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2009 Results

Skyline Speedway Results FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO- It wasn't Halloween, but the gremlins came out in full force under the light of a Southern Ohio full moon during Friday night's racing action at Skyline Speedway. Several pile-ups, a couple flips, soap-opera drama, and most all great racing highlighted the action capped by the 30-lap Malta AMRA Road Warrior Tour win by Murray City, Ohio driver Jeremy Berwanger. Grayson, Ky hotshoe Josh McGuire claimed the Late Model main; Vandalia, Ohio's Jimmy Stinson took the 410 sprint crown. It the other feature events it was Barry Brisker, Pure Stocks; Chris Lauer, Four Cylinders; and Kyle Bond, Mini-Wedges taking the victories.
Thirty-three hot modifieds took qualifying laps, but when all was said and done, local ace Jeremy Berwanger brought home the $1,000 pay-day in the Road Warrior Tour "Maltafieds". Said a smiling Berwanger in victory lane, "After being down most of the race in second, I was just 'hanging on'. It was a fun ride out there tonight. We had a good car under us again, but it also took a little bit of luck to get here. We're happy to get the win."
June is Jack Shutts Month at Skyline Speedway. In reference to the befallen track official Berwanger added, "Thanks to the Shutts family for being here tonight in victory lane. It was sad to see Jack pass--he was great guy. I am glad to win this race in his honor."
When the Road Warrior Tour comes to town the natives have been known to go on the warpath. Excitement in the stands and intense action on the track make the tour makes a high-impact presence. Fairmont, WV driver Jacob Hawkins was riding high in the saddle for much of the race.
Poised and armed for battle, Hawkins was in a rocketship and led the first twenty laps of the event before getting into an altercation with a lapped car and getting sent to the tail. Berwanger who had challenged much of the race had fallen off the pace in a distant second, focusing much of his time on fending off hard-charging Kenny Riddle.
It was an "eye's wide open" look in Berwanger's eyes when Hawkins was sent to the tail, pumping new life into the Murray City Bandit for the stretch run to victory. Jeremy Blake and Jimmy Fordyce had a race-long battle for the third spot, finishing in that order, while Hawkins blasted the high side of the track in a scratch to fifth run in just five quick laps.
Rounding out the top ten were Adam Jordan, Rodney Keefer, Robert Garnes, Doug Henry, and fast timer Dave Defibaugh. Defibaugh received a $500 Malta Windows and Doors Gift Certificate for his quick time. Heat winners Dave Defibaugh, Hawkins, Berwanger, and Rod Sayre.
Josh McGuire has established his second residence in victory lane of Skyline Speedway. Reportedly the Grayson, Ky driver has won on all but two occasions in his visits to Skyline Speedway. Friday was no exception.
After setting fast time, McGuire and Chris Garnes were poised for the battle of the year, with a pack of Fire-breathing competitors spewing flames behind them. The classic battle never unfolded. McGuire outclassed them all and a few scrapes along the way decimated the competition.
Said the always humble McGuire, "My Car was great, but I got lucky. When Chris (Garnes) and Ralph (Withem) and a couple of the others went out early, it made it a lot easier for me. I just got lucky. That's all I can say."
Lucky or not, the Kentuckian was fast. When asked if he was confident coming down the stretch with such a big lead and then having the yellow fall, McGuire said, "I'm never very confident, but I knew the car was good, and I was out of the lapped traffic at the end. It made my job a little easier."
Clear sailing or not, McGuire lapped all but the first five cars. Quite a feat for a hard charging lacking confidence.
On the second lap, Garnes and Nick Corbitt went pitside with flat tires ending what fans had hoped for-- a Garnes-McGuire Battle-rama. On lap five the field was reduced by three cars when several cars tangled. Three-time winner Ralph Withem went headlong into the concrete barrier collecting Jeff Wood in the process. Both cars rode the wall nearly 75 feet before Wood flipped to bring out the red. Fortunately, all driver escaped injury in the ugly crash. Withem, Wood, and Justin Powell were eliminated in the melee.
Lots of great racing took place back in the pack with Andy Bond anchoring third place early before suffering mechanical problems. Steve Bigley was the surprise of the night as the Coolville ace blasted into third place and challenged for second much of the race.
Besides Bigley's great run, only a paper-thin barrier separated Todd Smith and Larry Bond for much of the night. Smith had his best Skyline run of the year to third with Bond inches away in fourth behind point’s leader Audie Swartz. Behind second place Swartz was Smith, Bond, Bigley, Ronnie Mayle, Dan Morrison, Tyler Carpenter, Mike McDaniel, and Tony Roush. Bigley spun but was able to bring his mount back to fourth ahead of a high-flying Mayle. Smith and Bond were the hard chargers of the race, each advancing 11 positions.
Jimmy Stinson's B& J Contracting JEI Chassis #84 survived a broken nose wing after zooming to a half track lead, then held off Aaron Higgins and Jimmy Nier at the checkered in another close sprint finish. Always hard charging Josh Davis took a nasty flip for the race's only stoppage. Davis was uninjured but his 22D sidelined for the night. Mitchell and Dickson battled much of the race after claiming position from Benson. Behind second place Nier was Aaron Higgins, Greg Mitchell, Dave Dickson, Brian Benson, Kory Crabtree, Freddie Staats, Alec Martin, and Bryce Dickson. Four of the top ten were teenagers.
Said Stinson, "I saw Aaron nosing in a few times and just kept on pushing. I felt the wing wobbling more and more, and I thought I've got to lose this wing or I'll never make it. Then I saw Jimmy on one side and Aaron on the other. They sure pressured me, but I was able to hang on. I hope it was a good race for the fans."
After taking second two weeks in a row, Chris Lauer said, "It's my turn!" The high-flyer claimed his first Skyline feature win and did it in fine style, holding off the charges of Shawn McClain and Tony Plaugher for much of the last five laps. Ironically, Lauer finished second to both McClain and Plaugher the past two weekends.
The third time was a charm as Lauer led a parade to the top ten-McClain, Plaugher, John Rankin, Donnie Bartlett, Cody Heiss, John Bartlett, Greg King, George Klintworth, and David Banks.
It wasn't intentional, but the best may have been saved for last. Ryan Wilson looked like the sure winner until he and second place Barry Brisker tangled coming out of turn two of the tenth lap. Brisker was cited for the caution, but Wilson suffered a flat and was out of the race.
Shane Roush, running strong all evening long inherited the lead and looked like a sure winner. The tide certainly changed quickly. Roush bobbled. Tommy Murphy saw daylight and Curt Reck went for the middle. Fourth place Shelly Powell saw her chance and went for the gold, but all four cars came together to collect George Klintworth and Bobby Lilly in the traffic jam.
As that pack slowed none other that last-to-first Barry Brisker went buzzing by to pull off the win. Stunned and still trying to sort out the confusion were Reck, Murphy, Roush, Bobby Lilly, George Klintworth, Steve Anthony, Shelly Powell, Darrin Carpenter, and Gary Gould. Brisker was named hard charger for his last to first run.
Skyline Speedway continues action next Friday night June 12 the Jack Shutts Memorial. For further information visit << >> or call 304-539-4410 or the track phone at 740-662-4111.
The Summary: Skyline Speedway June 5, 2009

410 Sprints (13)
Fast Time-Jimmy Stinson 11.88
Dash-Jim Nier, Jim Stinson, Josh Davis, Brian Benson
Heat One-Aaron Higgins, Greg Mitchell, Alec Martin, Bryce Dickson, Eddie Miller
Heat Two-Dave Dickson, Kory Crabtree, Freddie Staats, Benny Hickle
Feature-Jimmy Stinson, Jimmy Nier, Aaron Higgins, Greg Mitchell, Dave Dickson, Brian Benson, Kory Crabtree, Freddie Staats, Alec Martin, Bryce Dickson, Eddie Miller, Benny Hickle, Josh Davis

Late Models (36)
Fast Time-Chris Garnes, Josh McGuire 13.09
Heat One-Chris Garnes, Andy Bond, Ronnie Mayle, Doug Dodd, Todd Smith, Dan Morrison, Chad Todd, Matt Yates
Heat Two-Josh McGuire, Jeff Wood, Nick Corbitt, Ronnie Key, Bryan Wolfe, Bub Crum, Roy Roush, Randy Sprouse, Larry Bond
Heat Three-Jason Montgomery, Audie Swartz, Tyler carpenter, Jeff Burdette, Tony Roush, Ernie Hoscher, Nelson Freshour, George Klintworth, Frankie Roush
Heat Four-Ralph Withem, Steve Bigley, Chris Carpenter, Bryan Eaton, Mike McDaniel, John Gibson, Justin Powell, P.J. Corbitt
Consy One-Todd Smith, Larry Bond, Dan Morrison, Ronnie Key, Bub Crum, Matt Yates, Bryan Wolfe, Chad Todd, Roy Roush, Randy Sprouse (Doug Dodd and Carl Boyles DNS)
Consy Two-Mike McDaniel, Tony Roush, JUstin Powell, John Gibson, Frankie Roush, P.J. Corbitt, George Klintworth, Ernie Hoscher, Jeff Burdette (Bryan Eaton and Nelson Freshour DNS)
Feature-Josh McGuire, Audie Swartz, Todd Smith, Larry Bond, Steve Bigley, Ronnie Mayle, Dan Morrison, Tyler Carpenter, Mike McDaniel, Tony Roush, Andy Bond, Chris Carpenter, Jason Montgomery, Justin Powell, Ralph Withem, Jeff Wood, Chris Garnes, Nick Corbitt

