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Results from June 13 to season opener (Links to other parts of season at bottom)

Skyline to Host V.A.R.C. Friday, June 13

By Scott Wolfe

STEWART, OHIO-Skyline Speedway in Stewart, Ohio will host the Vintage American Race Cars who will run an exhibition race and have their old-time racers on display this Friday, June 13. The old-timers exhibit will combine with a full racing program on the fast 3/8 mile high-banked oval. Skyline will no longer run Street Stocks and now only six divisions of Sprints, Late Models, Pure Stocks, Modifieds, Four Cylinders, and Mini-Wedges will be on the racing card.
Skyline Speedway is one of the few tracks in America to run both Sprints and Late Models as the premier class on the weekly racing card. As an added attraction, older racing fans can see some of the old-style race cars they used to watch race, and new racing fans can get a glimpse of the past, compliments of the V.A.R.C. racing display. Cars from the 1930's to early 1980's compete on the V.A.R.C. circuit. As always, good family fun is always on the race card at Skyline Speedway.
Coming June 20th Skyline will host a Four-Cylinder Invitational paying $600 to win. On June 27th Skyline will host a $2,000 to win Late Model invite and July 4 the AMRA Road Warrior Tour comes to town.
But perhaps the biggest nugget on the June racing schedule is the Wednesday, June 25th All-Star Circuit of Champions Speedweek show featuring some of the nation's top touring outlaw sprint cars. Modifieds will join the sprints on the racing card. All Classes will race June 27 except the sprint cars as a tribute to the speedweek show.
For further information please call 304-539-4410 or 740-662-4111 or visit the Skyline Website at << >>


Skyline to host All-Star Sprint Speedweek
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-Skyline Speedway was one of the original tracks in the very first sprint speedweek held under the original All-star banner in the mid-1970's under the guidance of Bud Miller. In 2008 Skyline Speedway, having been rejeuvenated by new owner Billy Jarrell, will once again participate in the mega-buck weeklong series under the "Modern Era" All-Star Circuit of Champions banner by hosting the Wednesday night leg of Ohio All-Star Sprint Speedweek paying $5,000 to win. AMRA modifieds will join the outlaw sprints on the racing card June 25 when the powerful sprinters from all corners of the country come to town.
Skyline will host a regular show on Friday, June 27 with an increased Late Model winner's share of $2,000 to win. All classes except sprint cars will run this night. There will be no sprints Friday, June 27 in honor of the remainder of the speedweek schedule.
Skyline Speedway is located 12 miles east of Athens 4.1 miles out County Road 53 off SR 50 between Athens and Coolville, Ohio. For further information, please call Sherry James at 304-539-4410 or visit the Skyline Speedway website at << >> Raceday information can be acquired at 740-662-4111.


June 6 Skyline Speedway Results FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-With 32 of the Tri-State's top late models in the pits and 114 cars overall, Skyline Speedway has returned the Mid-Ohio Valley to one of the nation's hot spots for stock car racing. Parkersburg, WV driver Jeff Burdette claimed the star-studded late model main, while wandering outlaw Danny Smith, Danville, Indiana picked up his third win in the 410 sprint cars after a heated battle with Australian driver and new track record holder Matthew Reed.
The high-banked 3/8 was super fast despite the fact that temperatures reached 95 on Thursday and Friday on the heels of a massive storm system that dropped anywhere from 5-15 inches of rain in the area. But efforts to iron the red clay into shape went well. Skyline Speedway and fast, close racing are synonymous.
After two late model B-mains, the sprints took center stage first. Young Australian Matthew Reed set the pace for the first five circuits of the race as the field quickly charge upon lapped traffic. As fans grimaced in what was sure to be imminent peril, Reed and Smith, wheel to wheel, sped upon a gaggle of lapped cars. Reed lifted briefly, and swerved left upon turn-three entry with Smith right beside. Smith's craftiness won out to evade both Reed and the lapped cars.
On a lap eight restart, Reed locked his sights on Smith's tail and began a six lap shoot-out. Smith appeared to exceed the limitations of both man and machine in a blistering charge to the checkered flag.
Cincinnati's Nick Naber gave his B&J Contracting #22 a heck of a ride, but his advances were stymied by the fast pace of his predecessor's. Naber brought home third ahead of a four-way battle between Tim Hunter, Josh Davis, Cole Duncan, and 16-year old Cale Conley. Hunter advanced to fourth from seventh as the quartet finished in that order ahead of Keith Baxter, last week's winner Aaron Higgins, and Adam Strausser.
The late model main saw first and second heat winners Chris Garnes and Jeff Burdette sitting on the pole, leading a field of cars that included multi-circuit champion Mike Balzano and hard chargers Larry and Andy Bond, and Corey Conley.
Garnes led the first five circuits after a heated battle with Burdette for the top spot. Garnes rode the high side and Burdette moved a groove lower as Balzano bagged Jeff Wood and Pat Gillian for third. That was amid a mass of eight cars that were collected in a grinding eight car crash on the back chute that claimed Larry Bond.
Balzano challenged Burdette on the low side in a torrid side-by-side battle with Garnes just inches ahead. On the sixth circuit Garnes bobbled on the turn four exit and collected Balzano, ending both of the stars bid for victory. Burdette now led the field to the restart, but it was not a cake-walk by any means.
Wood yielded to Conley on the 13th circuit, and then set his sights on Burdette. The Wellsburg, WV driver challenged Burdette several times, but each time the crafty Burdette was able to repel the charges en route to the win. In another steady run, Wood anchored down third while Pat Gillian capped a great night with a heat win and solid fourth place finish.
Young Mafia VP Chris Garnes earned hard charger honors coming from 18th to fifth in an impressive run off the tail. Ralph Withem anchored 6th, while Dan Morrison blitzed from 16th to seventh, young Zach Dohm notched eighth, Andy Bond ninth, and Marshall Wiblin tenth.
AMRA National Champion Doug Henry led the 16 car modified field to the unfurled green flag of Todd Gorrell. Henry led the first circuit, but another former AMRA hot-shoe Kenny Johnson was on the move. Johnson's mount was hooked as he bagged the high-flying Henry on the second circuit.
Johnson withstood many early challenges from Henry, unretired John Burdette and Florida Speedweek champion Lucky Louis Krushansky. Back in the pack, multi-talented Jeremy Blake was charging from the tail to a top five finish, as was Mark Dickson and Roy Roush who all advanced at least seven spots in exciting charges to the front.
The Southside Flyer Johnson, coming off his K-C Hold'em victory claimed his second consecutive feature ahead of Burdette, Louie Krushansky, Doug Henry, Jeremy BLake, Jeff Wood, Mark Dickson, Tom Sigler, and Roy Roush.
When Steve Bigley is on, he is hard to beat. But in the early going of the feature, Tom Hendrix appeared to be the class of the field. Hendrix led the first four circuits as Bigley worked his way to the front. Bigley reeled in Hendrix for a lap six pass, then moments later Hendrix dropped out with mechanical woes. Bigley then ran off and hid from the rest of the field coming home ahead of a hard charging John Painter, John Powell JR., Bub Crum, Kenny Isner, Brad Roe, Frankie Roush, Tom Hendrix, and Jeremy Blake.
When you yell "Roush" at Mid-Ohio Valley tracks, you might as well yell "FIRE", cause everyone comes a running. At least 6-7 of the racing Roush clan that is. Darren Roush had a fire under his seat as he held off first Matt Holcomb, then Jeremy Blake in an exciting Pure Stock main.
Roush brought home the win over Blake, Curt Reck, Rick Van Dyne, Mike Lauer, George Klintworth, Steve Anthony, Joe Misel, Matt Holcomb, and Chad Roush. Reck earned the hard charger award from 10th to third.
Just short of fisticuffs, the exciting four cylinder main came down to the last lap. All race long the rivalry between Tommy Adkins and Tim Christopher unraveled with great door-rubbing, side-by-side action. On the final lap both cars were charging toward a photo finish when contact sent both spinning across the line backwards.
The Racine driver Adkins came across the line first, but he was whistled for the foul, sending Christopher to victory lane for the third straight time. In second was Tony Plaugher, pulling ahead of George Klintworth, Nick Dohm, Jeff Rankin, Barry Kitts, Tom Adkins, Jimmy Barber, Nick Fitch, Steve Brown, and Keith Young.
In the mini-wedges it has been a year-long battle between Kyle Bond and Ron Pickens. Pickens won the heat Friday, but Bond came back to claim the feature. Kyle Bond was followed across the line by Zack Fox, Mariah Miller, and Ron Pickens.
Skyline continues action next Friday, June 13 then hosts the All-Star Sprint Speedweek on June 25. Regular programs will be held June 20 and June 27 although on the latter date there will be no sprints in honor of speedweek.

