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Cole Duncan OVSCA Sprint Nationals Champ

Sodeman takes Prelim
Stinson claims innaugural Season Points Championship
Oliver and Carpenter Nail AMRA wins/Burdette and Carpenter Claim Crates

Skyline Speedway Results FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-The first-ever Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association Nationals are now history. The innaugural winner of the $3,000, 30-lap event Sunday, Oct. 3 was Cole Duncan in the Danny Smith Racing #4 from Lockborn, Ohio. The Rocketman Chris Carpenter of Parkersburg, WV claimed the AMRA late Model main, while K-C Burdette, Parkersburg, WV claimed the Crate Late Model main. Make-up features from Saturday night, Oct. 2 were won by Jack Sodeman, Jr., North Jackson, OH in the 410 sprints, Greggie Oliver, Jackson, in the AMRA Late Models, and Freddie Carpenter, Parkersburg in the Crate Late Models.
By virtue of his finishes this weekend, Jimmy Stinson became the innaugural OVSCA sprint car champion for Owner Billy Jarrell. The car is wrenched by longtime master mechanic Jamie Miller.
The OVSCA sprint car finale was a humdinger as inside the last ten laps, three cars had a shot at pulling off the win. When the dew had settled at the wave of the checkered it was second generation driver Cole Duncan bringing home the historic win.
The night's first feature winner and track record holder Jack Sodeman, Jr. grabbed the early lead, but Duncan kept reeling him in. At one point both took the high side, then Duncan moved low. Crossing over at one point, the duo battled hard with Duncan taking the lead on the 19th circuit.
The drama of the event was at a climax when a third factor Keith Baxter moved into the picture. Baxter, who had flipped in his heat, started scratch and by lap ten had moved into tenth. Three laps later he was seventh and after a caution, jumped into fifth. While Baxter was working on a storybook finish, Duncan and Sodeman had other plans.
Baxter was putting on his own show as Sodeman and Duncan continued their battle royal. On the 20th circuit, Baxter had moved into the fray. The three-way charge had the crowd enthralled as the intense action kept getting better. The track had slicked off from the previous feature and now Dave Dickson, who had been shuffled back to eighth at one point came back on the rebound.
Dickson in the Doug Abbott car spent time battling with Aaron Higgins, Andre Layfield, Chris Myers and Josh Davis. Duncan charged on to the win with Baxter taking second after a torrid duel with Sodeman.
Said Duncan in victory lane, "Danny (Smith) had this car set! It would go anywhere. I knew I just had to stay smooth and be patient. Just being patient I think was the key. It's awesome to be able to get this win and have some momentum going as this season comes to an end. I figured if I could keep it smooth and straight and get past Jack (Sodeman) early, I would have a good shot."
Rounding out the top ten were Cole Duncan, Keith Baxter, Jack Sodeman, Dave Dickson, Aaron Higgins, Andre Layfield, Chris Myers, Josh Davis, Dallas Hewitt, and Kory Crabtree. Veteran driver and engine builder Charlie Fisher caught an infield tire while leading his heat and flipped violently. Fisher emerged visibly shaken, but under his own power.
In the companion AMRA Late Model main, Chris Carpenter won his 14th feature of the year, lapping a good deal of his competitors in holding off Jeff Wood for the big win. Andy Bond challenged Wood for second and finally pulled off the move, only to have Wood pull off the crossover. Greggie Oliver worked his way into fourth ahead of Freddie Carpenter and Travis Brookover.
Carpenter roared on to the win. Rounding out the top ten were Chris Carpenter, Jeff Wood, Andy Bond, Greggie Oliver, Freddie Carpenter, Travis Brookover, Jeff Burdette, Roy Roush, Ralph Withem, and Justin Powell. Brookover was the hard charger of the race with a 17th to 6th run.
Carpenter said, "I just wanted to get another victory and give this one everything we had. It helped even things out when the track slicked off some. We just stuck with the same set-up and it got us here again."
In the Crate Late model main K-C Burdette grabbed the lead from Kyle Thomas and lapped every car on the track except for second place Daniel Hill. Burdette dominated the event and pulled off only the second-ever crate race at Skyline. Rounding out the top ten were Burdette, Hill, Kyle Thomas, Colten Burdette, Steven Dotson, and Derrick Rodgers.
In the first round of the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association Nationals, Jack Sodeman, Jr.--fresh off setting a new track record of 10:26-- jumped into the early lead and dominated the first eight laps. Sodeman earned a $1,500 win and was eligible for the $2,000 bonus in the second feature.
On the restart, OVSCA contender Cole Duncan challenged but Sodeman again pulled away. Sodeman had built up a straight away lead, but by lap 15 Duncan again started to reel in the Rudzik/Maxim/Gressman powered #94. On lap 18, as the duo approached lapped traffic, Duncan passed for the lead around the first turn, inside rail. Sodeman followed in suit through turns 1 & 2, but bored down under Duncan with a turn three slide job.
Sodeman moved to the inside as now Duncan, the pursuer, was forced the high side. Sodeman blasted on to the two-car length win in an epic Skyline battle. Charlie Fisher, the race hard-charger, blasted from 11th to third, but ran out of time in his march to the front. Fisher dueled several laps with Crabtree and Duncan, before finally making the inside pass for position on lap 12. Jimmy Stinson, Keith Baxter, Andre Layfield, Aaron Higgins, and Josh Davis all had good runs. Even with one caution, the race was completed in less than seven minutes.
Said Sodeman, "I kept seeing Cole's nose down on the inside, but with him there couldn't do anything about it. Finally, when he got by, I was able to move to the bottom. That was the fast way around. I messed up a little on that last lap and told myself 'Don't screw up now'.!"
"The track was great tonight. This is a nice little track and just like in qualifying all I had to do was shut my eyes and hold my breath (laughing)." Sodeman picked up an extra $150 fast time award from owner Billy Jarrell.
Rounding out the top ten were Jack Sodeman, Cole Duncan, Charlie Fisher, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Keith Baxter, Andre Layfield, Aaron Higgins, Josh Davis, and Sam Ashworth.
In the make-up AMRA Late Model feature Greggie Oliver of Jackson, Ohio took the lead from K-C Burdette on the second lap and flat-footed his Rocket/Vic Hill Engines/Seymour Logging #47 to the big $1,500 win. Chris Carpenter cut the lead to about five car lengths on the last lap, but Oliver out-horsepowered his way to the win lapping up to the eighth place car in hard-charging style.
Rick Aukland, from 12th to 3th and hard-charger of the race, zoomed to third place by lap ten but couldn't advance any further. Rounding out the top ten were Greggie Oliver, Chris Carpenter, Rick Aukland, Freddie Carpenter, Dan Morrison, Jeff Wood, Nick Corbitt, Travis Brookover, Ralph Withem, and Jeff Burdette.
Said Oliver, "The track was as good as I have seen it. Fortunately, I had a great starting position and was able to get a good head start on Chris Carpenter and Rick Aukland. When I had open track ahead that gave me the advantage I needed."
Kyle Thomas was the early leader in the make-up Crate Late Model main, leading the first eleven circuits. Fast Freddie Carpenter started to close the gap and battled side-by-side until finally securing the lead and soaring on to the win.
In doing so Carpenter had to hold off the challenges to protege K-C Burdette, who drove the Carpenter C-4 earlier in the year, when Carpenter suffered a broken arm. At the finish it was Freddie Carpenter, K-C Burdette, Kyle Thomas, Daniel Hill, Mike Allen, Steven Dotson, and Joey Harper.
The racing was over by 7:40 p.m. thanks to an exceptional effort by the Skyline track crew. Plans for next season are already in the works.
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The summary:

