How Big Is Charlotte Motor Speedway Screen? [Answered!]

When it comes to sports cars, there is no bigger stage than Charlotte Motor Speedway. The storied 1.5-mile oval hosts some of the most famous race series in the world, from the legendary US Grand Prix to the Coca-Cola 600—the largest single-day sporting event held in the country.

And, for the first time in 15 years, the legendary Coca-Cola 600 will be going head-to-head with one of NASCAR’s brightest rookie stars, Nyjer Morgan, as he takes on the mantle of NASCAR’s next superstar in the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup.

But how big is the screen at Charlotte Motor Speedway? How many people can see the action live and in person? How many can follow the race from start to finish?

These are questions I had to ask myself as I began to research Charlotte’s largest and most prominent TV screens. To put it simply, there are eight massive LED screens—more than tripling the size of a traditional 4K TV—that bring the excitement of a VIRGINIA MOTOR SPEEDWAY to your home.

Legend of the Lone Star State: The Story of Texas

The 2019 Texas Motor Speedway Grand Prix is upon us, and while there is plenty to look forward to in terms of the action on the track, there is one event that I will really miss: the pre-race entertainment. For decades, Texas has played host to some of the most exciting moments in auto racing. The story of the Texas Motor Speedway Grand Prix begins with the fabled 1966 World 600. Held each year in October at the hallowed sports stadium in Fort Worth, the event was created to celebrate the state’s 300th birthday. The world was stunned when Bill Elliott took the checkered flag at the end of a grueling 16-hour battle against A.J. Foyt—then considered the greatest sports car racer of all time—winning the first of what would become an annual matchup between the two titans. Elliott went on to become known as the ‘Master of the Monsters,’ winning the world championship a record six times and setting the standard for modern-day sports car racing. Unfortunately, Elliott would pass away in 2019.

The World 600 was followed by the addition of another world championship event, the World Finals 1000, in 1968. The World Finals 1000 was a 1000-mile race that wrapped up all the major racing in the country, and it was also the last race held at the Sports Arena. The following year, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series became an annual series, with the World 600 becoming the first of what would be many one-offs during the course of the season. These days, Texas is a place that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime as a car enthusiast.

Since 1975, the World Finals have been held each year in November at the Lone Star State’s second largest sports stadium. The 2018 edition was the first time the event was not held at the new Cowboys Stadium, which was built specifically for the purpose of hosting the World Finals. The stadium did not meet minimum requirements, so the event was moved to NRG Stadium, which holds just over 65,000. The 2019 event was significant, as it was the first time that the legendary Richard Petty and Lee Petty Sports never left their home state of Alabama since opening day in May. It was also the first time that the event was not named after a legendary driver; instead, it was named after the stadium that it was held at—the state of Texas. Although there are mixed opinions among insiders, the move was a smart marketing decision, as it allowed the sponsors greater visibility during the event and made the racing more appealing to a national TV audience.

Now, two days of racing are on the menu for the rest of the country, and that’s something that all NASCAR fans can get excited about. The first race is at 10:00 am CST on Saturday, and the second is at 2:00 pm CST on Sunday. Both races will be shown live on FOX.

Super Bowl Sunday And The Biggest And Most Prominent Screens At Charlotte

It’s time for some football, and to my delight, the 2019 Super Bowl is coming to Charlotte. This is the first time that the game has been held in North Carolina since the 1980s, and it will be a true test of audience loyalty (this year marks the 50th anniversary of Charlotte hosting the big game).

The big question is, which ones are you going to watch? There are many possibilities with a variety of digital platforms available to watch the big game. But which one has the best screen? And, more importantly, which one has the biggest screen?

While there are several possibilities for each type of screen, I’ll focus on the superscreens at the coliseum, as they are the first ones you’ll come across when you walk in. These are the big-budget, brand-name screens that are usually found in sports arenas and stadiums around the country.

The first one to catch your eye will be the HDTV screen that looks like a sheet of glass, with no image or video distortion—this is the one that your eyes instantly gravitate towards. It’s the largest screen in the stadium, and it’s also the highest-resolution screen, as it’s equipped with the newest and the best hardware. As a result, not only will you see every detail of the game, but it will also look like you are watching a 4K TV. This was the screen that John Madden used to broadcast his memorable games from the mid-1990s through the 2000s.

In addition to the HDTV screen, there is also a massive LED board above center field, which measures over 12 feet tall by 18 feet wide. This is a world-class screen. It’s also the largest one in North Carolina, and it’s one of the few that you’ll see in a stadium. It’s definitely one of the most prominent screens in all of NASCAR.

But it’s not the only one, as a few rows behind it are two smaller LED boards—the first one over six feet tall by nine feet wide, the second one five feet tall by seven feet wide. These screens will still display video and imagery in 4K resolution, but because they’re not as eye-catching as the one in the middle, you may not always notice them. Nevertheless, they are still larger and more prominent than a standard TV set.

Behind these screens is another massive LED board, which is 16.5 feet tall by 23 feet wide. It’s the largest screen in the stadium, and it’s one of the most prominent ones, too. At the very least, it’s hard to avoid running into it whenever you walk in.

What About The Rest Of NASCAR’s Tracks?

While you’re in the neighborhood, you might as well make a quick stop at some of NASCAR’s other tracks. Charlotte is one of the crown jewels of the sport; it’s the home track for one of NASCAR’s most storied drivers, Richard Petty. But it isn’t the only track that draws visitors from near and far. The other NASCAR tracks—including the biggest and most popular one, VIRGINIA MOTOR SPEEDWAY, which is also located in Virginia—also draw in spectators from around the country. Each one is unique in its own right.

You’ll often see fans from the Carolinas in line to get some Pit Road action. It’s not just limited to NASCAR either; the Vegas Golden Knights used to play their home games at the Allegheny Center in Pittsburgh, and it’s one of the main reasons behind their fanbase’s incredible loyalty to the team. The same can be said of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Capitals, as well as of the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. These are some of the biggest sports fans in the country, and they follow their teams from town to town. It’s not just limited to the United States either; the Los Angeles Dodgers, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the New York Yankees are among the biggest sports brands in the world, and their rosters feature many transplants from other parts of North, South, and Central America. This is largely due to the fact that the United States is the most popular country in the world, with over 300 million residents.

How To Watch The Super Bowl Live

While you might be tempted to watch the Super Bowl on your phone or laptop, it’s not the best way to experience it. Instead, the biggest and the best TV screens at sports arenas are built to be enjoyed in person, so you’ll want to head to a bar or restaurant that has one of these mammoth displays.

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