The Summary: June 6, 2008

410 Sprints (18)
Fast Time-New Track Record 10.43 Matthew Reed (Old Record: 10.46 Jim Nier)
Dash-Nick Naber, Matthew Reed, Danny Smith, Cole Duncan
Heat-Josh Davis, Tim Hunter, Adam Strausser, Mark Imler
Heat-Aaron Higgins, Cale Conley, Keith Baxter, Greg Mitchell
Feature-Danny Smith, Matthew Reed, Nick Naber, Tim Hunter, Josh Davis, Cole Duncan, Cale COnley, Keith Baxter, Aaron Higgins, Adam Strausser, Greg Mitchell, Mark Imler, Brian Benson, Dave DIckson, Josh Yenser, Kory Crabtree, Wes McGlumphy

Late Models (32)
Fast Time-12.24 Chris Garnes
Heat-Chris Garnes, Mike Balzano, Rodney Gibson, Dan Morrison
Heat-Jeff Burdette, Ralph Witham, Scott Wolfe, Marshall Wiblin
Heat-Pat Gillan, Korey Conley, Nick Corbitt, Larry Bond
Heat-Jeff Wood, Andy Bond, Todd Smith, Zach Dohm
B Main-Larry Bond, Dan Morrison, Freddie Carpenter, Tyler Carpenter, Justin Powell, Bill Hughart, Jeremy Jarvis, Kenny Riddle, Ernie Hoshar
B Main-Marshall Wiblin, Zack Dohm, Chris Carpenter, Jim Fordice, Jason Brookover, John Burdette, Bub Crum, Bobby Davidson
Feature-Jeff Burdette, Korey Conley, Jeff Wood, Pat Gillan, Chris Carpenter, Ralph Witham, Dan Morrison, Zack Dohm, Andy Bond, Marshall Wiblin, Scott Wolfe, Freddie Carpenter, Rodney Gibson, Chris Garnes, Todd Smith, Mike Balzano, Nick Corbitt, Larry Bond

Modifieds (16)
Heat-Doug Henry, John Burdette, Louie Krushanski, Rick Tracewell
Heat-Kenny Johnson, Jeff Wood, Jeremy Burwanger, Ryan Mayle
Feature-Kenny Johnson, John Burdette, Louie Krushansky, Doug Henry, Jeremy BLake, Jeff Wood, Mark Dickson, Tom Sigler, Roy Roush, Ryan Mayle, Robin Ours, Brandon Patton, Chris Stotts, Dusty Boley, Rick Tracewell, Jeremy Burwanger

Street Stocks (9)
Heat-Frankie Roush, Jim Painter, Bub Crum, Brad Roe
Heat-Tom Hendrix, Steve Bigley, Jeremy Blake
Feature-Steve Bigley, John Painter, John Powell Jr., Bub Crum, Kenny Isner, Brad Roe, Frankie Roush, Tom Hendrix, Jeremy Blake

Pure Stocks (14)
Heat-Darren Roush, George Klintworth, Rick Van Dyne, Dusty Adkins
Heat-Matt Holcomb, Jeremy Blake, Mike Lauer, Curt Reck
Feature-Darren Roush, Jeremy Blake, Curt Reck, Rick Van Dyne, Mike Lauer, George Klintworth, Steve Anthony, Joe Misel, Matt Holcomb, Chad ROush , Todd Miley

Four Cylinders (18)
Heat-TIm Christopher, Jeff Rankin, George Klintworth, Barry Kitts
Heat-Tony Plaugher, Nick Dohm, Branson Wagoner, Greg King
Heat-Tom Adkins, Keith Young, John Bartlett, Steve Brown
Feature-Tim Christopher, Tony Plaugher, George Klintworth, Nick Dohm, Jeff Rankin, Barry Kitts, Tom Adkins, Jimmy Barbor, Nick Fitch, Steve Brown, Keith Young, John Bartlett, Branson Wagoner, Donnie Bartlett, Phil Eagle

Heat-Ron Pickens, Kyle Bond, Zack Fox, Miriah Miller
Feature-Kyle Bond, Zack Fox, Miriah Miller, Ron Pickens


