How Big Is I-96 Speedway? [Answered!]

One of the more unique sections of the I-96 Speedway is that it is one of the only places you will find the American cheese wedges on the East Coast. The variety of foods available there are fantastic, and the prices are amazingly affordable. If you have never been there, you should definitely add it to your bucket list. There is so much more to I-96 Speedway than American cheese wedges though. It is a place where friends meet after work, families visit during the summer, and where foodies go when they are in town.

The History Of The Speedway

I-96 Speedway started as a food truck festival in 2009. Since then, the event has grown quite a bit and is now one of the largest food truck festivals in the country. They say history repeats itself, and that certainly holds true here. The truck festival started as a way to promote American cuisine and the businesses that served it, but many of the food trucks have since become permanent fixtures there. The prices are affordable, the food is great, and the lines are usually out the door. It is one of the great community events that take place in Rochester.

What To Do There

Since it is a food truck festival, you will find the usual suspects there. You have your pick of which foods to try, and there are plenty of trucks serving each kind. The variety is amazing, and it is easy to see why this festival has grown so much in popularity. There is something for everyone. You can take a look at the full list of trucks here. You can find everything from vegan food to deep fried Oreos, and everything in between. There is truly something for everyone.

Where Can I Sit Around And Eat My Food?

There are many different spots at the I-96 Speedway where you can sit down and eat your food. The inside of a food truck is, of course, not very nice for a sit-down meal. There are however, several outdoor areas where you can eat. There is the main stage where the bands play, and close by there is an area where people can picnic and socialize. Across the street is a separate area where families with kids can have some fun, and closer to the entrance there is another smaller stage that has been set up for older kids and adults to enjoy some live music. There are also food trucks outside those four areas, and you can walk over and grab a bite to eat whenever you want.

Is It Worth Visiting?

Yes, definitely! If you have never been there, then you should definitely consider adding it to your list of places to see before you die. I-96 Speedway is one of the few places where you will find such a fantastic variety of food and drink, and the atmosphere is simply electric. If you love American food, then this is one place you should consider visiting. You will not be disappointed.

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