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2016 Skyline Speedway Rules


Rule Changes/Additions for 2016

*No ONE CAR can participate in TWO RACES.

ie: Late Model Car #3 can not participate in the AMRA Late Model Contest AND the Semi-Late Crate Contest

*ONE DRIVER may participate in TWO RACES as long as it is in TWO DIFFERENT CARS/CLASSES. Drivers will be required to purchase and wear a pit pass/armband per class.

*POINTS WILL FOLLOW DRIVER. All cars are still required to be registered.

Individual Division Rules
Click to link to the division rules you are seeking
General Rules Below
Semi-Late Rules Below
Semi-Lates- Same as Late Model Rules excepts you must run one of these: 1-Steel Block; with either Steel or Aluminum heads ; or 2- Can run Sealed only Crate engine. Engine must be sealed.


General Rules

The following rules are to clarify misconceptions and procedural policies at Skyline Speedway:

---All cars must take the green in their heat/dash to run the C-Main, B-Main, or A-Main
---If there are 31 cars in any division there will be one 15-lap, 16-car B-main.
    Transfers will make up the 18-Car feature
    If there are over 31 cars in any division, and thus over 16 cars per B-Main,
    there will be two smaller B-mains. Transfers will make up the 18-Car feature.
---In 2010 there will be NO Sprint car dash. Sprint cars will all run heats and
    transfer through the heats. Fast time will draw pill 0-6 for the inversion.
---ALL POINTS WILL GO WITH THE CAR IN 2010. If a driver changes
    cars in a season, it must have the same number he started the season with.
---All classes will receive show-up points assuming an effort is made to take the
    green in qualifying or hot laps.
---All Races will start with the flagman and the drop of the green flag.


The promoter and/or track officials reserve the right to reject any car and/or driver without recourse. Only suitable cars will be approved for competition. All cars and drivers are subject to inspection at any time by tech inspector and/or promoter. No car deemed unsafe or illegal by a track official or tech inspector will be allowed on the track at any time. All illegal parts will be confiscated. If a car has been found illegal, upon his next visit to the speedway, the car will be teched prior to the racing events.

The driver and owner assumes responsibility for all actions of pit crew, sponsors, and themselves at all times and shall be the sole spokespersons for the car and crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race and with officials in charge. If the driver is also the owner, only he/she will be the sole spokesperson.

Anyone leaving his or her pit area to go to another pit area to cause a disturbance may be suspended by track management for whatever period of time is deemed necessary.

Firearms and any type of weapons are absolutely prohibited at all times on the grounds of Skyline Speedway, as the facility is private property. At any time, the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm may result in permanent suspension and arrest.

Any driver committing unnecessary contact, harassment, or using any driving tactic that is considered dangerous by the flagman or track official will be deemed rough driving. This rule applies to hot laps, preliminary events, and features. Reprimands for rough driving are covered in the Rules of Procedures. (Note: Remember, threats of retaliation on the speedway could be considered assault with a deadly weapon and grounds for prosecution.)

Absolutely no fighting for any reason. Drivers, owners, crew members, etc. fighting will be subject to a suspension.

No person signing into the pit area shall drink intoxicants and/or use narcotics during a racing event. Any driver or crew member who arrives at Skyline Speedway under the influence of intoxicants and/or narcotics will be denied participation in the events of that day. No exception to the rule. Skyline Speedway reserves the right to check teams’ hauler, trailer, or race car for narcotics and/or intoxicants at any time. Any participant suspected of narcotic and/or intoxicant use may be subject to testing. Refusal of testing may result in expulsion or suspension from Skyline Speedway. Any injured competitor that was determined to be legally intoxicated will result in a denial of insurance benefits.

No driver, car owner, or crew member will have any claim for damages or expenses against the promoter or any track official by reasons of disqualification, damages to the car, or injuries to the driver. All parties agree that the track grounds are considered safe if they take part in the event. It is the duty of all drivers, car owners, and crew members to bring to the attention of track officials any unsafe equipment, practices, or any rules infraction of any car or driver. The driver further acknowledges that the driver is aware that auto racing involves risks and that by competing in an event, the driver assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge

An approved racing helmet with goggles or face shield, flame retardant uniform with gloves (highly recommended), and competition quick-release harness with shoulder straps must be worn and be fastened at all times while on the track or in the pits. A full-face helmet is highly recommended (Snell 1995 Recommended). Sprint Cars will not be pushed off unless the driver is wearing a helmet and are fully suited-the same goes for any car under power.

Excessive speeding in the pit area will not be tolerated and will be subject to a fine.

All required emergency personnel and flagman must be present before hot laps or competition takes place on the track.

