A Deep Dive into Virginia Motor Speedway Ownership

When it comes to understanding the success of Virginia Motor Speedway, there’s one question that’s often asked: Who owns it? This question is at the forefront of discussions around the speedway, as ownership plays a crucial role in the operation and future of the track. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into Virginia Motor Speedway’s ownership, uncovering the history, investigating the current owners, and exploring the impact that ownership has on the speedway and the local community.

By exploring Virginia Motor Speedway’s ownership, we’ll gain valuable insights into the business side of the track and how it’s managed. We’ll also take a closer look at the fan experience and how ownership affects this important aspect of the speedway. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Virginia Motor Speedway or simply interested in the business of racing, this article is sure to provide you with valuable information and insights. So buckle up and get ready for a deep dive into Virginia Motor Speedway’s ownership!

The History of Virginia Motor Speedway

Virginia Motor Speedway has a rich history that spans more than half a century. The track was originally built in 1969 by the Hott family and was known as Jamaica Speedway. Over the years, the track has undergone several changes, including a name change to Virginia Motor Speedway in 1999. Today, the speedway is a premier destination for racing fans in Virginia and beyond.

The early days of Virginia Motor Speedway were marked by excitement and innovation. In the 1970s, the speedway was known for its innovative track surface, which featured a mixture of clay and dirt that provided excellent traction for racers. As the years went on, the track continued to evolve and improve, becoming a top destination for racers and fans alike. Today, Virginia Motor Speedway is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, exciting races, and commitment to the local community.

Notable Events at Virginia Motor Speedway

  • The USA 100: This annual event is one of the biggest races at Virginia Motor Speedway, featuring top drivers from across the country. The race is known for its exciting finishes and nail-biting competition.
  • The Prelude to the World Championship: This event serves as a warm-up for the World Championship race, which is held at the track later in the season. The Prelude to the World Championship is a fan favorite and draws large crowds each year.

Virginia Motor Speedway’s Impact on the Local Community

Virginia Motor Speedway has a significant impact on the local community, both economically and socially. The speedway draws visitors from across the state and beyond, bringing money into the local economy and supporting local businesses. Additionally, Virginia Motor Speedway is committed to giving back to the community, hosting charity events and partnering with local organizations to support those in need.

Overall, Virginia Motor Speedway is a beloved institution in the world of racing, with a rich history, exciting events, and a commitment to the local community. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply interested in the history of racing, Virginia Motor Speedway is a destination that should not be missed.

Investigating Virginia Motor Speedway’s Ownership

Virginia Motor Speedway is a popular racetrack located in the town of Jamaica, Virginia. While the speedway has been around for decades and has become a favorite among local racing enthusiasts, many are unaware of the history of its ownership. Let’s take a closer look at the people and organizations that have owned and operated Virginia Motor Speedway over the years.

Ownership History

1984-2004: The Sawyer Family

Virginia Motor Speedway was originally owned by the Sawyer family. David Sawyer and his wife Margaret purchased the track in 1984 and owned it for 20 years. During their tenure, the Sawyers made significant improvements to the speedway, including adding new bleachers and a modern scoring tower. They also established a reputation for running a safe and family-friendly racetrack.

2004-Present: Bill Sawyer and Virginia Motor Speedway, LLC

In 2004, David Sawyer passed away and ownership of the speedway was transferred to his brother Bill Sawyer. Bill Sawyer had been involved with the speedway since its early days and had worked closely with his brother to build it into a successful racing venue. Under Bill’s ownership, Virginia Motor Speedway has continued to thrive and has become one of the premier dirt tracks in the country.

The Future of Virginia Motor Speedway

As of now, it appears that Virginia Motor Speedway will remain under the ownership of Bill Sawyer and Virginia Motor Speedway, LLC. The Sawyer family has a long history of involvement with the speedway and is dedicated to its continued success. Racing fans can look forward to many more years of exciting dirt track action at Virginia Motor Speedway.

The Business Side of Virginia Motor Speedway

While Virginia Motor Speedway may be known for its exciting races and devoted fans, there is also a complex business side to the operation. In this article, we will explore some of the key aspects of the business behind Virginia Motor Speedway.

