How Big Is Dover International Speedway? [Solved!]

It’s been a while since Dover International Speedway (Dover) released any kind of official documentation on their size. Truth be told, we didn’t realize how little we knew about the track’s dimensions until we recently visited the track and took a few measurements. Let’s find out how big is Dover International Speedway.

The Grandstands

One look at the grandstands at Dover and you’ll know right away that they’re not your normal sports stadium. The seating area is huge and fans will never be cramped for space. It’s comparable to the seating at an NFL or MLB stadium. In the photo below, you can see a few rows of seats that are close to the track. The track is so wide that you can fit more than 40,000 people there. The seating areas are tiered and give you an idea of how many people can fit in the stands.

Below are a few more seats that you can see from the top of the grandstand. It’s not hard to imagine that there are more than 100,000 seats there (if all are occupied).

The Stands

The stands at Dover are not your normal sporting venue as well. Instead of having a roof, the stands at Dover are open-air. This gives you an idea of how cold it can get there in February. It’s comparable to an NFL stadium (well, maybe not quite as big as an NFL stadium).

The photo below is from the other side of the track, looking toward the back straightaway. You can see the massive stands there, filled with red seats. It’s easy to see how this was once a tobacco-growing area (hence the name “Tobacco Road”).

As you make your way around the track, you’ll notice that there are areas where the stands are even higher than the ones in front of you. These areas are closer to the track and give you an even better view. Make sure you bring a ladder with you so you can get a peek above the roof line.

The Oval

One more thing about Dover that you should know about is the shape of the track. It’s not a standard oval like you’d find at a racetrack; instead, it’s more of a ‘bowl.’ This makes for more challenging racing as the corners aren’t as sharp as you’d find on a more conventional oval.

The photo below shows the front stretch (look to the right of the white flag) from a drone view. In the foreground, you can see some of the grandstands and in the background, the rest of the track. It’s obvious that the track is quite a bit wider than it is tall (which is rare).

The Yard

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to the size of the track at yard. Like the stands, the track is also not your usual oval. Instead of being completely flat, the track has small hills and grooves in the surface. This makes for additional grip as the cars roll around the track (as you can see in the video below). It’s also common for the cars to spin out or lose direction because of these bumps throughout the year. This is why the racing there is considered to be among the hardest in the world. For fans, this is definitely not a place to miss. The photo below is from the rear deck of the grandstands at Dover. In the first lane, you can see a set of tire ruts that run down the center of the track; these ruts are a sign that this area is one of the most active ones on the whole track. This is because it’s so difficult to pass there. In fact, the inside lane is usually reserved for the cars that are struggling the most to overtake the other competitors. Naturally, this makes it more interesting for spectators. And interesting means more people watching and following the action. So the size of the track at yard means that there’s definitely more chance for you to make some exciting moves up and down the front straightaway.

The Conclusion

Overall, we hope that this article has helped you gain some more insight on the size of Dover International Speedway. If you’ve ever wondered how big is this racing venue, then this article should help answer that question. And for more information on the track, you can always check out their website or follow them on social media.

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