How Big Is Citrus County Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

When you think of NASCAR, images of Daytona International Speedway probably come to mind. Although it may be the most famous track in the country, there are others like it all around the country that host NASCAR races. One of the smallest tracks is actually located in the state of Florida – and it holds a special place in NASCAR history.

Citrus County Speedway is located in the south-central Florida town of Warner Robins. It is one of only three full-time asphalt speedways still in operation today, the other two being Atlanta and Talladega – and it holds the record for the smallest track to ever host a Cup Series race. The NASCAR race there was held in 1972 and it was won by Richard Petty.

Citrus County Speedway has always been a bit of an underdog. While other tracks built their reputations on hosting big-name NASCAR races, Citrus County staged some of the smallest and least-known races in the sport’s history. This lack of exposure has made the track relatively unknown outside of the Southeast. However, the size of the track has made it a special place for racing fans.

The track is currently on the fence about expanding. When NASCAR came to town for their annual meeting, they offered to provide funds to expand the track. The owners of the speedway accepted the offer and began expanding the track to meet NASCAR’s standards and requirements. This resulted in turning the track from a 2.27-mile oval to a 4-mile oval. To this day, it is one of the few venues in motorsport to go through an expansion. The project started in 2011 and was completed in 2015. In addition to the track changing shape, the grandstands were also expanded. This brought the capacity of the track from 10,000 to 22,000 for NASCAR events. Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the track had to be closed to the public until further notice. The last NASCAR race there was in March, before the pandemic, and it was the season opener – the 2020 season was the last year of the 4-mile track.

What Is The Coldest Temperature That The Track Has Ever Recorded?

Being the smallest track in the country means that there are a lot of cold-weather records associated with it. One of the most notable is the coldest temperature that the track has ever recorded. On January 18, 1972, with a wind chill factor of 15 degrees and 2 degrees of frost, the thermometer dropped to 15 degrees Fahrenheit – officially breaking the all-time record for the coldest temperature ever observed at the venue. The previous record was 18 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 1929. The coldest temperature ever recorded at the 4-mile track was 20 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 1935.

This is in part thanks to the fact that the track is located in Florida – as the name implies, it gets a lot of snow and winds coming in from the north. But it also has to do with the size of the track. As mentioned, it is one of the smallest of the big-league speedways. In fact, its grandstands are only 200 yards long. This means that when the wind is blowing in a straight line from the north, it feels a lot like somebody is standing right next to you. The lack of space between the stands causes there to be a lot of turbulence, which results in more extreme temperatures. This year’s race will be held on Saturday, March 13, and will be televised live on the NASCAR Network.

Do The Raceways Have Any Dangerous Flaws?

Every racing venue has its risks – some more dangerous than others. For a track that is still in operation today, being the smallest of the big-league NASCAR tracks, this question is more relevant than ever. While there are no significant safety issues at Citrus County, the track does have some things to keep an eye out for. For instance, the inside of the track is banked at 10 degrees while the outside is at 5 degrees. This means that if you are coming in for a pass on the inside of the track, you have to prepare for some fast speeds and possibly some slippery conditions. You also have to watch out for pedestrians, as there are a lot of them around the track (mostly office workers and families). They don’t seem to realize how dangerous this track can be until they’ve been through a couple of races and then realize how lucky they were to have survived the experience. But other than that, the track is probably as safe an environment as any other in NASCAR.

Is It Possible To Party At The Races?

This is another one of those questions that you have to ask yourself. The short answer is yes, it’s possible to party at the races. But you have to keep in mind that while there are lots of opportunities to have a good time, there are also a lot of restrictions. First, you have to be 16 years old or older to attend a race as a fan. Second, you are not allowed to drink alcohol at a NASCAR race (unless you are an off-duty police officer or security personnel). Finally, you can’t bring coolers into the stands and have them on the seats near you. This last one is more of a hassle than it is a safety hazard, as people have been hurt by spectators throwing things at the races. This was more of an annoyance than anything else when a band started playing music during a race and fans started dancing. However, cooler restrictions go into effect starting in 2022, so you might have to put up with it for now.

How Is The Racing Venue Architected?

The layout of the track also plays an important role in how the racing venue operates and how it feels when you’re there watching a race. The smaller the track, the more extreme the corners, which means that there is more banking and more opportunity for high speeds and high drama. While there are no set rules about how tracks should be laid out, there are a few basic guidelines that all good tracks should follow. First, the corner entry should be smooth and easy, with no elevation changes or extreme braking zones. Second, the turns should be made smoothly and the banking should be gradual – this helps with maintaining control of the vehicle, while also giving the impression that you are gliding rather than diving into a turn.

Citrus County has followed these guidelines to a tee – the result is a track that is one of the most unique in the country. While it may not have the name recognition of other NASCAR tracks, it certainly has the feel of a track that is a lot more fun to watch.

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