Skyline Speedway Results May 30, 2008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-Grayson, Kentucky's Josh McGuire claimed an exciting Independent Racing Series 50-lap spectacular Friday night, while Waverly, Ohio's Aaron Higgins claimed his first-ever feature win in the 25-lap sprint car main before a large enthusiastic crowd at Billy Jarrell's Skyline Speedway. The win was McGuire's first IRS win as he became the 17th different winner on the circuit, breaking the Eddie Carrier, Jr. winning streak. Zanesville's Rick Aukland claimed the AMRA modified win; Bub Crum claimed the Street Stocks, George Klintworth Pure Stocks, Tim Christopher Four-cylinders, and Ron Pickens mini-wedges. Tim Christopher claimed the make-up Four-cylinder main, while Jeremy Blake took the make-up Street Stock main.
The IRS "Rapid Refund" Late Models race was an automatic $5,000 direct-deposit in the bank account of the hard-charging Josh McGuire. Nearly 45 years ago Josh's Uncle Wayne McGuire put his number 41 Pontiac-powered super-modified in victory lane in his first visit there. Two years ago nephew Josh did the same, and like his uncle Wayne has made Skyline victory lane a second home. Friday was his first IRS win.
Eddie Carrier looked like a lock on the road to victory in the early going; however, Showtime Steve Shaver wasn't giving up easily. By the 19th circuit R.J. Conley had blasted past Shaver upon the hind quarters of the Salt Rock (WV) Flash. A great four-way battle developed between Robbie Blair, Steve Shaver, Mike Knight, and Dave Hess, Jr.
As eyes scanned back-and-forth from the two separate multi-groove battles, McGuire quietly began to pick off cars at a rate of one per lap until a trio of cars checked up in turn one of the 27th circuit. Conley was caught up in the melee and as other cars continued on, Conley was relegated to the tail.
After another late race caution on lap 38, McGuire bagged Robbie Blair and sat in the number two slot where he now challenged Carrier for number one. As the track dried to McGuire's liking, the Kentucky ace hugged the moisture in turns one and two to set up a launch past Carrier on the 40th circuit. A couple laps later Blair followed in suit for second as McGuire powered on to the popular win. Official accounts of the race will be released by IRS Public Relations director extraordinaire Chris Tilley.
Rounding out the top ten behind third place Carrier were Duane Chamberlain, Dave Hess, Steve Shaver, Donnie Moran, Tim Dohm, Mike Balzano, Paul Wilmoth, and Andy Bond. Hess, Jr. and McGuire shared top passing honors for the night.
Like a thief in the night, Aaron Higgins slipped into the front line of battle while early front-runners Jimmy Nier and Josh Davis swapped the lead numerous times during the last six laps of the race. While all eyes focused on that exciting battle, Higgins slipped under the radar and into the lead for his first-ever sprint feature win.
Nier led the first go-round after earning the pole with fast time and a dash win. Josh Davis came right back to lead the second stanza, igniting a firecracker of a battle between the two hard chargers. Nier came back to lead the third circuit and Davis returned the favor to take over number one on lap four.
While the two leaders engaged in their torrid battle, Aaron Higgins, Keith Baxter, and Nick Naber battled for third. Newcomer Craig Mintz from Gibsonburg, Ohio found the Skyline clay to his liking and began a strong run into the top five after an early duel with Dave Dickson.
Nier retook the lead and led laps 7-10 before Davis battled back to point on lap ten. The nearly packed house was on its feet by the midway point as the on-track action electrified the crowd. Words could not accurately describe the close, disaster-cheating action. In what looked to be one of the closest races in Skyline sprint history, that duo began a series of good-natured slide jobs that saw at least two lead swaps each lap; first Davis, then Nier. Meanwhile, Higgins and Mintz battled for third.
While the leading duo continued to battle up front, their lead diminished and young Higgins saw his chance. Higgins blasted into turn three to cut the lead in half with two laps to go. Nier and Davis continued their mischief with the on-going game of leap-frog, and in the mix Higgins rocketed off the front chute ahead of both Nier and Davis on the white flag lap. Higgins' momentum carried him to the win while Davis edged Nier by a nose at the flagstand for second. Mintz came home fourth in his debut ahead of veteran Dave Dickson, Keith Baxter, Nick Naber, Greg Mitchell, Kory Crabtree, and Adam Strausser. Mintz was the hard-charger of the night, advancing six positions from tenth to fourth.
"It's great to get this first one. We picked a harder compound on the right rear and it didn't come in until the last five laps" breathed Higgins with a joyous sigh of relief. "I'd like to thank my dad (Mitch), paw-paw, and Scott Cool. They really had this car dialed in tonight. To get this first one is quite a thrill."
In the AMRA modified main, Kenny Johnson was the early leader, but it didn't take long for Ohio traveler Rick Aukland to charge to the front. Aukland, doing double duty in both late models and modifieds, knows his way around the fast 3/8 mile speedplant. Aukland continued his charge while Jeremy Berwanger nipped Johnson in a run for the top spot.
Although the night was tabbed as a late model special, such names as Dickson, Johnson, Henry, Aukland, and Berwanger reflected some of the nation's best in the modified field. Despite challenges from Berwanger and Johnson, Aukland led the remainder of the race. Berwanger anchored second ahead of Johnson, hard-charger award winner Robbie Evans up from 13th to fourth, Mark Dickson, John Burdette, Roy Roush, Jeremy Blake, Donnie Nething, and Anthony Kincaid.
The Street Stocks also put on one of their best shows of the year with Bub Crum fighting off the challenges of Frank Roush to win his first feature in some time. Crum proved to be the class of the field, coming in first ahead of Frank Roush, Jeremy Blake, Mike Martin, Luke Berg, Jamey Adams, John Powell, Jr., Jennifer Martin, and Roger Shadwick. Jeremy Blake claimed the make-up Street Stock main over Frank Roush, who was twice the bridesmaid for the night.
The Pure Stocks were few, but they were mighty. George Klintworth held off numerous challenges from first Mike Lauer, then Darren Roush. Lauer lost a wheel in turn one and flipped two hard barrel rolls to bring out the red. Lauer was ok, but his car was badly damaged. Klintworth rolled onto the win ahead of Roush, Dusty Adkins, Tony Roush, Jr., Mike Lauer, and Tom Murphy.
After claiming the Four-cylinder make-up feature, Tim Christopher made it two in a row over point’s leader Tom Adkins. The duo carries their battle from track to track, and after Adkins' dominance (11 in a row at three tracks) early in the year, Christopher has come on to win the last three races. Behind second place Tom Adkins was Cousin Dennis Adkins, Tony Plaugher, Brian Thompson, Mike Strickland, Jeff Rankin, George Klintworth, Randy Wise, Barry Kitts, and Ken Young.
Ron Pickens claimed the Amesburne/Amesville Volunteer Fire Dept. sponsored Mini-wedge main. Behind the winning Pickens were Branson Dils, Kyle Bond, Mariah Miller, and Sydney Staats.
Skyline resumes action with a regular show next Friday night June 6.
The Summary: May 30, 2008
410 Outlaw Sprints (14)
Fast Time: Jimmy Nier 11:41
Dash: Jimmy Nier, Josh Davis, Keith Baxter, Aaron Higgins
Heat One: Mark Imler, Brian Benson, Greg Mitchell, Kory Crabtree
Heat Two: Nick Naber, Dave Dickson, Craig Mintz, Eddie Slone
Feature: Aaron Higgins, Josh Davis, Jimmy Nier, Craig Mintz, Dave Dickson, Keith Baxter, Nick Naber, Greg Mitchell, Kory Crabtree, Adam Strausser, Eddie Slone, Brian Benson, Randy Fink, Mark Imler.

IRS Late Models (38)
Fast Time: R.J. Conley 12:82
Dash: Eddie Carrier, Jr., Steve Shaver, R.J. Conley, Paul Wilmoth, Mike Knight
Cornet Engines Heat One: Mike Knight, Josh McGuire, R. J. Conley, Dave Hess, Jr., Jared Hawkins
Heat Two: Robbie Blair, Tim Dohm, Paul Wilmoth, Donnie Moran, Chris Garnes, Ralph Withem
Heat Three: Duane Chamberlain, Steve Shaver, Jeff Wood, Devin Friese, Audie Swartz, Tyler Carpenter
Indy Screen Printing Heat Four: Eddie Carrier, Jr., Mike Balzano, Andy Bond, Rick Aukland, Larry Bond, Dan Morrison
Poske's Performance Parts B-Main One: Jared Hawkins, Rod Conley, Chris Garnes, Jeff Burdette, Ralph Withem, Kenny Riddle, Tracy Fritter, Ron Mayle, Jim Fordyce, Roy Roush, Dustin Hendricks
B-Main Two: Tyler Carpenter, Larry Bond, Audie Swartz, Steve Wilmoth, Jeremey Jarvis, Pat Gillian, Dan Morrison, Seth Bond, Nick Corbitt, Buckwheat Shutts.
Feature: Josh McGuire, Robbie Blair, Eddie Carrier, Duane Chamberlain, Dave Hess, Steve Shaver, Donnie Moran, Tim Dohm, Mike Balzano, Paul Wilmoth, Andy Bond, Larry Bond, R.J. Conley, Jeff Wood, Tyler Carpenter, Devin Friese, Rod Conley, Steve Wilmoth, Jared Hawkins, Audie Swartz, Chris Garnes, Mike Knight, Rick Aukland, Dustin Hendricks

