Rain Claims Skyline Program July 29. 2011
Skyline Speedway Results  

By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-With ninety-nine cars on the premises, Mother Nature was the big winner Friday night (July 29, 2011) at Billy Jarrell's Skyline Speedway where heavy, torrential rains hit during the third late model heat race. All of the AMRA Road Warrior heats were registered in the books with Poske Performance Parts Fast Time going to Rick Venham, Jr. 14:75; and Jeremy Berwanger, Roy Roush, Andy Bond, and Matt Holcomb won the qualifying heats.
Fast time in the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association sprint cars went to Josh Davis with a 13:20, while Chris Carpenter set AMRA Late Model fast time at 14:02. Heat winners in the Late Models were Chris Garnes and Larry Bond with Nick Corbitt leading the third heat when the rains hit.
Tommy Adkins of Portland, Ohio won the Four Cylinder Feature ahead of Rex Smith, Jr., Jeff Rankin, Steve Brown, John Rankin, and Brad Stone, while Cole Mayle won the Mike's Auto Body Mini-Wedges. The mini-wedge feature filed down in this order: Cole Mayle, Shawn Gossett, Jason Gillian, Coleton Perine, Jake Ice, Lucas Shaw, Samantha Roush, Kasey Rankin, Corey DeLancey, and Ryan Bigley.
A press release will be released within the next week announcing the rescheduling of the AMRA Road Warrior event.
Rain checks will be good on Friday, August 19 for Driver Autograph Night for Fans/Kids. Fans should bring back wrist bands back and should not cut through the serial number to be good for the next event. The serial number must be visible on the band. Children 12 and under are always free. Autograph Night should be a huge deal for the youngsters this night.
Skyline is idle the next two weeks for the Athens County Fair. For more information, please visit the website at << www.skylinespeedway.net >> or call 304-539-4410 or the track phone at 740-662-4111.

The summary: July 29, 2011 Skyline Speedway

410 Sprint Cars (17)
Fast Time: Josh Davis 13:20
Heat One:
Heat Two:

AMRA Late Models (27)
Fast Time: Chris Carpenter 14:02
Heat One: Chris Garnes, Chris Carpenter, Andy Bond, Terry Hinkle, Justin Powell, Tony Roush, Bub Crum, Darrell Reno, Terry Styers (DNS)
Heat Two: Larry Bond, Roy Roush, Freddie Carpenter, Ralph Withem, Travis Brookover, Tyler Carpenter, Matt Kaussmaul, Chris Parks, Ryan Casto
Heat Three: (Called with Nick Corbitt leading) Jarrod Circle (DNS)

Poske Performance Parts Fast Time: Rick Venham, Jr. 14:75
Poske Performance Parts Hard Charger:
Heat One: Jeremy Berwanger, Rick Venham, Jr., Vince Conrad, Gary Gould, Frankie Roush, Shawn Donahue, Darrin Roush, Chad Roush, J.P. Roberts
Heat Two: Roy Roush, Kenny Johnson, Mike McPherson, Jeremy Jarvis, Deana Groves, Joe Cox, Shawn Rhodes, Toby Roush
Heat Three: Andy Bond, Jess Hartman, Doug Henry, Robert Garnes, Tom Sigler, Jeremy Roush, Clay Crowder, Ronnie Pickens
Heat Four: Matt Holcomb, Robbie Evans, Buddy Brogan, Jeremy Blake, Kyle Bond, Dusty Boley, Shane Roush, Jerrod Willis

Four Cylinders (6)
Feature: Tom Adkins, Rex Smith, Jr., Jeff Rankin, Steve Brown, John Rankin, Brad Stone

Mike's Auto Body Mini-Wedges (14)
Heat One: Corey DeLancey, Jason Gillian, Lucas Shaw, Zack Carr, Curstin Giffin (DNS), Tyler Evans (DNS), Coleman Evans (DNS)
Heat Two: Cole Mayle, Shawn, Jake Ice, Ryan Bigley, Samantha Roush, Gabriel Pepper, Kasey Rankin, Coleton Perine (DNS)
Feature: Cole Mayle, Shawn Gossett, Jason Gillian, Coleton Perine, Jake Ice, Lucas Shaw, Samantha Roush, Kasey Rankin, Corey DeLancey, Ryan Bigley