Malta AMRA Modified (33)
MALTA Fast Time-Dave Defibaugh 14.37 $500
Heat One-Dave Defibaugh, Rodney Keefer, Louie Krushansky, Vince Conrad, Doug Henry, Roger Shadwick, Chuck Yeley, Joe Hamon, Cliff Crank
Heat Two-Jacob Hawkins, Jeremy Blake, Jeff Wood, Ron Parrish, Jim Ashcraft, Rick Neace, Will Rowe, Chris Stotts
Heat Three-Jeremy Berwanger, Jim Fordyce, Dave Pinkerton, Mike McPherson, Brian Whiteman, Robin Ours, Jeremy Roush, Miles Cook
Heat Four-Rod Sayre, Kenny Riddle, Adam Jordan, Robert Garnes, Craig Christian, Joe Cox, Dusty Boley, J.P. Roberts
Consy One-Vince Conrad, Chris Stotts, Doug Henry, Chuck Yeley, Ron Parrish, Joe Hamon, Ricky Neace, Jim Ashcraft, Roger Shadwick, Will Rowe
Consy Two-Robert Garnes, Mike McPherson, Dusty Boley, Craig Christian, Joe Cox, Miles Cook, Robin Ours, Jeremy Roush, Brian Whiteman, J.P. Roberts

Road Warrior Tour Feature -Jeremy Berwanger, Kenny Riddle, Jeremy Blake, Jim Fordyce, Jacob Hawkins, Adam Jordan, Rodney Keefer, Robert Garnes, Doug Henry, Dave Defibaugh, Mike McPherson, Dusty Boley, Chris Stotts, Rod Sayre, Louie Krushansky, Vince Conrad, Dave Pinkerton, Jeff Wood

Pure Stocks (14)
Heat One-Ryan Wilson, Jeremy Blake, Jeremy Misel, Gary Gould, Shelly Powell, Chad Roush, Darrin Carpenter, Lance Weppler
Heat Two-Barry Brisker, Shane Roush, Curt Reck, George Klintworth, Steve Anthony, Tommy Murphy, Bobby Lilly
Feature-Barry Brisker, Curt Reck, Tommy Murphy, Shane Roush, Bobby Lilly, George Klintworth, Steve Anthony, Shelly Powell, Darrin Carpenter, Gary Gould, Chad Roush, Ryan Wilson, Lance Weppler, Jeremy Misel

Four Cylinders (15)
Heat One-Jeff Rankin, Greg King, Donny Bartlett, Tony Plaugher, George Klintworth, David Banks, Barry Kitts, John Rankin
Heat Two-Chris Lauer, Shawn McClain, Cody Heiss, John Bartlett, Steve Brown, Terry Gilkey, Raquel Wolfe
Feature-Chris Lauer, Shawn McClain, Tony Plaugher, John Rankin, Donnie Bartlett, Cody Heiss, John Bartlett, Greg King, George Klintworth, David Banks, Steve Brown, Barry Kitts, Raquel Wolfe, John Rankin, Terry Gilkey

Mini Wedges
Heat One-Will Holland, Abby White, Martin Gibson, Zack Fox
Heat Two-Kyle Bond, Ron Pickens, Samantha Roush, Mariah Miller
Feature-Will Holland, Kyle Bond, Martin Gibson, Ron Pickens, Zach Fox, Samantha Roush, Abby White
Malta Windows and Doors


Mintz Masters Skyline, Withem whips Late Models
Blake Blasts Malta AMRA Modifieds, Wilson, Plaugher, and Bond claim wins

Skyline Speedway Results Friday, May 29, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-After a week of rain, sunny skies and warm weather greeted another big crowd at Billy Jarrell's Skyline Speedway, where Gibsonburg, Ohio driver Craig Mintz claimed the 410 Outlaw sprint main and Racin' Ralph Withem, Athens, Ohio took home his third super Late Model win of the year. Jeremy Blake took home the Malta AMRA Modified main, Ryan Wilson claimed the Pure Stock win, Tony Plaugher won the Four Cylinders, and Kyle Bond earned the Mini-wedge victory. One-hundred and ten cars filled the pits.
      Craig Mintz “coasted” the last five laps, but he certainly earned his winning pay-check after a heated battle with Aaron Higgins and a ton of lapped traffic. Mintz’s Maxim/Griff's Mopar #09 proved to be the best of the field for the second time this season at the storied Southern Ohio 3/8 mile oval.
      Outside pole-sitter Mintz got the jump on fast timer and dash winner Aaron Higgins at the start of the 410 sprint main. Over the next few laps, Mintz began to stretch out his lead with Higgins and 14-year-old Kory Crabtree following in second and third. Veteran Danny Smith, the dominant force at Skyline a year-ago, used the early going to sort out his Maxim with Mitchell Harble and Jimmy Nier battling the former Hoosier for fourth.
      After a lap five caution, Mintz continued his charge while Crabtree momentarily outbid Higgins for second. A lap seven restart saw Higgins get a run on the high side to lead the next circuit, but Mintz again took control to lead the next two laps. Higgins led lap ten, but Mintz stole the point on lap eleven.
      Smith earlier bagged Crabtree on lap seven, then Nier and Josh Davis followed in pursuit. Mintz again extended his lead in traffic as Smith nipped out Higgins for second on lap 19. Time ran out for Smith as Mintz took the win in what turned out to be clear sailing for the Northern Ohio star.
     "We just love to come here. We get to qualify and always get a good race track. Every time out we try something just a little different to help make us a little better and maybe a little faster at other tracks; something to make us better up north and in the FAST series."
     "Aaron showed himself there a couple times. He was strong there for a couple laps. I thought if he got by, and if I could stay with him and keep the car straight, I could get him back. We had a nice little race there for a while. There is always a lot of good competition here at Skyline."
      Behind second placed Smith were Higgins, Nier, Davis, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Mitch Harble, Freddie Staats, and Bryan Benson.
Three times is a charm. It certainly was for Athens, Ohio racer Ralph Withem as his Billy Lloyd Racing Engines/Dickson Racing Shocks/ Professional Heavy Duty Collision #15 powered to victory lane for the third time; his second in a row. In the late model main Travis Brookover took the early lead, then whirled the battle ax for the first ten laps in fending off a stubborn Jeff Burdette. Burdette finally took the top spot on lap 12, but now Brookover sat perched in the catbird seat, looking somehow to regain the lead.
      Brookover led again on the back-chute of lap 14, but Burdette reclaimed number one at the checkered. Two-time winner Ralph Withem climbed into the battle to make it a three-car race, but on the same circuit the yellow waved for Audie Swartz.
Chris Garnes and Larry Bond fought tooth-and-nail for position, spinning a web of defense in front of chargers Chris Carpenter and the youngest Bond, Andy Bond. On the restart, Withem roped Brookover for second then worked on Burdette.
      On lap 17 Withem's Swartz Chassis rooted out Burdette for first as Garnes edged Brookover for third. Carpenter and A. Bond worked the track in side-by-side battle as B-main winner Kevin Layne and Roy Roush charged forward from back in the pack. Once Withem was in front it was “no contest” as he rode off with the win.
     "It takes a lot of things to get you in victory lane," said Withem. "All these guys you see here; they are part of my success and this Swartz Chassis and Billy Lloyd Racing Engine have just made things click. This motor is something else, and right now it's clickin' and we're fortunate to get here to victory lane. We are going to enjoy it while it lasts."
Burdette was second followed by Garnes, Brookover, L. Bond, A. Bond, Chris Carpenter, Dan Morrison, Kevin Layne, and Roy Roush. Chris Garnes was the hard-charger of the race.
      A massive seven car pile-up eliminated several cars on the first lap of the Malta AMRA modified main sending J.C. Casto, Kenny Riddle, and Robin Ours pit-side. Once the wreckage was cleared Jeremy Blake blasted some of AMRA’s best contenders.
      2008 AMRA Skyline Champ Jeremy Berwanger and Blake paced the field to the start of the Malta AMRA Modified green. Blake got the jump and held Berwanger at bay for several laps until what appeared to be a suspension problem impeded Berwanger's run for the money. Former AMRA champ Doug Henry and young gun Mike McPherson battled tenaciously for the second. McPherson was the low-rider while Henry charged on the high side. Robert Garnes and J.P. Roberts had a similar fight for fourth, distancing themselves from the rest of the 18-car field.
Blake continued to dominate as he stacked up additional yardage between himself and number two McPherson. Blake worked the traffic to perfection, while McPherson and Henry became bogged down in their struggle for second. Brian Whiteman had a good run going but went to the pit apron just before the midway point.
      A hard hit between Roger Shadwick and Ricky Neace slowed the field on lap 18. Blake resumed his charge at the drop of the green as McPherson shook Henry just enough to make a run at Blake at the finish.
     "The car was hooked up good just about anywhere," said Blake. But when asked what he attributed the win to, he replied (grinning), "This right foot." Blake was behind the wheel of a 2001 Ellis Chassis with Billy Lloyd power under the hood.
Behind the winning Blake were McPherson with a solid second over Henry, Garnes, Roberts, Berwanger, Dusty Boley, Jason Brookover, Cliff Crank, and Ricky Neace.
The pure stock main proved to be a four car traffic jam with Ryan Wilson, Tommy Murphy, Jeremy Blake, and Steve Burnside racing furiously within inches of one another for most of the 15 lap adventure. Shuffling for position, the quartet put on quite a show right down to the wire. Early contender Barry Brisker fell out of the hunt with a flat tire after running third early in the fray.
      With Brisker pit-side, Wilson led the pack across the line. Murphy and Blake crossed in a photo finish for second. Murphy took second over Blake, Burnside, George Klintworth, Shane Roush, Jeremy Misel, Gary Gould, Barry Brisker, and Tony Roush.
The 77-Express was the engine of the train as Tony Plaugher and Chris Lauer led the tightly knit string of cars through the halfway point of the Four-Cylinder main. Driving look-alike #77’s the pair diced it up at the head of the pack. David Banks and Donnie Bartlett tried to break the draft in third and fourth, with McClain and Rankin battling for fifth. Rankin and McClain leapfrogged past Banks and made a run on Bartlett, however, time ran out as the field crossed for the checkered.
      Plaugher claimed the win ahead of Lauer, D. Bartlett, McClain, Rankin, Banks, Greg King, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth, and John Bartlett.
Third generation driver Kyle Bond claimed the Mini-Wedge main after an early battle with Will Holland and Ron Pickens. Behind Bond at the finish were Holland,Pickens, Martin Gibson, Smantha Roush, Dale White, Cameron Roush, Gavin Lemaster, and Zach Fox.
      Skyline Speedway continues action next Friday night June 5 with the first appearance of the year for the AMRA Road Warrior Tour. For further information visit << >> or call 304-539-4410 or the track phone at 740-662-4111.