Modifieds (17)
Heat One: Roy Roush, Donnie Nething, John Burdette, Doug Henry
Heat Two: Kenny Johnson, Ryan Mayle, Mark Dickson, Jim Ashcraft
Heat Three: Rick Aukland, Jeremy Berwanger, Anthony Kincaid, Jeff Wood
Feature: Rick Aukland, Jeremy Berwanger, Kenny Johnson, Robbie Evans, Mark Dickson, John Burdette, Roy Roush, Jeremy Blake, Donnie Nething, Anthony Kincaid, Jeff Wood, Ryan Mayle, Dusty Boley, Jim Ashcraft, Jeremy Landrum, Doug Henry, Jerry Voytko

Street Stocks (9)
Feature: (Make-up): Jeremy Blake, Frank Roush, Jamey Adams, Mike Martin, Bub Crum, Jennifer Martin, John Powell, Jr.
Heat One- Frank Roush, Jamey Adams, Jeremy Blake, Roger Shadwick
Heat Two- Bub Crum, Mike Martin, Luke Berg, John Powell, Jr.
Feature- Bub Crum, Frank Roush, Jeremy Blake, Mike Martin, Luke Berg, Jamey Adams, John Powell, Jr., Jennifer Martin, Roger Shadwick

Pure Stocks (6)
Heat One- George Klintworth, Mike Lauer, Dusty Adkins, Tom Murphy
Feature: George Klintworth, Darren Roush, Dusty Adkins, Tony Roush, Jr., Mike Lauer, Tom Murphy

Four Cylinders (16)
Feature(make-up)Tim Christopher, Tommy Adkins, Tony Plaugher, Ken Young, George Klintworth, David Banks, Barry Kitts, John Bartlett, John Rankin, Chris Lauer, Steve Brown, Nick Fitch
Heat One- Tim Christopher, Tony Plaugher, Mike Strickland, Dennis Adkins
Heat Two- Jeff Rankin, Steve Brown, Greg King, Randy Wise
Heat Three- Tom Adkins, George Klintworth, Brian Thompson, Ken Young
Feature-Tim Christopher, Tom Adkins, Dennis Adkins, Tony Plaugher, Brian Thompson, Mike Strickland, Jeff Rankin, George Klintworth, Randy Wise, Barry Kitts, Ken Young, Drew Peart, David Banks, Steve Brown, John Bartlett, John Rankin, Keith Young, Greg King, Chris Lauer.

Mini Wedges (5)
Heat-Ron Pickens, Branson Dils, Kyle Bond, Mariah Miller,Sydney Staats
Feature-Ron Pickens, Branson Dils, Kyle Bond, Mariah Miller,Sydney Staats


Skyline to host IRS (Independent Racing Series) Late Models May 30

May 23 results below

By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-It's been a long, wet spring, but the weather is expected to heat up for the Independent Racing Series Late Models who come to Billy Jarrell’s Skyline Speedway in Stewart, OH Friday, May 30. The nation's top driver's and IRS point men will vie for the $5,000-to-win top prize. The event at Skyline Speedway will feature a complete show of Time Trials, Heat Races, the ever-popular Dash, B-Mains, and the 50-lap, $5,000-to-win main event. Outlaw sprints will highlight the racing card with other supporting divisions of Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, AMRA Modifieds, Mini-wedges and Four Cylinders.
The inaugural IRS event at Skyline Speedway last October featured a lot of firsts for the racing record books, as Zanesville, Ohio's Rick Aukland claimed the inaugural running of the "Jack-o-Lantern 50" under the IRS Sanction at Skyline.
Aukland not only put on a show to win the race, but he became the very first champion of the infant Independent Racing Series (IRS), a series that has proven itself a top organization in an ever-growing world of dirt late model racing. Fifty of the Midwest's top late models took time trials last year, while four competitive heat races and two B-mains narrowed the field to the 24-car starting grid. During the 2007 season 312 different cars signed into IRS sanctioned races, producing 14 different winners with average fields of nearly 40 cars per night.
Such out-of-town drivers and series drivers as Robbie Blair, Tim Dohm, Mike Balzano, Rick Aukland, Mike Knight, Duane Chamberlain, Andy Bond, Dave Hess, Jr., Jared Hawkins, Rick Bond, Devin Friese, Steve Shaver, Cody Parker, Joe Loudin, Ryan Markham, and Wayne Chinn are among those expected for the May 30th event.
Both Bond and Dohm have in the past raced regularly at Skyline, but this year have taken to the road in quest of the IRS crown. Balzano and Shaver, both touring road warriors, are still fan favorites in their old stomping grounds. That duo hopes to add some drama to the already highly anticipated event.
The tour moves from Skyline Speedway to the Sharon Speedway on May 31.
The Skyline Speedway is located just 4.1 miles off of State Route 50 and 32 on Athens County Road 53 Bethany Ridge Road. You can get information about the speedway at or their race day phone (740)-662-4111.
Skyline Speedway races every Friday night from April to October.


