, Barry Lowery, Roy Roush, Dusty Adkins, Jeremy Misel, Ernie Hoschar, George Klintworth
Feature: Chris Carpenter, KC Burdette, Ralph Withem, Chris Garnes, Dan Morrison, Zach Dohm, Freddie Carpenter, Colten Burdette, Andy Bond, Larry Bond, Ronnie Mayle, Justin Powell, Kevin Layne, Jeff Burdette, Tony Roush, Barry Lowery, Roy Roush, Tyler Carpenter

Heat One: Andy Bond, Robbie Evans, Doug Henry, Darrin Roush, Shane Roush, Kyle Bond, Jerrad Willis
Heat Two: Rick Venham, Jr., Vince conrad, J.P. Roberts, Kenny Johnson, Derrick Smith, Dusty Boley, Tyler Hendrix
Heat Three: Roy Roush, Jeremy Blake, Jason Brooks, Gary Gould, Joe Hamon, Mark Luning, Robert Garnes
B-Main: Kyle Bond, Dusty Boley, Mark Luning, Tyler Hendrix, Jerrad Willis, Robert Garnes (DNS)
Feature: Rick Venham, Jr., Andy Bond, Robbie Evans, Vince Conrad, Roy Roush, Jeremy Blake, Doug Henry, J.P. Roberts, Gary Gould, Derrick Smith, Kenny Johnson, Jason Brooks, Joe Hamon, Dusty Boley, Kyle Bond, Mark Luning, Darrin Roush, Shane Roush

Semi-Late Crates (10)
Heat One: Frankie Hall, Matt Kussmaul, Nathan Harrison, Pete Crum, Terry Hinkle, Nelson Freshour, Johnny Vandale, Eric Foster, Roger Bowling, Tim Good
Feature: Frankie Hall, Nelson Freshour, Eric Foster, Nathan Harrison, Johnny Vandale, Terry Hinkle, Roger Bowling, Pete Crum, Tim Good, Matt Kussmaul (DNS)

Mike's Auto Body Mini-Wedges (12)
Heat One: Cole Mayle, Zach Carr, Coleman Evans, Tyler Evans, Coleton Perine, Hunter Newlon
Heat Two: Dillon Wyer, Jason Gillian, Corey DeLancey, Samantha Roush, Kasey Rankin, Gabriel Pepper
Feature: Cole Mayle, Jason Gillian, Dillon Wyer, Corey DeLancey, Zach Carr, Coleman Evans, Hunter Newlon, Samantha Roush, Tyler Evans, Kasey Rankin