The Summary: May 29, 2009 Skyline Speedway, Stewart, Ohio

410 Sprints (20)
Fast Time-Aaron Higgins 13:68
Dash-Aaron Higgins, Craig Mintz, Kory Crabtree, Mitch Harble
Heat One-Josh Davis, Freddie Staats, Eddie Slone, Greg Mitchell, Eddie Miller, Alec Martin, Jordan Harble, Bryce Dickson
Heat Two-Danny Smith, Jimmy Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Bryan Benson, Adam Strausser, Dave Dickson, Benny Hickel
Feature-Craig Mintz, Danny Smith, Aaron Higgins, Jimmy Nier, Josh Davis, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Mitch Harble, Freddie Staats, Bryan Benson, Eddie Slone, Dave Dickson, Alec Martin, Greg Mitchell, Bryce Dickson, Eddie Miller, Jordan Harble, Adam Strausser, Ben Hickel DNS, Wes McGlumphy DNS

Late Models (36)
Fast Time-Travis Brookover 15:38
Heat One-Travis Brookover, Andy Bond, Nick Corbitt, Chad Todd, Ronnie Mayle, Steve Bigley, Cody Enlow, George Klintworth
Heat Two-Jeff Burdette, Dan morrison, Roy Roush, Kevin Layne, Bub Crum, Matt Yates, Shawn Jett, Todd Smith
Heat Three-Larry Bond, Justin Powell, Chris Carpenter, Audie Swartz, Nelson Freshour, Tyler Carpenter, Ernie Hoschar
Heat Four-Ralph Withem, Chris Garnes, Jeremy Jarvis, Brian Eaton, Frank Roush, Robbie Bostic, Ed Shuman, Thomas Arnott
B-Main One: Kevin Layne, Chad Todd, Bub Crum, Steve Bigley, Todd Smith, George Kllintworth, Shawn Jett, Cody Enlow, Ron Mayle, Matt Yates
B-Main Two- Audie Swartz, Brian Eaton, Nelson Freshour, Ernie Hoschar, Robbie Bostic, Frank Roush, Ed Shuman, Thomas Arnott, Tyler Carpenter DNS
Feature-Ralph Withem, Jeff Burdette, Chris Garnes, Travis Brookover, Larry Bond, Andy Bond, Chris Carpenter, Dan Morrison, Kevin Layne, Roy Roush, Chad Todd, Audie Swartz, Jeremy Jarvis, Justin Powell, Bub Crum, Brian Eaton, Nick Corbitt, Nelson Freshour

Malta AMRA Modifieds (20)
Heat One-Jeremy Berwanger, Mike McPherson, Kenny Riddle, Robert Garnes, J.P. Roberts, J.C. Casto, Joe Hamon, Jason Brookover, Robin Ours
Heat Two-Jeremy Blake, Doug Henry, Brian Whiteman, Cliff Crank, Dusty Boley, Roger Shadwick, Jeremy Roush, Ricky Neace, Vince Conrad
MALTA Feature-Jeremy Blake, Mike McPherson, Doug Henry, Robert Garnes, J.P Roberts, Jeremy Berwanger, Dusty Boley, Jason Brookover, Cliff Crank, Jeremy Roush, Joe Hamon, Roger Shadwick, Ricky Neace, Brian Whiteman,Robin Ours,Kenny Riddle

Pure Stocks (10)
Heat One-Ryan Wilson, Tommy Murphy, Barry Brisker, Jeremy Blake, Jeremy Misel, Steve Burnside, Shane Roush, George Klintworth, Gary Gould, Tony Roush
Feature-Ryan Wilson, Tommy Murphy, Jeremy Blake, Steve Burnside, George Klintworth, Shane Roush, Jeremy Misel, Gary Gould, Barry Brisker, and Tony Roush.

Four Cylinders (15)
Heat One-Jeff Rankin, David Banks, Chris Lauer, Jeff Blanton, Cody Heiss, Steve Brown, George Klintworth
Heat Two-Tony Plaugher, Greg King, Donnie Bartlet, Shawn McClain, John Bartlett, Barry Kitts, Keith Marlow, Raquel Wolfe
Feature- Tony Plaugher, Chris Lauer, Donnie Bartlett, Shawn McClain, Jeff Rankin, David Banks, Greg King, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth,John Bartlett, Steve Brown, Barry Kitts, Keith Marlow, Raquel Wolfe, Cody Heiss

Mini Wedges (9)
Heat One-Will Holland, Ron Pickens, Samantha Roush, Zach Fox, Martin Gibson
Heat Two-Kyle Bond, Cameron Roush, Dale White, Gavin Lemaster,
Feature-Kyle Bond, Will Holland, Ron Pickens, Martin Gibson, Smantha Roush, Dale White, Cameron Roush, Gavin Lemaster, Zach Fox-DNS