One of the most important elements of the business side of Virginia Motor Speedway is sponsorship. Sponsorship is crucial to the success of any motorsports team or venue, and Virginia Motor Speedway is no exception. The track offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to businesses, including track signage, event sponsorships, and more. In return for their support, sponsors receive valuable exposure to a highly engaged and passionate audience of racing fans.

Track Rentals

Another important aspect of the business side of Virginia Motor Speedway is track rentals. The track is available for rent to individuals and organizations who want to host their own racing events. This can include everything from amateur track days to full-fledged racing competitions. Virginia Motor Speedway offers a range of rental packages to suit the needs of different groups, and can even provide support and guidance for those who are new to hosting racing events.

Concessions and Merchandise

In addition to sponsorship and track rentals, Virginia Motor Speedway also generates revenue through concessions and merchandise sales. The track offers a variety of food and drink options to fans during races, as well as a range of branded merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and more. These sales help to support the overall operation of the track and ensure that it can continue to provide top-quality racing experiences for years to come.

  • Sponsorship: A key aspect of Virginia Motor Speedway’s business is securing sponsorships from businesses looking to reach the track’s passionate audience of racing fans.
  • Track Rentals: Virginia Motor Speedway also generates revenue through track rentals, allowing individuals and organizations to host their own racing events at the track.
  • Concessions and Merchandise: Sales of food, drinks, and branded merchandise are another important revenue stream for Virginia Motor Speedway.

Virginia Motor Speedway’s Impact on Local Community

Virginia Motor Speedway is not just a racing venue but also a valuable member of the local community. Its impact on the area is significant, ranging from providing entertainment to supporting local businesses and charities.

One of the most obvious impacts of the speedway is its ability to draw visitors to the area. People come from all over to attend races, which in turn generates revenue for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. The speedway also employs a significant number of people, both full-time and part-time, which adds to the local economy.

Supporting Local Charities

The speedway is also committed to giving back to the community through its support of local charities. Each year, they host several events to raise funds for organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In addition to these events, the speedway also donates a portion of its ticket sales to various charities throughout the year.

Providing Family Entertainment

Another important aspect of the speedway’s impact on the community is the entertainment it provides. Racing events at the speedway are family-friendly and accessible to people of all ages. This not only gives locals something to do on the weekends but also attracts visitors who are looking for affordable and enjoyable entertainment options.

Virginia Motor Speedway is a vital part of the local community, providing entertainment, supporting charities, and boosting the local economy. Its impact is felt not just by racing fans but by all those who call the area home.

The Role of Management in Virginia Motor Speedway’s Success

Virginia Motor Speedway has established itself as one of the premier dirt tracks in the country, attracting fans and drivers from across the region. But what’s the secret to their success? While many factors contribute to the track’s popularity, one of the most important is the role of management.

The management team at Virginia Motor Speedway is committed to providing an exceptional experience for fans and drivers alike. From the quality of the facilities to the level of competition on the track, every detail is carefully considered and executed to perfection. As a result, the track has earned a reputation as a must-visit destination for racing enthusiasts of all ages.

The Importance of Vision and Strategy

One of the key factors behind Virginia Motor Speedway’s success is the management team’s strong vision and clear strategy. From the beginning, the team knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and how they were going to get there. This allowed them to make informed decisions and stay focused on their goals, even when faced with challenges or setbacks.

The Value of Continuous Improvement

Another important aspect of the management team’s approach is their commitment to continuous improvement. Rather than resting on their laurels, they are constantly looking for ways to enhance the fan and driver experience, whether through upgrades to the facilities or improvements to the racing program. This dedication to excellence has helped Virginia Motor Speedway maintain its position as one of the most popular dirt tracks in the country.

Looking at Virginia Motor Speedway’s Future Plans

Virginia Motor Speedway has been a staple of the community for many years. With its commitment to excellence and passion for racing, it has become a beloved destination for many. But what does the future hold for this iconic venue?

As it turns out, the team behind Virginia Motor Speedway has big plans for the future. They understand the importance of staying relevant and exciting for their fans, and have a number of initiatives in the works to keep the speedway fresh and engaging.