Skyline Speedway Results 5/23/2008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-As the car counts continue to rise at the high-banks of Skyline Speedway, the action also continues to push the barometer to the limits. Indiana's Danny Smith made it three in a row in the 410 Outlaw sprints, while Greg Oliver of Jackson, Ohio claimed the Late Model main by five feet after a race-long battle with Tracy Fritter. Jeremy Berwanger took the AMRA main, while Danny Talbott took the Pure Stock main, and Ron Pickens claimed the mini-wedges. The 4-cylinder and Street Stock mains were postponed until next Friday due to bad accident in the four-cylinder main.
Danville, Indiana's Danny Smith and Piketon, Ohio's Jimmy Nier are one-two in the K-C/Skyline Point battle. Friday Skyline Speedway fans saw first-hand why the two are the top dogs in Southeastern Ohio. The points' battle has generated quite a stir among the sprint car community and has added a new dimension to the local open wheel scene.
On the initial start, Nier's Budweiser/Billy Jarrell/JNC 00 jumped into the lead over dash winner Smith in the Williams' Trucking #4. Before the duo hit turns three and four, Smith had regained the lead and led through the first six circuits when Brian Benson lost a drive-line to bring out the caution. All the while Nier was on Smith's tail, contemplating his next move.
On the restart Nier vaulted past Smith to lead laps 7-8-9, only to have Smith dive to the low side past Nier on turn-one entry. Smith and Nier went nip-and-tuck to lap all but the first eight cars as the two front runners engaged in a torrid battle. On lap 17 veteran Bobby Mossor rode a wheel and took a nasty tumble in turn two. Freddie Staats took a similar end-over-ender in the heat. Both Staats and Mossor were uninjured.
Meanwhile, heat one winner Josh Davis was fabricating another good run into the top three ahead of Nick Naber and hard charging youngster Aaron Higgins. Smith opened up his lead on Nier, while Higgins blasted past Naber on the restart for fourth, and Davis anchored third.
Fading out of the top ten early in the race, veteran Dave Dickson continued to pick off cars lap after lap to post a solid sixth place finish. Adam Strausser was hard-charger of the race after charging from 15th to seventh. Behind Smith and Nier in third was Josh Davis, followed by Aaron Higgins, Nick Naber, Dave Dickson, Adam Strausser, Cole Duncan, Greg Mitchell, and Kory Crabtree. A pair of sixteen year old's, Duncan and Crabtree, posted top ten finishes in whirlwind performances. Both are second generation drivers--the sons of Rodney Duncan and Keith Crabtree.
In the 25-lap late model main, former modified driver Jim Fordyce rocketed into the lead ahead of Jackson's Greg Oliver. On the second lap of the late model main, racing chiropractor Brian Eaton needed some of his own services after taking a series of wild, gyrating flips down the front chute. The wild melee also collected Freddie Carpenter, K-C Burdette, and Roy Roush. Eaton emerged only shaken, but his Rocket was severely disabled.
On the restart, Oliver pulled alongside Fordyce in a drag race for number one. Oliver blitzed by Fordyce in a heated, paint-trading battle. On the fourth circuit, Oliver took command of the race, leaving Fordyce and Jeff Wood to fight for second. Amid a lap four scuffle, Wood went to the tail, where he began his bid for the hard charger award. Wood was relegated to 16th position and came back to finish fourth. Kevin Layne had another hard charge from 18th to 8th.
Oliver built a sizeable lead, but by lap 12, Fritter had bagged Fordyce and had begun to reel in the leader. On the 20th circuit Fritter led briefly at the start-finish line, but Oliver powered the Seymour Logging entry back to the front. Fritter passed his nemesis once again going into turn one, but Oliver bored it hard into turn three, where his momentum and the aid of a lapped car allowed him to scrape by Fritter in barn-burning thriller. Fordyce made a good showing in his late model, while Dan Morrison had a solid top five and Ralph Withem thundered from the back to a top ten after winning the first B-main.
Behind second place Fritter were Jim Fordyce, Jeff Wood, Dan Morrison, Ralph Withem, fast timer Joe Ramey, Kevin Layne, Jeff Burdette, and Larry Bond.
Former AMRA champion Doug Henry blistered the track in what looked like a secure bid for the win, but Jeremy Blake took control on lap 15. Jeremy Berwanger, the Murray City Flash, passed Henry as well, then set his sights on Blake. Berwanger sashayed past Blake while Henry followed in suit, passing Berwanger all in one motion on the 17th round. What a great show the AMRA has put on at the smooth, fast red-clay highbanks.
The early action revealed a contest with the most passing of the night, and set the stage for yet another wild finish. On the 18th round, Berwanger then dove low to regain the lead with Henry now the pursuer. Berwanger held on for the win over Henry, Jerry Voytko, Jeremy Blake, Dusty Boley, Jim Ashcraft, Sean Schobelock, Brandon Payton, Roy Roush, and James Adams.
In the Pure Stock main Danny Talbott took an early lead and never looked back. Jeremy Blake made every effort to reclaim lost ground on Talbott, but the veteran had way too much under the hood. Talbott's experience and quality mount spelled victory for the WV driver. A photo finish was called to determine third between Harley Hall and Darin Roush. Rounding out the top ten behind Blake in third was Hall, Roush, Tim Lauderman, Ryan Wilson, Mike Lauer, George Klintworth, Matt Holcomb, and Rick VanDyne.
On the seventh lap of the four cylinder main Greg Nuber hooked a wheel and flipped violently, knocking the talented driver unconscience and forcing an extended red flag. Nuber was extricated and taken to the hospital. No report on his condition was available at press time, however, he did regain conscienceness prior to leaving the track.
After a race-long battle with Tommy Adkins, Tim Christopher was leading when the race was postponed until next week after seven laps. Kyle Bond was the early leader in the 5-HP mini-wedges, but Ron Pickens flexed his muscle to defeat the talented Coolville driver. Pickens passed at the halfway mark with Bond at his heels and Branson Dils close in third. Rounding out the line-up behind winner Pickens were Bond, Branson Dils, Zack Fox, Sydney Staats, and Martin Gibson.
Skyline Speedway will run the IRS late models and all classes next Friday, May 30. Skyline is located 4.1 miles out Co. Rd 53 off SR 50 between Athens and Coolville.

The Summary: 5/23/2008

410 Super Sprints (20)
Fast Time-Nick Naber 10:58
Dash-Danny Smith, Aaron Higgins, Jimmy Nier, Nick Naber
Heat One-Josh Davis, Cole Duncan, Greg Mitchell, Brandy Bower
Heat Two-Dave Dickson, Eddie Slone, Kory Crabtree, Wayne McPeek
Feature-Danny Smith, Jim Nier, Josh Davis, Aaron Higgins, Nick Naber, Dave Dickson, Adam Strausser, Cole Duncan, Greg Mitchell, Kory Crabtree

Late Models (35)
Fast Time-Joe Ramey 12:51
Heat One-Jim Fordyce, Joe Ramey, Larry Bond, Bobby Davidson
Heat Two-Greggie Oliver, Ron Mayle, K.C. Burdette, Lee Swain
Heat Three-Jeff Wood, Audie Swartz, Dan Morrison, Freddie Carpenter
Heat Four-Tracy Fritter, Brian Eaton, Jeff Burdette, Kevin Layne
B-Main One- Ralph Withem, Freddie Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, Terry Styers,Buckwheat Shutts, Denver Gibson, Seth Bond, Bobby Davidson, Chad Todd, Bub Crum
B-Main Two- Jeremy Jarvis, Roy Roush, Kevin Layne, Dusty Campbell, Justin Powell,Lee Swain, Tyler Carpenter, Rod Gibson, Bill Hughart
Feature: Greg Oliver, Tracy Fritter, Jim Fordyce, Jeff Wood, Dan Morrison, Ralph Withem, Joe Ramey, Kevin Layne, Jeff Burdette, Larry Bond

AMRA Modifieds (21)
Heat One-Jeremy Blake, Craig Christian, Jerry Voytko, Dusty Boley
Heat Two-Doug Henry, Ryan Mayle, Jeff Wood, Jeremy Berwanger
Feature: Jeremy Berwanger, Doug Henry, Jerry Voytko, Jeremy Blake, Dusty Boley, Jim Ashcraft, Sean Schobelock, Brandon Payton, Roy Roush, James Adams

Pure Stocks (21)
Heat One-Jeremy Blake, George Klintworth, Rick VanDyne, Tim Lauderman
Heat Two-Danny Talbott, Harley Hall, Mike Lauer, Darin Roush
Heat Three-Ryan Wilson, Eric Francis, Joe Misel, Chad Roush
Feature: Danny Talbott, Jeremy Blake, Harley Hall, Darin Roush, Tim Lauderman, Ryan Wilson, Mike Lauer, George Klintworth, Matt Holcomb, and Rick VanDyne

Four Cylinders (21)
Heat One-Tommy Adkins,John Burch,Jeff Rankin, David Banks
Heat Two-Tim Christopher, Dennis Adkins, Ken Young, Drew Peart
Heat Three-Tony Plaugher, Steve Brown, Wayne Bolin, Keith Young
Feature: Postponed

Street Stocks (10)
Heat One: Jeremy Blake, Frank Roush, Bub Crum, John Powell, Tom Hendrix
Heat Two: Jamey Adams, Mike Martin, Brad Roe, Brandon Thompson, Kim Santee
Feature: Postponed

Mini-Wedges (6)
Heat-Kyle Bond, Branson Dils, Ron Pickens, Zack Fox, Sydney Staats, Martin Gibson
Feature-Ron Pickens, Kyle Bond, Branson Dils,Zack Fox, Sydney Staats, Martin Gibson

For those media members needing complete feature summaries, those results are included below

410 Sprints
Feature-Danny Smith, Jim Nier, Josh Davis, Aaron Higgins, Nick Naber, Dave Dickson, Adam Strausser, Cole Duncan, Greg Mitchell, Kory Crabtree, Josh Yenser, Cory Conley, Keith Baxter, Brandy Bower, Eddie Slone, Wayne McPeek, Mark Imler, Bobby Mossor, Brian Benson, Freddie Staats (DNS)

Late Models
Feature: Greg Oliver, Tracy Fritter, Jim Fordyce, Jeff Wood, Dan Morrison, Ralph Withem, Joe Ramey, Kevin Layne, Jeff Burdette, Larry Bond, Roy Roush, Audie Swartz, Ron Mayle, Chris Carpenter, Jeremy Jarvis, Freddie Carpenter, K-C Burdette, Brian Eaton.