Skyline Speedway Results              MAY 22, 2009        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-A beautiful Southern Ohio day and a large crowd was the backdrop for another action-packed night of racing at Billy Jarrell's Skyline Speedway where Athens, Ohio Late Model driver Ralph Withem picked up his second win of the year in a great charge to first. In the 410 sprint cars, Piketon, Ohio's Jimmy Nier won a stellar feature event, Jeremy Berwanger blasted the Malta AMRA Modifieds, Tommy Murphy took the Pure Stock main, Tim Christopher claimed the Four-Cylinders, and Ronnie Pickens won the mini-wedge main.
      Veterans Jeff Burdette and Jeff Wood paced the 18-car Late Model field to Todd Gorrell's green flag. Burdette craftily slipped into the top spot with Wood and ace-chassis builder Audie Swartz in tow. Freddie Carpenter worked the high side of the race track to pick off several cars early, driving past Wood for third with Ralph Withem working the low side for a pass. Two laps later Carpenter's mount expired.
      Audie Swartz moved into the top spot on lap five as a yellow flag waved for a spinning Kevin Layne. As Swartz and Withem stretched out their lead over the pack, Tyler Carpenter and Jason Montgomery moved high to pick up several positions to the halfway point.
      Swartz persevered several cautions with Withem clicking off several laps within inches of the lead. The dynamic duo continued to battle, just as Dan Morrison lit up the skies with a rocket-on-a-rail- type drive to third. Montgomery followed Morrison to the bottom as both he and Burdette bagged Morrison’s #7 for third.
      On the 21st go-round, Withem nosed under Swartz. A lap later Montgomery zoomed into second and began to reel in Withem, but Withem's Swartz #15W was able to hold on for the exciting win. The win was Withem’s second of the year and the second one-two finish for him and Montgomery. Rounding out the top ten were Audie Swartz, Jeff Burdette, Dan Morrison, Chris Carpenter, Jeff Wood, Ronnie Mayle, Tony Roush, Larry Bond, and Jeremy Jarvis. Jason Montgomery in the Jeff Gress Rayburn was hard charger in a 10th to second run.
      In the 25-lap 410 Outlaw sprint main, Jimmy Nier and Aaron Higgins paced the powerful sprint cars to the start finish line. Nier's B & J Contracting J & J #00 led the first circuit, but a circus-like double crossover move between Nier and Craig Mintz left the Gibsonburg, Ohio driver in the top spot for the next two laps.
      The field slowed for a four-car pile-up between Wes McGlumphey, Mitch Harble, Freddie Staats, and Benny Hickel. Minimal damage was done with all cars rejoining the field except for McGlumphey.
Danny Smith sized up Nier on the restart then set his sights on Mintz. Smith bagged Mintz, then Mintz returned the favor as the two traded the top spot with gladiator-type intensity.
Smith led lap nine, but Mintz took over one lap later. Oh what a race had developed! Every seat in the house had its eyes glued on the two front runners. It was an original outlaw versus a new gunslinger from the North. Smith led the next two circuits with Mintz glued to his tail until Freddie Staats, possibly fighting a broken suspension from the earlier skirmish, did a couple end-overs to bring out the red flag.
      Announcer Bruce Hines made the call, "Here we go again!" Double slide jobs continued until on the 13th circuit, Smith and Mintz made contact. Smith suffered a flat and Mintz, minus a nose wing, backed it into the wall. Mintz continued on the tail, with Higgins now in the top spot. Nier and Higgins instantly picked up where Mintz and Smith left off.
In only two laps, Mintz came from 15th to fifth in a guts-to-glory drive. Josh Davis and Adam Strausser continued great runs with Mintz challenging for fourth. Nier and Higgins continued the daredevilish exchange with the veteran taking over on lap 21. Higgins took 22 as Mintz bagged Davis for third. Mintz made it a threesome at the finish line as all three cars rattled the rafters across the finish line in a great finish.
      Said Nier, "We didn't have a first place car tonight, but you have to be there at the finish. I just tried to out-gut him (Higgins) at first, but then I tried to do what he was doing. He was pedaling it coming off the corners, and when I got a run on him I was able to pedal it off the turn and hold on."
      "Now that's racing! Aaron raced me as close as you could and he raced me clean. We must have traded the lead at least 15 times. At the end I didn't know that Craig had got back into the deal. It had to be a great race for the fans."
      Behind third place Mintz were Davis, Adam Strausser, Jimmy Stinson, Mark Imler, Dave Dickson, Greg Mitchell, and Brian Benson. Eddie Slone had a great run, crossing the finish line fifth, but was a DNQ for not crossing over the scales.
Earning hard-charger award was Mintz who came off the tail to finish third and Adam Strausser who stormed from 11th to fourth. Stinson, Imler, Dickson, Mitchell, and Benson were credited with great runs.
      Jeremy Berwanger's Lightening Chassis/Billy Lloyd Racing Engines #44 just didn't click the first few races of the year. Friday night it was ‘Greased Lightening’. He came out with a huge snap Friday night, taking the early lead in the Malta AMRA Modified main and running away with the win. Action in the back of the pack made up for Berwanger's cakewalk, as the very best of the Malta AMRA ranks congregated for a high-speed family reunion.
Cars from several different states, including last week's national point leader Bret Hamilton and two other Virginia drivers made the trip. Cars from three states were in the line-up for the quickly growing contingent of AMRA point seekers.
      Jeremy Blake, Jeff Wood, and Brian Whiteman traded positions several times before filing out in that order at the finish. Kenny Johnson came on late in the game to bag a hard-charging Vince Conrad and Joe Cox, while Doug Henry, J.P. Roberts, Jimmy Fordyce, and Kenny Riddle diced it up for a top ten.
      Berwanger wasn't just good, he was great. Despite a late race caution, the Murray City Bandit went on to steal the show.
      Berwanger, who was a multi-time winner last season struggled early in the year compared to his past standard. "We put a quick change in the car this year, and we fought some gearing and rear-end problems. I think we've got the problem worked out," smiled Berwanger. Definitely an understatement; foes are sure to be in for a rough time the rest of the year.
Rounding out the top ten behind second place Blake were Jeff Wood, Brian Whiteman, Kenny Johnson, Vince Conrad, Joe Cox, Jimmy Fordyce, J.P. Roberts, and Kenny Riddle. Picking up nine spots, Fordyce was the hard charger of the race. Wood and Riddle each picked up seven spots, highlighting the exciting racing put forth by the AMRA.
      In the Pure Stock Main, everyone fought the law and the law won; that was flying deputy Tommy Murphy who distanced himself form the rest of the field for the big win. Ryan Wilson tried Murphy several times early, but then Wilson found himself in a fight with Barry Brisker. Behind Murphy and dueling for a top ten in order were Ryan Wilson, Barry Brisker, Brian Schaffer, Shelly Powell, Jeff Fornash, Rick VanDyne, Derrick Smith, Gary Gould, and George Klintworth.
Lauer, McClain, and Christopher sounds much like a law firm, but when court was held Friday night these three were the top defendants in the Four-Cylinder main. McClain in second found himself in the middle of a #77 sandwich, until McClain momentarily took the lead at the mid point. Christopher went on for the win ahead of Lauer, McClain, Donnie Bartlett, George Klinworth, Greg King, Jeff Rankin, David Banks, John Bartlett, and Barry Kitts.
      Skyline Speedway continues action next Friday night May 29. For further information visit << >> or call 304-539-4410 or the track phone at 740-662-4111.

The Summary: May 22, 2009

410 Sprints (19)
Fast Time-Danny Smith 11:22
Dash-Jimmy Nier, Aaron Higgins, Jimmy Stinson, Danny Smith
Heat One-Craig Mintz, Eddie Slone, Josh Davis, Freddie Staats, Bryan Benson, Dave Dickson, Jordan Harble
Heat Two-Mark Imler, Mitch Harble, Greg Mitchell, Wes McGlumphey, Benny Hickel, Eddie Miller,Alec Martin
B-Main: Dave Dickson, Alec Martin, Jordan Harble
Feature-Jim Nier, Aaron Higgins, Craig Mintz, Josh Davis, Adam Strausser, Jim Stinson, Mark Imler, Dave Dickson, Greg Mitchell, Brian Benson, Alec Martin, Benny Hickle, Eddie Miller, Danny Smith,Freddie Staats, Mitch Harble, Wes McGlumphey, Eddie Slone

Late Models (37)
Fast Time-Jeff Burdette 12:22
Heat One-Jeff Burdette, tony Roush, Dan Morrison, Ed Shuman,Jeremy Jarvis, Larry Bond, Brian Eaton, Martin Gibson, Bryan Wolfe, George Klintworth
Heat Two-Jeff Wood, Tyler Carpenter, Jason Montgomeroy, Chris Garnes, Rod Gibson, Bub Crum, Matt Yates, Buckwheat Shutts, Todd Smith
Heat Three-Audie Swartz, Roy Roush, Ronnie Mayle, Kevin Layne, Travis Brookover, Cody Enlow, Bryan Wright, Robert Mayle, Robbie Bostic
Heat Four- Freddie Carpenter, Ralph Withem, Chris Carpenter,Justin Powell, Lovie Burdette, Nelson Freshour, Chad Todd, Shannon Evans, Carl Boyles
B-Main 1: Chris Garnes, Jeremy Jarvis, Larry Bond, Ed Shuman, Rod Gibson, Brian Eaton, Bub Crum, George Klintworth, Matt Yates, Buckwheat Shutts, Bryan Wolfe,Martin Gibson
B-Main 2-Travis Brookover, Kevin Layne, Lovie Burdette, Justin Powell, Robert Mayle, Nelson Freshour, Robbie Bostic, Chadd Todd, Shannon Evans, Carl Boyles, Bryan Wright, Cody Enlow
Feature-Ralph Withem, Jason Montgomery, Audie Swartz, Jeff Burdette, Dan Morrison, Chris Carpenter, Jeff Wood, Ronnie Mayle, Tony Roush, Larry Bond, Jeremy Jarvis, Kevin Layne, Travis Brookover, Roy Roush, Tyler Carpenter, Lovie Burdette, Freddie Carpenter, Chris Garnes

Malta AMRA Modified (24)
Heat One-Jeremy Berwanger, Kenny Johnson, Jeremy Blake, Doug Henry, J.P. Roberts, Jim Fordyce, Jason Montgomery, Kenny Riddle
Heat Two-Vince Conrad,Bret Hamilton, Brian Whiteman, Jeff Wood, Kenny Holland,Dave Pinkerton, Mike McPherson, Jeremy Roush
Heat Three-Joe Cox, Tony Garber, Philip Bapst, Joe Ramon, Robin Ours, Robert Garnes, Gary Conner, Ricky Neace
B-Main: Jimmy Fordyce, Kenny Riddle, Gary Conner, Ricky Neace,
Feature-Jeremy Berwanger, Jeremy Blake, Jeff Wood, Brian Whiteman, Kenny Johnson, Vince Conrad, Joe Cox, Jimmy Fordyce, J.P. Roberts, Kenny Riddle, Doug Henry, Bret Hamilton, Tony Garber, Robin Ours, Dave Conner, Kenny Holland, Joe Hamon, Phillip Bapst

Pure Stocks (19)
Heat One-Tommy Murphy, Gary Gould, Shelly Powell, Mike McDaniel, Steve Anthony, Joe Misel, Mack Vore
Heat Two-Ryan Wilson, Barry Brisker, Jeremy Misel, Rick VanDyne, Shane Roush, Dale Giffin, Kevin Rooks
Heat Three-Brian Schaffer, Jeff Fornash, Derrick Smith, George Klintworth, Chad Roush
B-Main: Jeremy Blake, Dale Giffin, Kevin Rooks, Mack Vore, Joe Misel
Feature-Tommy Murphy, Ryan Wilson, Barry Brisker, Brian Schaffer, Shelly Powell, Jeff Fornash, Rick VanDyne, Derrick Smith, Gary Gould, George Klintworth, Jeremy Blake, Jeremy Misel, Dale Giffin, Steve Anthony, Mike McDaniel, Kevin Rooks, Chad Roush, Shane Roush.