The Addition of New Events

  • The team at Virginia Motor Speedway is always looking for ways to keep things exciting for their fans. That’s why they’re constantly adding new events to their schedule. From monster truck rallies to demolition derbies, there’s always something new and exciting happening at the speedway.
  • These new events not only keep things fresh and exciting for the fans, but they also help to bring in new visitors to the speedway. With the addition of more events, Virginia Motor Speedway is becoming an even more popular destination for racing enthusiasts from all over.

Investing in the Venue

Another important aspect of Virginia Motor Speedway’s future plans is investing in the venue itself. The team understands the importance of having a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate a variety of events and provide a top-notch experience for visitors.

That’s why they’re constantly making upgrades and improvements to the venue, from improving the seating to updating the technology and equipment used during races. By investing in the venue, Virginia Motor Speedway is ensuring that it remains a premier racing destination for years to come.

Community Engagement

Finally, Virginia Motor Speedway is committed to engaging with the local community and giving back whenever possible. They understand the importance of supporting the community that has supported them for so many years, and are always looking for ways to give back.

From hosting charity events to partnering with local businesses, Virginia Motor Speedway is constantly working to strengthen its ties to the community. By doing so, they’re not only helping to improve the quality of life for local residents, but also ensuring that the speedway remains a beloved fixture of the community for many years to come.

The Fan Experience at Virginia Motor Speedway

Fans of all ages flock to Virginia Motor Speedway to watch exciting races and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this popular racing destination. The fan experience at Virginia Motor Speedway is truly one of a kind, with a variety of amenities and entertainment options available to enhance the racing experience for everyone in attendance.

Whether you’re a die-hard racing fan or simply looking for a fun weekend activity, Virginia Motor Speedway offers something for everyone. Here’s a closer look at some of the things that make the fan experience at Virginia Motor Speedway so special:

Food and Beverage

  • Food: Virginia Motor Speedway offers a wide variety of food options, from classic concession stand fare to unique local specialties. Fans can enjoy everything from hamburgers and hot dogs to delicious barbecue and seafood.
  • Beverage: For those looking to quench their thirst, Virginia Motor Speedway has a variety of beverage options available as well. From soda and water to beer and mixed drinks, there’s something for everyone.


Entertainment is another key part of the fan experience at Virginia Motor Speedway. In addition to the exciting races themselves, there are a variety of other activities and events available throughout the season. Fans can enjoy live music, driver meet-and-greets, and much more.


  • Seating: With a variety of seating options available, fans can choose the perfect spot to watch the races. From grandstand seats to VIP boxes, there’s an option for every budget and preference.
  • Parking: Virginia Motor Speedway offers plenty of convenient parking options for fans, making it easy to get in and out of the venue quickly.
  • Restrooms: Clean and well-maintained restrooms are a top priority at Virginia Motor Speedway, ensuring that fans have a comfortable and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Overall, the fan experience at Virginia Motor Speedway is one that racing fans won’t soon forget. From delicious food and beverage options to exciting entertainment and top-notch amenities, Virginia Motor Speedway truly has it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Virginia Motor Speedway?

Virginia Motor Speedway is owned by Bill Sawyer and his family. They have owned and operated the track since 1999, making significant improvements and upgrades over the years to enhance the fan experience.

What type of events are held at Virginia Motor Speedway?

Virginia Motor Speedway hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including dirt track racing, monster truck shows, and concerts. Some of the most popular events include the USA 100, Prelude to the World Championship, and the Commonwealth 100.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to Virginia Motor Speedway?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the Virginia Motor Speedway, but there are plenty of food and drink options available at the track. The Speedway offers a wide selection of concessions, including hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ, and more.

Is camping available at Virginia Motor Speedway?

Yes, camping is available at Virginia Motor Speedway. The track offers several camping options, including RV sites with hookups and primitive camping. Camping is available on race weekends and reservations are recommended.

How can I purchase tickets for events at Virginia Motor Speedway?

Tickets for events at Virginia Motor Speedway can be purchased online through the Speedway’s website, or at the gate on race day. The Speedway offers both general admission and reserved seating options for most events.

Is Virginia Motor Speedway family-friendly?

Yes, Virginia Motor Speedway is a family-friendly venue. The track offers a variety of activities for kids, including bounce houses, face painting, and meet and greets with drivers. The Speedway also hosts special events throughout the year specifically geared towards families.

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