AMRA Modifieds
Feature: Jeremy Berwanger, Doug Henry, Jerry Voytko, Jeremy Blake, Dusty Boley, Jim Ashcraft, Sean Schobelock, Brandon Payton, Roy Roush, James Adams, Jeff Wood, Ryan Mayle, Rick Kapple, Craig Christian.

Pure Stocks
Feature: Danny Talbott, Jeremy Blake, Harley Hall, Darin Roush, Tim Lauderman, Ryan Wilson, Mike Lauer, George Klintworth, Matt Holcomb, Rick VanDyne, Eric Francis, Joe Misel, Ted Keiser, Gary Gould, Greg Straight, Jesse Testerman, Jamie Gillian, Chad Roush, Steve Anthony


Yes! We Are Racing Tonight May 23 . ....

By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO- Once again heavy rains have saturated the Mid-Ohio Valley, cancelling the races Friday, May 16 at Skyline Speedway between Athens and Coolville, Ohio. This makes the third straight week that rains have cancelled the racing action at the fast 3/8 mile clay oval. More heavy rain is expected Thursday evening and Friday morning.
. ....Skyline Speedway management regrets having to cancel Friday's event, but the racing surface and surrounding area is saturated and partially flooded with no hope for a break in the weather prior to Friday evening.
. ....Rain checks will be good next week (May 23) from the May 2 races. An announcement will be made later about when the next rain check date will be valid as the IRS (Independent Racing Series) comes to Skyline on May 30 for a $5,000-to-win event for the super late models.
. ....Skyline Speedway races weekly on Friday evenings from April to October in seven exciting classes: 410 Outlaw Sprints, Late Models, Pure Stocks, Modifieds, FWD Four Cylinders, and Mini-Wedges.
. ....Skyline Speedway is located between Athens and Coolville, Ohio 4.1 miles off SR 50 on Bethany Ridge Rd/Co Rd. 53 near Stewart.


Skyline Speedway Results (May 2)
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART, OHIO-In a night where heavy rains initially hit everywhere but Skyline Speedway, it appeared that the over-100 cars in the pits and the enthusiastic crowd were in for a great night of racing. Track owner Billy Jarrell teamed with track prep-man Darrell Willie for the best racing surface Skyline Speedway has seen in years, only to see it all go down the drain when a barrage of intermittent showers rained out the program after time trials.
Evans, WV driver Chris Garnes topped the late models with a 12:42 clocking just three-tenths of a second off the track record of John Brown. Garnes’ time edged out Grayson, Kentucky’s Josh McGuire and Pomeroy, Ohio’s Todd Smith for fast time. Aaron Higgins topped the sprints with a torrid 10:78 clocking on the fast high-banked 3/8 mile red-clay oval.
Kyle Bond claimed the Mini-Wedge feature over Ronnie Pickens, Branson Dils, Zach Fox, Mariah Miller, Sidney Staats, and Nate Hoover.
Racing will resume next Friday, May 9 where rain-checks are good for either of the next two weeks. Skyline Speedway races 410 sprint cars, late models, modifieds, street stocks, pure stocks, four cylinders, and mini-wedges each and every Friday night through the fall. Gates open at 4:30, hot laps are at 7:00 p.m. and racing is at 8:00 p.m.
As part of “Family Fun” night, some lucky child 12 and under will win an electric scooter valued at over $400. Children must register at the gate to be eligible to win.
Skyline Speedway is located off SR 50 between Athens and Coolville on Bethany Ridge Road-Co. Rd 53 near Stewart. For further information, please call 662-4111 .

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Skyline Speedway results Friday April 25
By Scott Wolfe
STEWART,OHIO-With 115 cars in the pits and a good crowd in the stands, Friday night's action at Skyline Speedway produced some of the most prolific racing in track history. Danville, Indiana's Danny Smith kept his winning streak intact by defeating 17-year old Aaron Higgins in the 410 Outlaw sprint car main, and Jeff Burdette of Parkersburg, WV claimed the exciting Late Model main after a fender-to-fender battle with Andy Bond and Ron Mayle. Cars from five different states competed in the event, including newcomer Scott Lutz from Pennsylvania.
It was the crafty veteran Smith who leaped past pole-sitter and dash winner Jimmy Nier on the fourth lap, then blitzed through traffic with ease until a lap 15 caution for the stalled car of Josh Davis. Nier lined up behind Smith, but the Indiana Outlaw won the drag race into turn one. Meanwhile, young Higgins made a kamikaze move past Nier for second and set his eyes on Smith out front. Nier was not to be denied. Nier edged back by Higgins again, but the youngster Higgins carried the momentum to complete the advance past “No Fear” Nier.
Cole Duncan, another teenage charger, blitzed by the drifting Nier for third place one lap later, as action back in the pack went three wide. Piketon's Adam Strausser put together a solid run after a race-long battle with Nick Naber and Greg Mitchell.
With some moisture up on the high side, daredevil action stretched three-wide across the Skyline high banks. Smith, Higgins, and Nier rode the bottom, but Duncan found some speed one-tier up the track and Nick Naber chose the high side. As the shuffle for position panned out, Smith was able to pull a five car-length lead at the finish. Rounding out the top ten were Higgins, Duncan, Nier, Adam Strausser, Nick Naber, Greg Mitchell, Keith Baxter, Scott Lutz, and Brian Benson.
After Chris Garnes beat Freddie Carpenter by just two inches last week, how could fans ask for any more excitement? Well, Andy Bond, Ron Mayle, Jeff Burdette, and Mike Balzano went two and three wide until finally Jeff Burdette of Parkersburg, WV took over the lead on lap 19, then played nip-and-tuck with Bond to edge the Coolville driver by just inches on the white flag lap. Bond scooted up the track, allowing Mayle to dive under for the pass in turn two and challenge Burdette going into the final turns. Burdette won the sprint to the finish just ahead of Mayle in another wild Skyline finish.
Early in the race, Andy Bond held off Mayle, Garnes, and Travis Brookover to the sixteenth circuit when Jeff Burdette moved into second after a three-way dual with Mayle, Balzano, and Fast Freddie Carpenter. Garnes had clipped a tire and retired to the infield. Balzano charged from 12th to fourth, while Freddie Carpenter blasted from last to sixth in sharing hard charger of the race honors. Rounding out the top ten behind Burdette and Mayle were Bond, Balzano, Brookover, Carpenter, Fritter, K-C Burdette, and Dodd.
Jeremy Berwanger suffered through a year's worth of bad luck on opening night. On the second night out it was "Jeremy Berwanger night". Berwanger towed last week's winner Mark Dickson on a rope for much of the 20-lap main with a charging Jeremy Blake lurking in close third. Dickson stayed glued to Berwanger's tail most of the event, then made a sling-shot move coming out of turn four to narrowly fall short of his second win.
The Murray City Flyer asserted himself once again as one of the top dogs in AMRA modified racing. Behind Berwanger and Dickson were Jeremy Blake, Dusty Boley, Kenny Johnson, Darren Glover, Jeff Wood, Jim Fordyce, Robert Garnes, and Donnie Nething.
Steve Bigley put the pedal to the metal in Ed Gillian's 33 Auto Sales car in stopping Jeremy Blake for the Street Stock win. Rounding out the field behind Blake was John Powell and Shane Newman.
Bobby Lilly took the initial lead in the Pure Stock main until Mike Lauer took over on lap four, setting the stage for a Lauer-Lilly battle to the finish. The two battled side-by-side in yet another exciting race. Ted Keiser won a race-long battle with Rick VanDyne, George Klintworth, and Matt Holcomb for third. Rounding out the top ten behind Ted Keiser were Rick VanDyne, George Klintworth, Matt Holcomb, Lovie Burdette, Eric Francis, Joe Misel, and Dale Griffin.
It was an Adkins-Christopher-Adkins Battle-Royal in the four cylinders but Portland, Ohio’s Tommy Adkins upheld the family name in making it two in a row this season at Skyline. The elder Adkins worked traffic to perfection, and at the same time fend off challenges from Tim Christopher and cousin Dennis Adkins. Rounding out the top ten were Christopher, Dennis Adkins, Spike Rizer, Jeff Rankin, Nick Dohm, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth, Barry Kitts, and Chris Lauer.
Skyline continues regular racing next Friday night in all classes. Skyline Speedway is located between Coolville and Athens, Ohio on County Road 53 (Bethany Ridge Road) 4.1 miles off SR 50. For more information visit the Skyline Speedway website at << >> or call 740-662-4111.
The Summary:
410 Super Sprints (21)
Fast Time- Danny Smith 11:22
Dash-Jimmy Nier, Aaron Higgins, Danny Smith, Greg Mitchell, Cole Duncan, Nick Naber
Heat One-Keith Baxter, Bryan Benson, Dave Dickson, Hud Horton, Eddie Slone
Heat Two-Adam Strausser, Josh Davis, Scott Lutz, Kory Crabtree, Roger Mossbarger
Feature- Danny Smith, Aaron Higgins, Cole Duncan, Jimmy Nier, Adam Strausser, Nick Naber, Greg Mitchell, Keith Baxter, Scott Lutz, Brian Benson

