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Tribute to our Heroes

Below is a list of drivers known to have competed here in the Ohio Valley in the Sprints/Supermodifieds and Late Model divisions.. We believe the list to be fairly accurate as to whether or not the drivers are deceased or living retired (We mean no disrespect to anyone and if there is a mistake we will correct it) We only wish to honor our drivers from the past. These are sprint and late model only. These are not current drivers. If you have any additions e-mail them to swolfe1490@suddenlink.net Please list the division, driver name, and living or deceased. Most of these are from memory or old photo albums and track records.

Ohio Valley Area Drivers


J.D. Leas
Jim Fizer
Mack Clingan
Herman Wise
Frank Gorichky
Sam Ervin
Jan Opperman
Del Schmidlin
Bill Roynon
Carl Jodrey
Pappy Singleton
Chet Moody
Spike Spears
Dick Gaines
Don Townsend
(Alias Bobby Bell)
(Alias Lee Desty)
(Alias Don Fox)
Ralph Coyle
Don Adams
Ronnie Haught
Lou Blaney 
Dale Pringle (owner)
Harold (Robbie) Robinson



Deceased Sprint

Dean Mast
Bobby Oney
Herb Grasely
George Harbour
Pete Miller
Steve Ungar
Al Nunnery
Al Franks
Calvin Gilstrap
Bill Knisely
Ray Kennens
Ted Wise
Mike Bice
Danny Milburn
Dick Diamond
K.O. Cavender
J.D. Henson
Pat Herrick
Lonnie Darst
Paul Dickson
(Pete Smith-Owner)
Sheldon Kinser
Jerry Benson
Harold McGilton
Wayne McGuire
Audie Swartz
Charlie McCann
Paul Barnes
Don Hewitt
John Hewitt
Bill Bannick
Lowell Litton
Chuck Engstrom
Tommy Dickson
Jim Ford

Late Models

Bobby Oney
Chick Clark
Earl Hill

Tom Amos
Bob Adams, Sr.
Pat Herrick
Larry Northcraft
Fred Hadley
Jim Dunn
Dorus Wisecarver
Dick French
Tudy Adkins
M.D. Marshall
Mark Balzano
Jack Boggs
Jim Dunn
Earl Hill
Keith Zimmerman
Wilbur Robinson
Bill Childers
Benny Stafford
Roger Dunlap
Bud Tackett
Mick Headley
Craig Gibson
Ed Pearce
Hilton Wolfe, Jr.
Gene Adkins
Bob Bauer
Harold Elder
Bob Hasley, Sr.
Frank Britton


Sprint Living

Dean Knittle
Chuck Fletcher
Gene Thimmes
Sam Adkins
Frank Burris
Paul Prince
Jim Linder
Fred Linder
Steve Smith
Bobby Allen
Butch Wilkerson
Don Nordhorn
Bobby Ward
Hooker Hood
Jack Hewitt
Robby Nervo
Todd Vance
Lynn Paxton
Bubby Jones
Al Liskai
Bobby Marvin
Ed Lute
Jon Webb
Mike Saint
Johnny Beeber
Rick Ungar

Sprint Living

Danny Brown
Sam Adkins
Tim Jodrey
Shannon Jodrey
Kyle Stutchell
Jim Wical
Randy Curliss
Tim Dussell
Brad Miller
Tony Kennedy
Bill Cheeseman
Harold Beasely
Mike Hensel
Dave Chaney
Jeff Barnhart
Jimmy Lewis
Terry Haide
Allen Barr
Bill Dotson
Harold Boso
Roger Seitz
Larry Marks
Ronnie Marks
Kenny Null
Steve Wise
Dave Tanner
Jeff Gordon
Tony Stewart
Ross Rogers
Mike Bowling
Rocky Thornberry
Doug McAtee
Mike Young
Pete Deck
Gabby Owens
Frank Devoris
Billy Corbin
Jim Murley
Mac McClellan
Dan Haines
Jr. Smally
Zeke England
Mike Mourn
Jerry Cushing
Chuck Cushing
Moe Beeler
Rusty McClure

Sprint Living

Steve McCann
Rodney Duncan
Rodney Morgan
Joey Allen
Richard Lupo
Gary Howard
Rob Pickens
Terry Haide
Chuck Brown
Charlie Swartz
Charlie Swartz, Jr.
Ed Haudenschild
Willie Rice
Davey Jones
Gary Griffith
T.J. Williamson
Chris Simon
Cecil Beavers
Craig McGuire
Wes Harbour
Tracy Hoover
Dave Reed
Randy Ford
Rick Nichols
Merle Ireland
Jim Persons
Johnny Lewis
Gary Feller
Roger Wiles
Larry McPeek
Dick Graves

Sprint Living

Steve Liskai
Dick Liskai
Larry Dickson
Steve Dickson
Ralph Quarterson
Dave Blaney
Jim Meeker
Jim McCoy
Gus Linder
Bobby Morgan
C.J. Holley
Rick Holley
Ronnie Myers
Rick Ferkel
Bob Kinser
Bob Papoy
Jr. Spencer
Paul Spencer
Billy Casella
Pete Casella
Dave Reed
Wayne Slark
Rocky Thornberry
Dave Chaney
Bob Carrico
Dale Carrico
Tucker Nunnery
Bill Stinson
Bob Chaddock 
Bud Chaddock 
Gary Grimm 


Late Models Living

Jim Patrick
Pat Patrick
Joe Teeters
Skip Wattermon
Greg Hatfield
Charlie Seymour
Charlie Swartz
Jim West
Jim Steele
Bob Crace, Sr.
Danny Atkinson
Bob Stanhope
Moe Beeler
Jake Dyke
Fudge Leist
Larry Brumfield
Dave Robinson
Charlie Perry
Rick Perry
Brian Willard
Larry Keefer
Don Graley
John Brown
Scott Wolfe
Bryan Wolfe

Late Models Living

Bobby Boyles
Bernard Triplett
Bob Adams, Jr.
Roy Miller
Roger Adkins
Wayne Adkins
Mike Adkins
Joe Bill Keeney
Larry Keefer
Gene Frerrell
Gene McNeeley
Ronnie Bond
Mack McKinney
Frank Burriss
Frank Prince
Jim Taylor
Jerry McDonald
Steve Armentrout
Paul Coyan
Larry Brisker
Jr. Ables
Jr. Simmons
Joe Meadows
Elsie Bills
George Branscom
Bruce Neigler
Scott Wolfe
Bryan Wolfe
Tye Long
Alvin Boykin
Dave Williams
Richard Moorehead
Roy Pierce
Darrell Dexter
Steve Daniels




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