Four Cylinders (16)
Heat One-Shawn McClain, Tim Christopher, George Klintworth, Donnie Bartlett, Matt Fizer, John Bartlett, Danny Gilkey, Raquel Wolfe
Heat Two-Chris Lauer, David Banks, Zach Kisner, Jeff Rankin, Greg King, Barry Kitts, Keith Marlow
Feature-Tim Christopher, Chris Lauer, Shawn McClain, Donnie Bartlett, George Klinworth, Greg King, Jeff Rankin, David Banks, John Bartlett, Barry Kitts, Keith Marlow, Matt Fizer, Danny Gilkey, Raquel Wolfe, Steve Brown, Zach Kisner

Mini Wedges(9)
Heat One-Kyle Bond, Ron Pickens, Will Holland, Sydney Staats
Heat Two-Martin Gibson, Mariah Miller, Cameron Roush, Cole Mayle, Samantha Roush
Feature-Ron Pickens, Kyle Bond, Will Holland, Martin Gibson, Cameron Roush, Cole Mayle,Samantha Roush, Mariah Miller, Sydney Staats

Skyline Speedway Results May 15, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-With the biggest field of the year registering 124 cars in the pits, Skyline Speedway finally beat the rain for its third successful event of the year. Chillicothe, Ohio's Danny Smith claimed the exciting 410 sprint win, popular Chris Garnes of Evans, WV gathered in the Late Model win, and Chris Stotts, Athens, Ohio claimed the Malta AMRA Modified main. Jeremy Blake took the Pure Stocks, Zach Kisner the Four Cylinders, Kyle Bond the Mini-Wedges, and Matt Chenoweth the Winged Warrior Mini-sprint exhibition.
      In the Sprint car main young charger and dash winner Aaron Higgins jumped out to an early lead and put an acre of turf between he and second place Kory Crabtree. Jimmy Nier anchored down a solid third, but by the fifth lap veterans Benny Hickle and Danny Smith began a charge to the front. Hickle bagged Stinson for fifth, then Stinson reignited for a pass of Nier, only to fade once again on a lap seven restart.
      By lap ten, Smith picked up where he left off last year as the 2008 track Champion. Smith's J & D Performance Engines/Maxim transformed into a Rocketship as he blasted by Higgins on the inside. Smith then rode the high side as Higgins dove low. Higgins didn't waiver and once again came back to offer some resistance to Smith. A second yellow tightened the field.
Higgins and Smith shot out of the gate side by side as 14-year-old Crabtree continued to hold Nier at bay. Smith began to pad his lead while Stinson, Mark Imler, and Hickle battled in a war-like battle for fourth.
      Hickle suffered a flat tire and went pitside on lap 21, ending a great run. Smith continued his charge and claimed a narrow win over high flying Higgins at the checkered. Rounding out the top ten behind second place Higgins were Higgins, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Mark Imler, Freddie Staats, Bryan Benson, Dave Dickson, and Wes McGlumphy. Smith was also the hard charger of the race in a seventh to first run.
      "It has been a rough couple weeks," said Danny Smith. "We needed this win tonight. We broke the rear-end after the heat and I thought it's gonna be one of those nights again. But we got the car back together and tried a set-up that we haven't tried here before and it really hooked up the car."
      The 18-car Late Model main was led to the line by Evans, WV driver Chris Garnes and Tim Dohm. Garnes got the jump and pushed away the early advances of Dohm. As Garnes slipped away, Dohm and Ralph Withem battled hard for third with Audie Swartz settling in with a solid fourth.
      Chris Carpenter and Freddie Carpenter, two-thirds of the flying father-son team, showed no favor for their kinship in a torrid dual for fifth. On lap eleven a caution slowed the field, but the combatants filed out in the same rough-house fashion. Dohm found a little extra under the hood of his 6T as he pressured Garnes intensely for the top spot lap after lap.
      Back in the pack Larry Bond and Steve Bigley passed each other a total of ten times in a back-and-forth battle for position, all on the hind quarters of Andy Bond. Larry Bond eventually won that battle over the hard-driving Bigley for a top ten. Kevin Layne had a great run from the back of the pack to 11th, while Zach Dohm followed in Dad's footsteps to a top five finish (5th) in posting hard charger honors.
      The veteran trio of Garnes, Dohm, and Withem freight-trained away from the rest of the field. Garnes, known for his rim-riding, nestled in around the tires to pull away from the pack. The battle for position throughout the pack was wild and wicked fast around the bottom.
      Garnes, in a new 2009 Cornett Powered Rayburn, roared on to the win. Behind second place Dohm was Withem, Audie Swartz, Zach Dohm, Chris Carpenter, Freddie Carpenter, Andy Bond, Larry Bond, and Steve Bigley.
      "Dad and the crew kept trying to get in my head that the fast way around the track was low; down around the infield tires, and that's hard for me to do," laughed the normal high-rider Garnes. "I kinda had to swoop out wide and cut low in turn one, to keep up the momentum, but I knew if I kept it down I could hold Tim off."
      The Malta AMRA Modified main featured some of the hottest iron in the Tri-State area. But of all the hot iron, J.P. Roberts, Chris Stotts, and Kenny Riddle were sizzling early in Friday's 20-lapper. Roberts led the first two circuits before Stotts took over coming out of two. After Roberts, Riddle, and Stotts fought for the top spot, Stotts said bye-bye in a wild and wooly ride that distanced him from the rest of the field.
      Jimmy Fordyce came into the battle, first bagging Riddle, then Roberts in succession. Fordyce then set his eyes on Stotts as he too began to pull away from the pack. AMRA stalwart Jeremy Berwanger fired up the after-burners and blasted into a bid for third in a fight with Roberts.
Speckled with heavy hitters from all over the region, some of the division's greatest stars struggled to get a top ten. Competition in the AMRA ranks continues to be competitive. Mike McPherson and former National Champ Kenny Johnson dualed for much of the race in the chase for a top five.
      Stotts continued to be the class of the Malta Windows AMRA main, but the action back in the pack was just as fast-and-furious. Stotts has been known to be a little like a holiday. He comes just every so often, but when he shows up he usually takes home the cash. Friday was no exception.
Behind the winning Stotts were Fordyce, J.P. Roberts, Jeremy Berwanger, Kenny Riddle, Mike McPherson, Kenny Johnson, Mike Sprouse, Robert Garnes, and Vince Conrad. Berwanger and Vince Conrad fought it out for the hard charger award with Conrad laying claim on the award in a 16th to tenth run.
      They say the most important lap to lead is the last one. After Tommy Murphy had led the entire race, Jeremy Blake bird-dogged the charger until he made the late race pass for the win. Jeremy Misel had made it a three way race as the trio marched side by side, lap after lap until Blake broke away for the narrow win.
      Barry Brisker won a spirited battle with Brian Schaffer for fourth. Gary Gould, Shelly Powell, George Klintworth, Eric Francis, and Shane Roush battled for position until finally filing out in that order to finish out the top ten. The Skyline Stocks continue to impress race fans as the division continues to grow in popularity with some great up-and-coming drivers. The hard charger of the Pure Stocks was Shelly Powell.
      Shawn McClain led most of the Four Cylinder main, but Donnie Bartlett and Zach Kisner zipped by the leader in a patented high-speed sandwich. Bartlett and Kisner continued the battle to the end where Kisner won by a nose over the recovering McClain for the second week in a row. Behind second place McClain were Bartlett, David Banks, Tony Plaugher, Jeff Rankin, Steve Brown, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth, and David Rankin.
Numerous drivers tied for hard charger honors.
      In the mini-wedges Will Holland and Kyle Bond traded positions much of the race until finally Bond broke free for a one car length win. Behind Bond was Will Holland, Ron Pickens, Martin Gibson, Abby White, Cole Mayle, Samantha Roush, and Zach Fox.
      The Winged Outlaw Warriors mini-sprints put on an exhibition which was won by Matthew Chenoweth, the 15-year-old speedster from Elkins, WV. Second was followed by Miller, Wamsley,and Riley.
      Skyline Speedway continues action next Friday night May 22. For further information visit << >> or call 304-539-4410 or the track phone at 740-662-4111.

410 Sprints (14)
Fast Time-Josh Davis 13:24
Dash-Aaron Higgins, Kory Crabtree, Josh Davis, Mark Imler
Heat One-Jimmy Nier, Danny Smith, Bryan Benson, Dave Dickson, Eddie Miller
Heat Two-Jimmy Stinson, Benny Hickle, Greg Mitchell, Freddie Staats, Wes McGlumphy
Feature-Danny Smith, Aaron Higgins, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Mark Imler, Freddie Staats, Bryan Benson, Dave Dickson, Wes McGlumphy

Late Models (38)
Fast Time-Chris Garnes 14:38
Heat One-Chris Garnes, Larry Bond, Jeff Burdette, Rod Gibson, Ed Shuman, Jeremy Jarvis, Nick Corbitt, Ron Mayle, Joe Harper, Aaron McDonald
Heat Two-Tim Dohm, Audie Swartz, Zach Dohm, Dan Morrison, Jerry Mustain, Bryan Wolfe, Kenny Newhouse, Carl Boyles, Roger Long, Martin Gibson
Heat Three-Freddie Carpenter, Andy bond, Steve Bigley, Kevin Layne, Todd Smith, Nelson Freshour, Tom Arnott, Randy Dawson, Ernie Hoschar
Heat Four-Chris Carpenter, Ralph Withem, Chad Todd, Tyler Carpenter, Brian Eaton, Justin Powell, Mike McDaniel, Roy Roush, Frankie Roush
B-Main One-Rod Gibson, Dan Morrison, Ron Mayle, Nick Corbitt, Jeremy Jarvis, Ed Shuman, Joe Harper, Jerry Mustain, Aaron McDonald, Kenny Newhouse, Martin Gibson, Bryan Wolfe, Carl Boyles, Roger Long
B-Main Two-Kevin Layne, Tyler Carpenter, Nelson Freshour, Todd Smith, Brian Easton, Roy Roush, Tom Arnott, Ernie Hoschar, Randy Dawson, Mike McDaniel, Justin Powell
Feature-Chris Garnes, Tim Dohm, Ralph Withem, Audie Swartz, Zach Dohm, Chris Carpenter, Freddie Carpenter, Andy Bond, Larry Bond, Steve Bigley