It is highly recommended that drivers are not to get out of their cars on the race track until safety crews arrive or unless there is an extreme emergency. Any driver that does so to argue or discuss the race with the officials will be scored last and may be disqualified for the night or suspended according to the decision of the officials.

No one is permitted on the race track unless authorized. Anyone who does so may be penalized from the pit area for a minimum of one week.

Owners of the ATV’s are responsible for their use and all injuries that could occur. ATV’s are not permitted in the grandstand area.

No cars will be fueled at the fuel pumps. Fuel will be purchased in approved containers.

All teams will be responsible for the proper disposal of their used motor oil, grease, or any other lubricants, coolants, or substances that may be harmful to the environment.

Anyone found contaminating the track with these materials will be fined $1,000, and will also have to pay to have any contamination cleaned up to the OEPA specifications. Failure to comply with this will result in prosecution and suspension.

All teams are responsible for their tires. Do not leave unwanted tires laying around and expect the track to clean up for you.

2016 LATE MODEL Rules

Late Models will run under  AMRA Rules LATE MODEL CLICK HERE



A.      An approved fuel cell (32 gallon maximum) must be securely mounted in the trunk area of the car inside a 20-gauge metal box supported by two 1/8 x 2" steel straps.
B.       A firewall must be installed between the fuel tank and drivers’ compartment.
C.      Gasoline or Alcohol only. Nitrous gases or other nitrate additives are not permitted.



A.      All drive shafts must be a minimum of two inches in diameter. All drive shafts must be painted silver or white.
B.       Only one drive shaft is permitted.
C.       The drive shaft must be protected with a secure drive shaft hoop or sling.


A.       Open Tire Rule. Any Compound, Any Brand. No tire softeners or conditioners.
B.        Hoops for inspection must pass over tire freely.


A.      Steel, aluminum, carbon-fiber or plastic wheels are allowed.
B.       Wheels must be mounted with lug nuts: no knock-off mounting devices are allowed.

A.      Must be equipped with sufficient braking system.

A.      Shocks must be constructed of aluminum or steel. Remote reservoirs are permitted.
B.       Coil springs must be steel. Leaf springs may be composite or steel.
C.      NO "in-cockpit driver controlled" suspension devices permitted. NO weight jacks of any kind permitted. (This includes fifth [5th] coils, etc.). ANY driver using "in-cockpit driver controlled" suspension devices or weight jacks WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM COMPETITION!


A.      All Traction Control Devices are strictly prohibited during any form or portion of a Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series sanctioned event, race or practice/test session.
B.       All traction control devices whether electronically controlled in the ignition system, wheel sensors or any means of measuring ground speed to control wheel spin are strictly prohibited. All devices not mentioned in the above that are found to control wheel spin, timing or fuel delivery control will be considered strictly prohibited.
C.       At NO time during the 2010 season and beyond will there be any type of ping control devices, dial a chip controls, timing controls or any modifications to the ignition control boxes, distributors, or any other part of the Ignition System. This includes any add on component or components inside or outside the cockpit of any competitors racecar. There shall be NO driver controlled wheel spin, timing or fuel delivery control devices in the cockpit area of any racecar.
D.      A competitor found with any of the above mentioned will lose the complete device permanently and will lose all points earned to that point in the season. NOTE: A competitor may be asked for his electronic ignition at any time by the Tech. Director to be sent for testing and inspection. Failure to hand over the electronic ignition will result in the holding of any purse monies won.


A.      NO batteries permitted to be located in the drivers’ compartment.
B.       ALL cars MUST have an approved fire extinguisher securely mounted within reach of the driver.
C.       Nylon mesh window screens are recommended but not required.
D.      Racing seats and racing seat belts with shoulder harness are REQUIRED and MUST securely fasten to the car frame.
E.       A drive line "sling" is REQUIRED.
F.       An approved racing helmet is REQUIRED.
G.      Fire resistant driving uniforms are REQUIRED.
H.      Fire resistant gloves, underwear and socks are recommended.
I.         Eighteen (18)-gauge steel or one and one-eighth inch (1/8") aluminum "cockpit tub" to protect front, sides, and rear of driver is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
J.        Weight ballast MUST be painted white or yellow and have number of car painted on them.
K.      Added weight or ballast MUST be securely fastened.



A.      You may be given a simple warning.
B.       You may be asked to correct the infraction.
C.       You may be assessed a weight penalty of 25 lbs. to 100 lbs.
D.      You may be disqualified when found and/or noticed with an infraction.
E.       You may choose to leave.



A.      Any driver or crew member found altering the racing surface will be disqualified.
B.       NO two-way radios.
C.       NO "in-cockpit driver controlled" electronic devices of any kind permitted.
D.      NO computer controlled devices of any kind permitted.
E.       NO rearview mirrors of any kind permitted.










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