410 Sprint Cars
Fast Time: Jack Sodeman, Jr. 10:26 (New Track Record)
Heat One: Jack Sodeman, Jr., Aaron Higgins, Dave Dickson, Jimmy Stinson, Wes McGlumphy, Brian Benson
Heat Two: Cole Duncan, Chris Myers, Kory Crabtree, Bryce Dickson, Jamie Myers, Charlie Fisher
Heat Three: Dallas Hewitt, Andre Layfield, Josh Davis, Sam Ashworth, Eric Martin, Keith Baxter
A-Main One: Jack Sodeman, Jr., Cole Duncan, Charlie Fisher, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Keith Baxter, Andre Layfield, Aaron Higgins, Josh Davis, Sam Ashworth, Dallas Hewitt, Dave Dickson, Wes McGlumphy, Eric Martin, Jamie Myers, Chris Myers, Brian Benson
A-Main Two: Cole Duncan, Keith Baxter, Jack Sodeman,Jr., Dave Dickson, Aaron Higgins, Andre Layfield, Chris Myers, Josh Davis, Dallas Hewitt, Kory Crabtree, Bryce Dickson, Sam Ashworth, Jimmy Stinson, Eric Martin, Jamie Myers, Wes McGlumphy, Brian Benson, Charlie Fisher (DNS)

Late Models
Fast Time: Rick Aukland 12:21
Heat One: Chris Garnes, Rick Aukland, Jeff Wood, Roy Roush, Ron Mayle, Travis Brookover, Anthony Kincaid, Nelson Freshour
Heat Two: Chris Carpenter, Freddie Carpenter, Greggie Oliver, Steve Bigley, Nick Corbitt, Bub Crum, Larry Bond (DNS)
Heat Three: Ralph Withem, Justin Powell, Andy Bond, Dan Morrison, Jeff Burdette, Kenney Newhouse, Dave Wolfe
B-Main: Travis Brookover, Bub Crum, Anthony Kincaid, Kenney Newhouse, Nelson Freshour, and Dave Wolfe.
A-Main One: Greggie Oliver, Chris Carpenter, Rick Aukland, Freddie Carpenter, Dan Morrison, Jeff Wood, Nick Corbitt, Travis Brookover, Ralph Withem, Jeff Burdette, Roy Roush, Justin Powell, Nelson Freshour, Kenny Newhouse, Colten Burdette, K.C. Burdette, Bub Crum, Larry Bond (DNS)
A-Main Two: Chris Carpenter, Jeff Wood, Andy Bond, Greggie Oliver, Freddie Carpenter, Travis Brookover, Jeff Burdette, Roy Roush, Ralph Withem, Justin Powell, Steve Bigley, Bub Crum, Nick Corbitt, Ronnie Mayle, Chris Garnes, Anthony Kincaid, Rick Aukland, Dan Morrison (DNS)

Crate Late Models
Fast Time: K.C. Burdette 12:99
Heat One: Kyle Thomas, K.C. Burdette, Daniel Hill, Colten Burdette, Steven Dotson, Derek Rodgers, Mike Allen, Joey Harper (DNS)
A-Main One: Freddie Carpenter, K.C. Burdette, Kyle Thomas, Daniel Hill, Mike Allen, Steven Dotson, Joey Harper
A-Main Two: K-C Burdette, Daniel Hill, Kyle Thomas, Colten Burdette, Steven Dotson, Derrick Rodgers.


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