Malta AMRA Modified (23)
Heat One-Jeremy Blake, Robert Garnes, Mike McPherson, Kenny Johnson, Roger Shadwick, Vince Conrad, Aaron Ellis, Ricky Neace
Heat Two-Chris Stotts, Kenny Riddle, Jeremy Berwanger, Mike Sprouse, Dustin Sprouse, Cecil Stages, Cliff Crouch, Joe Ramon
Heat Three-J.P. Roberts, Jimmy Fordyce, Doug Henry, Robin Ours, Jeremy Roush, Joe Bowie, Mike Sharp
B-Main: Vince Conrad, Joe Bowie, Aaron Ellis, Joe Ramon, Cliff Crouch, Cecil Stages, Ricky Neace, Mike sharp DNS
Feature-Chris Stotts, Jimmy Fordyce, J.P. Roberts, Jeremy Berwanger, Kenny Riddle, Mike McPherson, Kenny Johnson, Mike Sprouse, Robert Garnes, Vince Conrad

Pure Stocks (16)
Heat One-Tommy Murphy, Jeremy Misel, Jeremy Blake, Brian Schaffer, Derrick Smith, Shelly Powell, Travis McDonald, Tony Roush, Darrin Carpenter
Heat Two-Gary Gould, George Klintworth, Barry Brisker, Curt Reck, Shane Roush, Eric Francis, Joe Misel
Feature-Jeremy Blake, Tommy Murphy, Jeremy Misel, Barry Brisker, Brian Schaffer, Gary Gould, Shelly Powell, George Klintworth, Eric Francis, Shane Roush

Four Cylinders (19)
Heat One-Jeff Rankin, Zach Kisner, David Banks, Jeff Blanton, Tony Plaugher, George Klintworth, Chris Lauer, Seth Thaxton, David Rankin, Raquel Wolfe
Heat Two-Shawn McClain, Cody Heiss, Steve Brown, Donny Bartlett, Scott Venham, Barry Kitts, Ryan Bailey, Keith Marlow, John Bartlett
B-Main: David Rankin, John Bartlett, Raquel Wolfe
Feature-Zach Kisner, Shawn McClain, Donnie Bartlett, David Banks, Tony Plaugher, Jeff Rankin, Steve Brown, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth, David Rankin

Mini Wedges (8)
Heat One-Kyle Bond, Ron Pickens, Cole Mayle, Zack Fox
Heat Two-Will Holland, Martin Gibson, Jr., Abby White, Samantha Roush
Feature-Kyle Bond, Will Holland, Ron Pickens, Martin Gibson, Abby White, Cole Mayle, Samantha Roush, Zach Fox

Winged Outlaw Warriors (4)
Heat-Dave Riley, Bubbles Miller, Matthew Chenoweth, Dustin Wamsley
Feature-Matt Chenoweth, Bubbles Miller, Dustin Wamsley, Dave Riley
For those Media Members needing complete rundowns, they follow.

410 Sprints
Feature-Danny Smith, Aaron Higgins, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Mark Imler, Freddie Staats, Bryan Benson, Dave Dickson, Wes McGlumphy, Greg Mitchell, Eddie Miller, Benny Hickle, Josh Davis

Late Models
Feature-Chris Garnes, Tim Dohm, Ralph Withem, Audie Swartz, Zach Dohm, Chris Carpenter, Freddie Carpenter, Andy Bond, Larry Bond, Steve Bigley, Kevin Layne, Dan Morrison, Chad Todd, Jeff Burdette, Rod Gibson, Ron Mayle, Nelson Freshour, Tyler Carpenter

Malta AMRA Modifieds
Feature-Chris Stotts, Jimmy Fordyce, J.P. Roberts, Jeremy Berwanger, Kenny Riddle, Mike McPherson, Kenny Johnson, Mike Sprouse, Robert Garnes, Vince Conrad, Joe Bowie, Robin Ours, Jeremy Roush, Roger Shadwick, Aaron Ellis, Doug Henry, Jeremy Blake, Dustin Sprouse.

Pure Stocks
Feature-Jeremy Blake, Tommy Murphy, Jeremy Misel, Barry Brisker, Brian Schaffer, C, Derrick Smith, Joe Misel, Darrin Carpenter, Travis McDonald, Curt Reck, Tony Roush.

Four Cylinders
Feature-Zach Kisner, Shawn McClain, Donnie Bartlett, David Banks, Tony Plaugher, Jeff Rankin, Steve Brown, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth, David Rankin, John Bartlett, Seth Thaxton, Scott Venham, Cody Heiss, Ryan Barley, Chris Lauer, Barry Kitts, Keith Marlow


Skyline Speedway Results April 24, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-Another strong field of 122 cars and summer-like weather graced Skyline Speedway Friday night where Jackson, Ohio native Racin' Jason Montgomery brought home the Late Model win and Waverly, Ohio's Aaron Higgins claimed the 410 sprint main. Jeremy Blake doubled up in the AMRA Modifieds and Pure Stocks, while Zach Kisner took the Four Cylinder main, and Will Holland the Mini-Wedges.
Audie Swartz took the lead on the first lap of the late Model main only to have veteran and defending track champ Larry Bond assume command one lap later. With Swartz low and Bond high the duo battled door-to-door to the seven-lap mark, when Billy Gullion brought out the first caution.
      The restart was reminiscent of Noah loading the animals on the arc; side-by-side, two-by-two last week's winner Ralph Withem and Larry Bond, and Jason Mongomery and Swartz all dueled for the top spot. Lap eleven saw Withem, Swartz, and Bond go three wide across the start-finish line. Shortly thereafter, Dan Morrison and Ronnie Mayle tangled on lap 15 putting a halt to the incredible fight for number one.
      Withem Was tagged as the last lap leader with Swartz pitted in second, Bond third, Montgomery fourth, and Chad Todd in fifth. Swartz bobbled, allowing Montgomery to leap frog to second. Rod Gibson had blasted into the top five, but was flagged for the caution on the next circuit.
      Montgomery and Withem battled intensely for the next five circuits, but on lap 21 the Jackson, Ohio native completed his charge from 12th to first taking the lead and marching on to the win. Following Montgomery's Team Gress/Wasserbach/Rocket across the line were Ralph Withem, Larry Bond, Audie Swartz, Nick Corbitt, Dan Morrison, Todd Smith, Chad Todd, Lynn Chapman, Marty Huntley, and Rod Gibson.
      Montgomery said in victory lane, "I knew I had to get a quick start. We started great, but then sort of planed out. Then on the last caution I found the right groove and was able to power by Ralph on the high side."
      Montgomery and Corbitt were tied for the hard charging award, each advancing ten positions in great runs.
      Youthful Aaron Higgins' JEI/Kistler/Boyer-Ison #51 outgunned Josh Davis on the start of the wild 410 sprint main. The Young gun quickly began to put some turf between himself and number two Davis, but an Alec Martin spin tightened the field on lap three. Jimmy Stinson quickly took second from Davis and began the chase for number one.
      Troy Vacarro, a Northern Ohio charger, engaged in a battle with Eddie Slone and Davis for third, then on the 8th circuit Greg Mitchell rode a wheel into turn one and flipped hard a couple of times before landing on his top. Mitchell emerged unscathed, but his 001 didn't fair quite as well.
The next ten circuits saw Jimmy Stinson and Higgins playing a highly touted battle of nip-and-tuck with Higgins getting a slight edge when Stinson bobbled on lap 18. Higgins worked traffic to perfection to outdistance himself from the rest of the field and post the win.
     "Jimmy (Stinson) poked his nose up there on the restart,” said winner Higgins. “ I thought 'Oh Lord help me out here!' He set me up to get back in the lead and I was able to get back in my groove."
      Higgins added, "I was working pretty well in traffic. I figured if we stayed green I would be all right. All I know was I didn't see his (Stinson's) nose again and didn't hear him back there and that was a blessing." The hard charger award went to 15-year old Kory Crabtree in a run from 10th to third. Rounding out the top ten behind Crabtree were Josh Davis, Eddie Slone, Mitch Harble, Troy Vacarro, Freddie Staats, Mark Imler, Adam Strausser, and Brian Benson.
      Jeremy Blake was perfect for nearly 20 laps, taking the early lead in the exciting AMRA modified main, and leading a hard-charging Adam Jordan in second. The two battled tenaciously until a lap eight caution, which opened the door for last week's winner Doug Henry to get into the fray.
      Following another caution, Henry's mount took off like a Rocket and bagged Jordan for second with talented rival Jeremy Berwanger, the Murray City Outlaw, close behind and J.P. Roberts a close fifth. Blake continued to lead, but Henry was prepped in full battle gear for the challenge. Jordan had other plans and retook second with Berwanger diving low to take third as a gaggle of hot iron stacked up for position. Following Blake across the line were Jordan, Jeremy Berwanger, Doug Henry, P.J. Roberts, Vince Conrad, Mike McPherson, Robert Garnes, Adam Colley, and Brian Whiteman. The hard chargers were Henry and Vince Conrad who each moved up five positions.
     Some of the best Pure Stocks in the Ohio Valley took the green from starter Todd Gorrell. The local Pure Stock contingent continues to impress the large Skyline crowds with plenty of great action back through the pack. Barry Brisker and Tommy Murphy were the early combatants for number one, and then Jeremy Blake and Ryan Wilson blasted onto the scene, bumping Brisker and Murphy to third and fourth. Rick VanDyne and Jeff Fornash fought hard with Shelly Powell barely winning the fight for a top five.
      Wilson made a bid for the top spot with two laps to go, then misfortune struck as the flying 00 blew a tire and exited the race. In holding off a charging Murphy, Blake rolled on for his second win of the night and racing's daily double.
Behind Blake were Murphy, Barry Brisker, Rick VanDyne, Jeff Fornash, Shelly Powell, Gary Gould, George Klintworth, Shane Roush, and Joe Misel. Hard charger of the race was George Klintworth who went from 12th to 8th.
      The Four Cylinder main was also close. Zach Kisner was the early leader, but last week's winner Jeff Rankin ran him down to lead the middle four laps. Kisner recovered to take the lead and the win. Tony Plaugher and Jeff Blanton put on a show in fending off John Bartlett for position as Kisner flew under the checkered first.
      Behind Kisner and Rankin were Tony Plaugher, Jeff Blanton, John Bartlett, Cody Heiss, George Klintworth, Steve Brown, Barry Kitts, and Bobby Collins. Racing continues every Friday night.
      Skyline Speedway is located 12 miles east of Athens 4.1 miles out County Road 53 off SR 50 between Athens and Coolville, Ohio. For further information, please call 304-539-4410 or visit the Skyline Speedway website at << >> Raceway information can be acquired at 740-662-4111.