Late Models (30)
Fast Time-Andy Bond 12:90
Heat One-Andy Bond, K-C Burdette, Chris Garnes, Tracy Fritter, Tyler Carpenter
Heat Two-Travis Brookover, Ron Mayle, Doug Dodd, Jeremy Jarvis, Mike Balzano
Heat Three-Roy Roush, Jeff Burdette, Ralph Withem, Zach Dohm, Todd Smith
B-Main: Jeff Wood, Harold Redman, Jr., Freddie Carpenter, Larry Bond, Bub Crum, Rod Gibson, Ed Shuman, Lee Swain, Chad Todd, Nick Corbitt.
Feature-Jeff Burdette, Ron Mayle, Andy Bond, Mike Balzano, Travis Brookover, Freddie Carpenter,Tracy Fritter, K-C Burdette, Jeff Wood, Doug Dodd

Modifieds (23)
Heat One-Robert Garnes, Mark Dickson, Kenny Johnson, Jeff Wood, Rick Kapple
Heat Two-Roy Roush, Jim Fordyce, Darren Glover, Dusty Boley, J.P. Roberts
Heat Three-Jeremy Berwanger, Rocky Blake, Ryan Mayle, Doug Henry, Donnie Nething
B-Main: Frank Wilson, Vince Conrad, Jim Ashcraft, Fireball Pinkerton, Brian Whiteman, Robin Dustin, C.W. Robinson
Feature- Jeremy Berwanger, Mark Dickson, Jeremy Blake, Dusty Boley, Kenny Johnson, Darren Glover, Jeff Wood, Jim Fordyce, Robert Garnes, Donnie Nething

Street Stocks (5)
Heat One- Jeremy Blake, Steve Bigley, John Powell, Shane Newman, Frank Roush
Feature- Steve Bigley, Jeremy Blake, John Powell, Shane Newman

Pure Stocks (14)
Heat One-Mike Lauer, Rick VanDyne, Lovie Burdette, Eric Francis, Dale Griffin,Jr.
Heat Two-Bobby Lille, Tim Lauderman, Ted Keiser, Matt Holcomb, George Klintworth,
Feature-Mike Lauer, Bobby Lilly, Ted Keiser, Rick VanDyne, George Klintworth, Matt Holcomb, Lovie Burdette, Eric Francis, Joe Misel, Dale Griffin

4 Cylinders (19)
Heat One-Tim Christopher, Tony Plaugher, Spike Rizer, Barry Kitts, Keith Young
Heat Two-Tommy Adkins, George Klintworth, Joshua Fulks, Jeff Blanton, Drew Peart
Heat Three-Dennis Adkins, Jeff Rankin, Nick Dohm, Ken Young, Christopher Lauer
Feature-Tommy Adkins, Tim Christopher, Dennis Adkins, Spike Rizer, Jeff Rankin, Nick Dohm, Jeff Blanton, George Klintworth, Barry Kitts, Chris Lauer, Keith Young, Ken Young, Joshua Fulks, Greg Nuber, Drew Peart, Steve Brown, Tony Plaugher, John Bartlett.

Heat-Kyle Bond, Ronnie Pickens, Zack Fox
Feature-Kyle Bond, Zack Fox, Ronnie Pickens.
For those Media Members needing complete feature finishes: (See below)
410 Super Sprints
Feature- Danny Smith, Aaron Higgins, Cole Duncan, Jimmy Nier, Adam Strausser, Nick Naber, Greg Mitchell, Keith Baxter, Scott Lutz, Brian Benson, Dave Dickson, Eddie Slone, Roger Mossbarger, Hud Horton, Mark Imler, Benny Hickel, Kory Crabtree, Josh Davis

Late Models
Feature-Jeff Burdette, Ron Mayle, Andy Bond, Mike Balzano, Travis Brookover, Freddie Carpenter,Tracy Fritter, K-C Burdette, Jeff Wood, Doug Dodd, Jeremy Jarvis, Todd Smith, Tyler Carpenter, Harold Redman, Jr., Ralph Withem, Chris Garnes, Zach Dohm, Roy Roush

Feature- Jeremy Berwanger, Mark Dickson, Jeremy Blake, Dusty Boley, Kenny Johnson, Darren Glover, Jeff Wood, Jim Fordyce, Robert Garnes, Donnie Nething, J.P, Roberts, Rick Kapple, Ryan Mayle, Frank Wilson, Vince Conrad, Jim Ashcraft, Roy Roush, Doug Henry.

Street Stocks
Feature-Steve Bigley, Jeremy Blake, John Powell, Shane Newman

Pure Stocks
Feature-Mike Lauer, Bobby Lilly, Ted Keiser, Rick VanDyne, George Klintworth, Matt Holcomb, Lovie Burdette, Eric Francis, Joe Misel, Dale Griffin, Jr., Tony Roush, Jr., John Gibson, Tim Lauderman.


By Scott Wolfe (April 18)
STEWART, OHIO-A near-capacity crowd and summer-like weather greeted the season-opening event at Billy Jarrell's Skyline Speedway Friday night where Appalachian hotshoe Chris Garnes of Evans, WV edged by just inches in a wild, wild late model finish that had the entire grandstand on its feet. Danville, Indiana's, one of the original Outlaws, claimed the companion 410 sprint car win, leading flag-to-flag to defeat Nick Naber and Cole Duncan at the finish.

