How Big A Track Is Lincoln Park Speedway? [Expert Review!]

Track size is a common topic among motorsport fans, and most drivers have an opinion on the matter. In the past, we have discussed the differences in size between different types of tracks, and how specific car sizes can work best on different sized tracks. However, even those who have no interest in racing can still be intrigued by the different sizes of tracks, and the performance differences that come with them. In this article, we will discuss how big (in terms of length and width) a track is Lincoln Park Speedway, as well as some of the differences in performance that come with racing on different sized tracks.

The Differences In Performance

The first and most obvious difference between the different sizes of tracks is the length. For those who have never been to a car race, length can be a difficult concept to grasp. After all, until you are actually in the car, you cannot know how fast it is or how easy it is to control. That being said, in a straight line, a track that is one mile in length is exactly the same as a track that is a thousand miles long. This is because a car will always take the same amount of time to traverse a mile as it will a thousand miles. It doesn’t matter if the track is bumpy or if there are traffic lights along the route. The time is the same.

As a general rule, the longer the track, the faster the cars will go. This is because the longer the track is, the more time the cars have to gather speed. When drivers enter a corner at high speeds, the outside of the car will often whip around before the inside of the car has even left the straight. This is extremely dangerous and makes corners extremely taxing, both physically and mentally. After all, you need sharp eyesight and quick reflexes to stay alert and avoid collisions on a long track.

Track Width Matters

On the other hand, wide tracks require more skill to drive well, due to the fact that more space is available for error. Wide tracks can be more challenging for those who are less experienced, since there is more room for mistakes, which can lead to crashes. This is why most major racing series require that drivers use a special wide-track device, which projects an image of the track in front of them onto a screen inside the car. This screen makes the job of the driver much easier and also allows for more precision.

How Long Does It Take To Travel The Course?

This, in turn, depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is the type of car. The shorter the distance, the faster the car will go. In addition, heavier vehicles will need more time to accelerate. Trucks for example are much slower than cars, due to the fact that they have much more weight to move around. This, in turn, makes them much less responsive, and it takes longer for them to accelerate. Finally, longer tracks mean longer pit stops as well, which can slow down the overall pace of the race. Sometimes this is desirable, but in general it is better to shorten the distance, especially as a beginner, so that you can have more fun while honing your skills.

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, shorter tracks are generally faster than longer ones, due to the limited amount of space available for error. This, in turn, makes them ideal for beginners as well as for people who want to have more fun while racing.

As the distance increases, so too does the amount of time it takes to complete the course. This is because the more distance there is, the more room there is for mistakes, leading to longer pit stops as well as more delays due to traffic. These are generally undesirable, especially when you are racing a Sunday afternoon, so as to reach the end at a decent time.

Key Takeaways

The above points aside, it is important to realize that there is more to racing than simply finishing first or second. These two outcomes can often be the result of pure luck as much as skill, and this is why it can be so enjoyable to follow the twists and turns of a good race. This, in turn, can make even the most boring of races enthralling and worth the time and effort spent following them.

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