The Summary: April 24, 2009
410 Sprints (18)
Fast Time-Adam Strausser, 11.99
Dash-Josh Davis, Aaron Higgins, Adam Strausser, Jimmy Stinson
Heat One-Troy Vacarro, Mitch Harble, Dave Dickson, Brandy Bower, Brian Benson, Wes McGlumphey, Alec Martin
Heat Two-Eddie Slone, Mark Imler, Kory Crabtree, Freddie Staats, Greg Mitchell, Bryce Dickson, Randy Fink
Feature-Aaron Higgins, Jimmy Stinson, Kory Crabtree, Josh Davis, Eddie Slone, Mitch Harble, Troy Vacarro, Freddie Staats, Mark Imler, Adam Strausser, Brian Benson, Bryce Dickson, Brandy Bower, Alec Martin, Randy Fink, Dave Dickson, Greg Mitchell, Wes McGlumphy

Late Models (24)
Fast Time-Audie Swartz, 13.38
Heat One-Audie Swartz, Freddie Carpenter, Ronnie Mayle, Chad Todd, Dan Morrison, Lynn Chapman, Nelson Freshour, Frank Roush, Jerry Mustain
Heat Two-Larry Bond, Billy Gullion, Todd Smith, Rod Gibson, Marty Huntley, Brian Eaton, Joe Harper, Thomas Arnott
Heat Three-Ralph Withem, Tyler Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, Jason Montgomery, Nick Corbitt, Ed Shuman, Justin Powell, Shawn Jett
B-main: Brian Eaton, Nelson Freshour, Lynn Chapman, Shawn Jett, Ed Shuman, Thomas Arnott, Jerry Mustain, Frank Roush, Joe Harper, Justin Powell
Feature-Jason Montgomery, Ralph Withem, Larry Bond, Audie Swartz, Nick Corbitt, Dan Morrison, Todd Smith, Chad Todd, Lynn Chapman, Marty Huntley, Rod Gibson, Ronnie Mayle, Nelson Freshour, Tyler Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, Billy Gullion, Freddie Carpenter, Brian Eaton

AMRA Modifieds (26)
Heat One-Adam Jordan, J.P. Roberts, Fireball Pinkerton, Mike Long, Mike McPherson, Robert Garnes, Robin Ours, Mitchell Sharp, Joe Ramon, Adam Johnson, Jimmy Adams, Patrick Hayes
Heat Two-Adam Colley, Jeremy Berwanger, Doug Henry, Vince Conrad, Roger Shadwick, Rod Sayre, Aaron Ellis,
Heat Three-Jeremy Blake, Brian Whiteman, Kenny Riddle, Jason Cottrill, Ricky Neace, Cecil Stages, Phillip Bapst, Jeremy Roush
B-Main-Rod Sayre, Robert Garnes, Cecil Stages, Mitchell Sharp, Joe Ramon, Jeremy Roush, Aaron Ellis, Robin Ours, Patrick Hayes, Jimmy Adams, Phillip Bapst
Feature-Jeremy Blake, Adam Jordan, Jeremy Berwanger, Doug Henry, P.J. Roberts,Vince Conrad, Mike McPherson, Robert Garnes, Adam Colley, Brian Whiteman, Roger Shadwick, Rod Sayre, Mike Long, Rick Neace, Cecil Stages, Kenny Riddle, Jason Cottrill, Fireball Pinkerton

Pure Stocks (19)
Heat One-Tommy Murphy, Jeff Fornash, Rick VanDyne, Derrick Smith, Shane Roush, Darren Carpenter, Bill Fordyce
Heat Two-Barry Brisker, Ryan Wilson, Shelly Powell, Eric Francis, Joe Misel, Chad Roush
Heat Three-Jeremy Blake, Gary Gould, Steve Noble, George Klintworth, Steve Anthony, Jeremy Misel
Feature-Jeremy Blake, Tommy Murphy, Barry Brisker, Rick VanDyne, Jeff Fornash, Shelly Powell, Gary Gould, George Klintworth, Shane Roush, Joe Misel, Derrrick Smith, Bill Fordyce, Eric Francis, Darrin Carpenter, Chad Roush, Ryan Wilson, Steve Anthony, Steve Noble

Four Cylinders (16)
Heat One-Zach Kisner, Steve Brown, Don Bartlett, Barry Kitts, Bobby Collins, John Bartlett, Raquel Wolfe,Chris Lauer
Heat Two-Tony Plaugher, Jeff Rankin, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth, Shawn McClain, David Banks, John Rankin
Feature-Zach Kisner, Jeff Rankin, Tony Plaugher, Jeff Blanton, John Bartlett, Cody Heiss, George Klintworth, Steve Brown, Barry Kitts, Bobby Collins, Raquel Wolfe, Terry Gilkey, Shawn McClain, John Rankin, David Banks

Mini Wedges (9)
Heat One-Will Holland, Kyle Bond, Cameron Roush, Zack Fox
Heat Two-Ron Pickens, Martin Gibson, Sarah Klintworth, Samantha Roush, Abby White
Feature-Will Holland, Kyle Bond, Ron Pickens, Zack Fox, Abby White, Martin Gibson, Cameron Roush,
Sarah Klintworth, Samantha Roush


Sunset banner Skyline

Mintz, Withem, Henry, Murphy, Rankin, Holland

Claim Opening Night Wins!

Skyline Speedway Results 4-17-2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe

Mintz, Withem, Henry, Murphy, Rankin and Holland post wins!
Large Crowd/Large Field ring in the 2009 season
STEWART, OHIO-With 123 of the region's fastest cars and drivers passing through the pit gates and a large opening night crowd in attendance, Skyline Speedway in Stewart, Ohio kicked off an earth-shaking 2009 season opener. Cars from four states were in the field for what was a "regular" race night at the fast Southern Ohio oval where Gibsonburg, Ohio driver Craig Mintz claimed the 410 Sprint feature; Athens, Ohio's Ralph Withem claimed the Late Models, Doug Henry won the AMRA Modified main, Tommy Murphy claimed the Pure Stocks, Jeff Rankin the Four Cylinders, and Will Holland took the Mini-wedge win.
     "I love this place," exclaimed Gibsonburg, Ohio driver Craig Mintz as he climbed from his winning Maxim/Griff's Mopar #09. "Cole (Duncan)is a great driver. I've been in Cole's position before. I was just able to get to him in lapped traffic and I think I found the rubber on the track about one lap before he did. That was probably the difference in the race."
Pole-sitter Cole Duncan, Lockborn, Ohio, throttled up first ahead of Northern Ohio Invader Mintz. Duncan began to stretch it out early, but the tempo quickly changed when 4th and 5th place combatants Brian Benson and Jimmy Nier locked wheels upon the turn two exit. On the restart Mintz made a couple quick bids for the lead, but Duncan kept his mount smooth and straight to once again pad his lead.
      16 Year-old third generation driver Bryce Dickson of the Racing Dickson family looped it in turn four to bring out the second caution on lap six. Dickson later recovered for what was a good first night. A high stakes game of cat-and-mouse then unfolded as Mintz and Duncan went into a thrilling high speed battle.
      Said Mintz, "I knew I just had to be patient. I figured this place is pretty small so I thought lapped traffic would eventually be a factor." The young charger was right. Being in the catbird seat is sometimes a good thing. On lap 16 Mintz edged Duncan coming out of four to take the lead and charge on to the win.
      Meanwhile, Aaron Higgins and Kory Crabtree were putting together beautiful runs of their own with a battle for third and fourth. Higgins felt a deep disappointment when his run ended in a spin on turn two of the last lap. 15-year old Kory Crabtree was the beneficiary; bringing his mount home a solid third against a stellar field of veteran drivers. Dave Dickson of Marietta was the hard-charger of the race, coming from 16th to sixth in a great run. Wes McGlumphy also had his best outing in a drive from 17th to ninth.
      Jimmy Stinson and Mitch Harble battled much of the race, but their consistency paid off with top five finishes. Stinson won the battle for fourth. Rounding out the top ten behind Crabtree were Jimmy Stinson, Mitch Harble, Dickson, Josh Davis, Freddie Staats, McGlumphy, and Higgins.
In the late model main, fast timer Ralph Withem got the jump on outside pole sitter Jason Montgomery. After a Rumble-on-the-Ridge, Montgomery took over the top spot amid a couple cautions.
      On lap two Grayson, Kentucky driver Josh McGuire gunned it a little too hard into turn one, clipping the tail of Ronnie Mayle and stalling his #41 Rayburn in turn two. McGuire restarted, but once again two laps later he found himself on the wrong end of the good-luck stick and was flagged for another caution.
On the third restart, Withem dove under Montgomery and turned on the afterburners for the next several circuits in his Swartz/Billy Lloyd Race Engines/Impala. Withem pulled away yet again as Montgomery was left to battle it out with Chris Garnes and Andy Bond for second.
      Meanwhile, Audie Swartz initiated a charge from deep in the pack to the top ten by the halfway point. Withem breezed through the midpoint, while Larry Bond and Jeff Burdette dueled Ronnie Mayle in a chase for the top five.
      Close racing highlighted the action deep into the pack as Montgomery seemed to gain second wind in closing the gap by lap twenty. Hampering Montgomery's progress was a bid for second by Garnes. Unable to focus entirely on Withem, Montgomery now had a fight for second on his hands. When the dust settled, the winner was Ralph Withem of Athens. Rounding out the top ten were second place Montgomery, Garnes, Andy Bond, Larry Bond, Audie Swartz, Burdette, Mayle, Chris Carpenter, and Harrisburg, Illinois driver Jason Riggs.
Swartz earned hard charger honors with a 16th to 6th place run. Larry Bond also had a great run from 12th to 5th.
     "What a race," said Late Model victor Ralph Withem. When asked what he felt he had to do, when Jason Montgomery had made an early pass, Withem said a matter-of-factly, "Pass him back". And that he did. "Montgomery is hard to beat, he is a good racer and I knew I had to drive my tail off."
      The Modified main was a controlled script of Helter Skelter. What a thrill the AMRA stars gave to the Skyline crowd. J.P. Roberts of Gallipolis took the initial lead, but the Murray City flash Jeremy Berwanger wrested away the lead for the next six circuits. Former national AMRA champ Doug Henry, racing the numbers of his fallen friend and brother-in-law Greg Schilling (#99) then took the lead and charged on to victory for the big win.
      The Beverly, Ohio driver was all smiles in victory lane after fending off Berwanger for the win. Rounding out the top ten behind Berwanger were Roberts, Evans, Garnes, Cunningham, Fordyce, Blake, Shadwick, and Whiteman. Jim Fordyce was the hard-charger of the race coming from 16th to 7th.
      Tommy Muprhy took the early lead in the Pure Stock main, but by the fifth lap his mount began to belch out a trail of smoke. It appeared the P-burg driver began a gradual slowdown, but when he heard the rumbling engine of Danny Talbott the Chevrolet picked up some extra speed. A late-race caution set up a sprint to the finish. Shelly Powell had run a strong third after a race-long battle with Scott Rooks. Great racing again was the mainstay of the ever-popular Pure streets, who always put on a great show.
      On the restart, Powell dove under Talbott for an exciting finish, but less than a half lap later both Talbott and Powell would succumb to mechanical failures. Barry Brisker bagged Rooks for second. Rounding out the top ten were winner Murphy, Brisker, Rooks, Misel, Gould, Klintworth, Joe Misel, Derrick Smith, and Anthony.
     On the first lap of the Four Cylinder main race leader Greg King took a tumble. Despite the flip King was ok. The 1st time Skyline feature winner and hard charger of the race was Jeff Rankin of Tuppers Plains, Ohio. Rankin dodged several bullets of crashing cars to claim the win over Tony Plaugher, dashing from 8th to the top three in a matter of just a few laps.
Behind the victorious Rankin were Rankin, Plaugher, Banks, Barker, Shamblin, Lauer, Klintworth,Blanton, C. Heiss, and Ken Young.
      Will Holland claimed the exciting Mini-Wedge main over Ron Pickens, Kyle Bond, Zack Fox, Sydney Staats, Cameron Roush, Mariah Miller, and Cole Mayle. Holland, Pickens, and Bond fought hard early, but Holland dominated at the finish to post the win.
      Racing continues each and every Friday night at Skyline Speedway. More information can be found on the Skyline Speedway website at << >> or by calling 740-662-4111 or 304-539-4410.
The Summary:

410 Sprints (19)
Fast Time-Bryan Benson 12:19
Dash-Cole Duncan, Craig Mintz, Aaron Higgins, Brian Benson
Heat One-Jimmy Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Freddie Staats, Randy Fink, Greg Mitchell, Wes McGlumpy, Alec Martin, Bryce Dickson.
Heat Two-Kory Crabtree, Mitch Harble, Josh Davis, Adam Strausser, Dave Dickson, Brandi Bower.
Feature-Mintz, Duncan, Crabtree, Stinson, Harble, Dickson, Davis, Staats, McGlumphy, Higgins, Mitchell, Fink, Brandy Bower, Bryce Dickson, Alex Martin, Jimmy Nier, Adam Strausser, Brian Benson , Mark Imler DNS

Late Models (36)
Fast Time-Ralph Withem 14:52
Heat One-Ralph Withem, Chris Carpenter, Rod Gibson, Harold Redman, Jr., Justin Powell, Chad Todd, Jerry Mustain, Carl Boyles
Heat Two-Jason Montgomery, Ronnie Mayle, Josh McGuire, Freddie Carpenter, Kenny Riddle, Nick Corbitt, Tim Good, Matt Yates. Daniel Kittle
Heat Three-Chris Garnes, Jeff Burdette, Lance Elson, Jason Riggs, Dan Morrison, Todd Smith, Ed Shuman, Ernie Hoschar, Robert Mayle,
Heat Four-Andy Bond, Steve Bigley, Larry Bond, Audie Swartz, Travis Brookover, Kevin Layne, John Rogers, Joe Harper, Thomas Arnott
B-Main 1: Harold Redman, Jr., Freddie Carpenter, Justin Powell, Kenny Riddle, Nick Corbitt, Chad Todd, Matt Yates, Tim Good, Daniel Kittle, Jerry Mustain, Carl Boyles
B-Main 2: Audie Swartz, Jason Riggs, Travis Brookover, Dan Morrison, Kevin Layne, Ernie Hoschar, Robert Mayle, Joe Harper, Ed Shuman, Thomas Arnott, John Rogers, Todd Smith
Feature-Withem, Montgomery, Garnes, A. Bond, L. Bond, Audie Swartz, Burdette, Mayle, Carpenter, Riggs, Bigley, Elson, Carpenter, Brookover, Powell, Redman, Jr., Gibson, McGuire.

AMRA Modified (23)
Heat One-J.P. Roberts, Del Cunningham, Vince Conrad, Jeremy Roush, Brian Whiteman, Rick Venham, Jr., Robin Ours, Joe Harmon.
Heat Two- Jeremy Berwanger, Doug Henry, Robert Garnes, Kenny Johnson, Mike McPherson, Jim Fordyce, Doug Hall, Mitchell Sharp
Heat Three-Roger Shadwick, Robbie Evans, Kenny Riddle, Ray Seebaugh, Phillip Bapst, Ricky Neace, Jeremy Blake DNS
B-Main: Jim Fordyce, Rick Venham, Jeremy Blake, Rick Neace, Robin Ours, Joe Harmon, Doug Hall, Mitchell Sharp.
Feature-Henry, Berwanger, Roberts, Evans, Garnes, Cunningham, Fordyce, Blake, Shadwick, Whiteman, Bapst, Seebaugh, Venham, Riddle, Conrad, McPherson, Jeremy Roush, Johnson.

Pure Stocks (17)
Heat One-Tommy Murphy, Shelly Powell, Barry Brisker, Ryan Wilson, Derrick Smith, Dale Griffin, Jr., George Klintworth, Curt Reck
Heat Two-Danny Talbott, Scott Rooks, Gary Gould, Joe Misel, Steve Anthony, Steve Nobile, Jerrod Willis, Jeremy Misel.
Feature-Tommy Murphy, Brisker, Rooks, Misel, Gould, Klintworth, Joe Misel, Derrick Smith, Anthony, Griffin, Noble, Powell, Talbott, Willis, and Wilson.

Four Cylinders (20)
Heat One-Greg King, Frank Shamblin, Donnie Bartlett, George Klintworth, Steve Brown, Cody Heiss,Cory West, Raquel Wolfe, John Bartlett, Scott Venham
Heat Two-Jeff Blanton, Denzil Barker, David Banks, Jeff Rankin, Tony Plaugher, Ken Young, Barry Kitts, Terry Gilkey, Tony Plaugher, John Rankin.
B-Main: Terry Gilkey, Raquel Wolfe, John Rankin, Chris Lauer
Feature-Rankin, Plaugher, Banks, Barker, Shamblin, Lauer, Klintworth, Blanton, C. Heiss, Ken Young, Brown, Steve Bartlett, Kitts, C. West, Gilkey, Bartlett, Wolfe, King

Mini Wedges (8)
Heat One-Will Holland, Ron Pickens, Zack Fox, Cameron Roush
Heat Two-Kyle Bond, Sydney Staats, Mariah Miller, Coley Mayle
Feature-Will Holland, Ron Pickens, Kyle Bond, Zack Fox, Sydney Staats, Cameron Roush, Mariah Miller, Cole Mayle.


Jeremy Berwanger - AMRA Modifeids 04/14/09

Posted: 14 Apr 2009 06:00 AM PDT

2008 Skyline Speedway Modified Champion and 2-time AMRA National Championship runner-up Jeremy Berwanger of Murray City, OH joined Dirt Cast to talk about his 2007 and 2008 seasons, winning the 2008 Stateline Championship, finishing as the national runner-up, his career, what it will take for him to win the national championship, racing a modified, the AMRA, being on the driver’s board and his plans for 2009. Berwanger drives the #44j sponosred Lightning.   More info here:



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