In the Late Model main third-place starter Ron Mayle took the early lead as if shot from a cannon, splitting the two polesitters Rod Gibson and Fast Freddie Carpenter on the turn two exit. Mayle continued to sail, but found a full field of exotic horsepower nipping at his rear flank.
On the sixth circuit hard-charger Tracy Fritter took the top spot away from Mayle. Two laps later Mayle regained the lead as Carpenter battled back into second past a fading Fritter. For numerous laps, Carpenter tried everything to get by Mayle. The pack began to get into lapped traffic with five laps to go. Garnes slipped past Carpenter for second, and then Carpenter clamped down to regain the runner-up slot as that duo made a bid on Mayle on the last lap.
Sweet victory turned sour quickly for Mayle who clipped the lapped car of Justin Powell, triggering a wild melee that sent Dan Morrison, Mayle, and Powell to the pits. Carpenter inherited the lead in a one lap shoot-out to the finish. Carpenter pulled the field down the backchute, but Garnes quickly closed the gap and nosed under the veteran Carpenter upon the turn-three entrance. Side-by-side coming out of four, Carpenter held a slight edge, but Garnes won the drag race down the frontstretch to win by two inches at the finish line.
Rounding out the top ten were Carpenter, Larry Bond, Tracy Fritter, Chris Carpenter, Jeff Burdette, Travis Brookover, Harold Redman, Roy Roush, and K.C. Burdette. Jeff Burdette was the hard charger of the race moving from 17th to sixth.
Veteran Danny Smith has won all but one race he has raced in at Skyline during the past two years. Friday was no different. Smith, the dash winner, earned the pole alongside 16-year old Cole Duncan. Duncan anchored second place for several laps before he engaged in a race-long battle with Nick Naber. With Smith well out in front, Naber took charge of second.
Meanwhile, Jimmy Nier led a charge from the tail toward the front. Nier picked off car after car, but his drive stalled at fifth after Aaron Higgins was able to hold off the veteran charger for fourth. Rounding out the top ten were Adam Strausser, Greg Mitchell, Josh Davis, Jimmy Stinson, and fourteen year-old Kory Crabtree. Nier was named the sprint hard-charger, coming from 16th to fifth.
Veteran Mark ****son in the infamous ****son number "zero" crafted a popular win in the AMRA modified main. A member of the racing ****son family, Mark had his mount glued to the rail. Roy Roush made a late race bid after fading to ninth early in the race. Roush charged back to the front only to have his bid fall short of ****son's dominance. Rounding out the top ten behind Roush were the always-exciting Kenny Johnson, Robbie Evans, Jeremy Blake, Donnie Nething, Doug Henry, Jeff Wood, J.P. Roberts, and Jim Ashcraft.
Danny Talbott claimed the 15-lap Pure Stock main over Brian Shaffer, Ryan Wilson, Jeremy Blake and George Klintworth. Talbott was the dominant force in the event although Shaffer made it interesting after slipping by Wilson with six laps to go.
John Powell, Jr. was the early leader in the Street Stock main, but on lap six Steve Bigley blew by on the outside and Jeremy Blake blasted around Powell on the inside. Bigley rode the high side, while Blake took the low groove. Blake's line prevailed as he went on to claim the thrilling win over Bigley and Roush.
In the Four-Cylinders, Tommy Adkins and Spike Rizer, both of Portland, Ohio battled it out the entire race, until Adkins took advantage of lapped traffic to pull off the win. Rizer was second ahead of Tim Christopher, Tony Plavender, Bobby Collins, Matt Fizer, Jeff Blanton, David Rankin, Ken Young, and Barry Kitts.

Skyline continues regular racing next Friday, April 25. Gates open at 4:30 p.m., warm-ups are at 7 p.m., time trials at 7:30 and racing at racing at 8 p.m. Adult general admission is $15, Pit passes are $30, kids 6-12 $5, and under six free.

2008 Results

410 Sprints (17)
Fast Time: Jimmy Stinson 11:11
Dash- Danny Smith, Cole Duncan, Josh Davis, Jimmy Stinson
Heat One-Nick Naber, Aaron Higgins, Dave Dickson, Greg Mitchell
Heat Two-Josh Yanser, Freddie Staats, Eddie Slone, Kory Crabtree
Feature-Danny Smith, Nick Naber, Cole Duncan, Aaron Higgins, Jim Nier, Adam Strausser, Greg Mitchell, Josh Davis, Jimmy Stinson, Kory Crabtree

Late Models (27)
Fast Time: Travis Brookover 13:48
Heat One-Rod Gibson, Freddie Carpenter, Roy Roush, Travis Brookover,
Heat Two-Todd Smith, Harold Redman, Jr., Chris Garnes, Lee Swain
Heat Three-Ronnie Mayle, Tracy Fritter, Larry Bond, Dan Morrison
B-Main: Ralph Withem, Jeff Burdette, K.C. Burdette, Chad Todd, Nick Corbitt, Seth bond, Cody Enlow, Ed Shuman,Terry Styers, Bub Crum, Tyler Carpenter
Feature-Chris Garnes, Freddie Carpenter, Larry Bond, Tracy Fritter, Chris Carpenter, Jeff Burdette,Travis Brookover, Harold Redman, Roy Roush, and K-C Burdette.

Heat One-Mark Dickson, J.P. Roberts, Vince Conrad, Jeremy Rayburn
Heat Two- Doug Henry, Roy Roush, Jeremy Blake, Jim Fordyce
Heat Three-Jeff Wood,Donnie Nething, Fireball Pinkerton, Kapple
B-Main: Dusty Boley, Robert Garnes, Derek Weber, Brian Whiteman,Ryan Stoops,Jeremy Berwanger
Feature-Mark Dickson, Roy Roush, Kenny Johnson, Robbie Evans, Jeremy Blake, Donnie Nething, Doug Henry, Jeff Wood, J.P. Roberts, Jim Ashcraft,Vince Conrad, Anthony Glover, Robert Garnes, Dusty Boley, Rick Cappel, Jeremy Rayburn, Fireball Pinkerton, and Jim Fordyce.

Street Stocks(8)
Heat One-John Powell, Frank Roush, Jeremy Blake, Steve Bigley
Feature-Jeremy Blake, Steve Bigley, John Powell, Frank Roush, Jamie Adams, Kyle Thomas, and Bruce Gray.

Pure Stocks(17)
Heat One-Danny Talbott, Ryan Wilson, George Klintworth, Rick VanDyne
Heat Two-Brian Shaffer, Jeremy Blake, Mike Lauer, Lovie Burdette
Feature-Danny Talbott, Brian Shaffer, Ryan Wilson, Jeremy Blake, George Klintworth, Lovie Burdette, Curt Reck, Mike Lauer, Rick VanDyne, Steve Anthony.

4 Cylinders(23)
Heat One-
Tom Adkins, Tony Plavender, Mitchell Eddy, Jeff Blanton
Heat Two-Tim Christopher, Spike Rizer, Ken Young, Barry Kitts
Heat Three-
Matt Fizer, Bobby Collins, David Rankin, Greg Nuber
B-Main: Denzil Barker, Nick Fitch, Ron Heiss, Drew Peart, John Bartlett, Fred Burton, Christopher Lauer, Jeff Rankin.
Feature-Tommy Adkins, Spike Rizer, Tim Christopher, Tony Clavender, Bobby Collins, Matt Fizer, Jeff Blanton, David Rankin, Ken Young, Barry Kitts

Archive I Early 2008

Archive II Mid 2008

Archive III Late 2008

2008 Results page (Click Here)







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