How Big Is Lowes Motor Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

This week saw the return of motorsport to the UK as we were treated to the first English Championship race in over four years at the legendary Lowes Motor Speedway in Kent.

Now in its 60th year, the speedway has established itself as the ultimate testing ground for aspiring racing drivers with up to 200 laps available on the schedule each week. More than 150 miles of banking turnarounds and fast, flowing racing lanes draw in thousands of spectators each year from all over the world – an incredible feat considering the size of the venue.

But how big is Lowes really? What are the exact dimensions of this legendary track? And what is the history of this legendary track?

Here we answer all your questions about the English Championship at Lowes Motor Speedway.

How Big Is Lowes Motor Speedway?’

To put things into perspective, Lowes is a very large speedway with a track length of approximately 7.9 miles. That makes it the second-largest speedway in the world, behind only the legendary Daytona International Speedway in the United States. The surface of the track is dirt with a mixture of clay and grass and it regularly holds international events. This year’s English Championship was the first held at the speedway in over four years and it was preceded by the BSB season finale last October.

The main structure of the track is the grandstands that curve along both sides of the main straight. These grandstands were originally built in 1968 and extend for almost a quarter of a mile along both sides of the track. Further back is a paddock with offices, garages, and hospitality facilities along with enough space for the teams to park their cars. The whole thing is topped off with a large screen showing the progress of the race. If you are visiting the UK and want to attend a race, Lowes is a must-see event as it is one of the most historic motorsport venues in the UK.

How Many Turns Are There At Lowes Motor Speedway?

The turns at Lowes are numbered and named for former legendary drivers like Sir Jackie Steward and Stuart Graham. The first is the downhill ‘Graham Corner’ followed by a set of ‘Stuart Corner’ Turns located just before the halfway point. These are named after the legendary drivers who dominated the early years of the speedway. These are followed by the Bus Stop, which is one of the most challenging corners on the circuit. After that come a couple of very high-speed runs known as the ‘Dragon Tail’ and the ‘Lone Star’ Turns. Then there is a long, sweeping corner named after the legendary driver and team owner Ray Ellington (pictured below) which forms the start/finish line of the circuit. At the end is the ‘British White’ – the exit of the stadium and the beginning of the long, unmetered road to the airport.

How Many Miles Is The Circuit?

The length of the circuit at Lowes is a little over 34 miles. Much of the route is unrolled before you get to the main straight and the beginning and end of the circuit are very distinct. The beginning is marked by a very high steel bridge that takes you over the Medway River. After that, the circuit heads into Maidstone, passing beneath two more steel bridges before arriving at the first corner. From there, it is a straight run to the grandstands and back again. The venue is so large that the first 500 yards are actually in France. At the end of the day, a circuit is a circuit and you will always be able to find your way to the start/finish line – regardless of where you are on the track!

How Is The Weather At Lowes Motor Speedway?

Despite the large size of the track, the weather is very different from one end to the other and it can be very unpredictable. There are often very hot days in the middle of the summer with heavy traffic and large crowds. Some of the hottest temperatures to be recorded at the speedway were 48.6 degrees Fahrenheit recorded in 1974 and 49.8 degrees Fahrenheit in 1975. At other times of the year, the track can be very cold and wet with icy wind chill factors and occasional snow. The record for the lowest recorded temperature at the speedway is –41 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 1981.

Other than the weather, the most unpredictable factor about the track is the condition of the road surface. The track is located in the middle of a very flat and open plain – anything from hard-pack earth to sticky clay and any kind of wet weather at all can cause serious problems for the drivers. Luckily for them though, the atmosphere and setting of the track are incredible and even the most experienced drivers will find it tough to drive poorly here.

What Time Does The First Race Start At Lowes Motor Speedway?

The first race at Lowes is scheduled to go ahead at 1100hrs local time. This means that at least one and a half hours must pass before the first scheduled start. However, this can vary depending on the schedule. After that, it is a continuous flood of green flag pit stops and racing action throughout the day – with the exception of the occasional short break for a photo finish or to change vehicles. On average, the entire event lasts about three hours.

Considering that the track is so large and there is so much space for spectators, it is surprising that the first race at Lowes is not always the most watched. The exception is the British Grand Prix. This is because the British Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious events of the year and any kind of motorsport fan would love to see a world-class race such as this one. If you are visiting the UK and want to attend a prestigious motorsport event, then you should look no further than the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this coming July.

Does A Certain Racing Team Have A Historic Advantage At Lowes Motor Speedway?

Yes, the legendary Stirling Moss and his team of mechanics and engineers have a distinct advantage at Lowes. The Englishman dominated the 1971 season with his unique open-top Aston Martin and at the end of the year, he became the first person to win the World Championship in their very first attempt. Since then, their dominance is unrivalled. Most notably, the team won the 1974 and 1978 World Championships – scoring a total of 26 victories between them. For any racing fan, this is a dream team and it is amazing that they still race in competition even at the age of 78. This season, they will be aiming for a record-breaking 29th World Championship victory at the speedway. Given their incredible record, it is not hard to see why.

What Is The Layout Of The Garage Area At Lowes Motor Speedway?

The garages at Lowes are huge with multiple garages connected by a covered walkway. On the inside of the complex is a small training room, a prep room, and a small office for the team manager. Teams can also hire a local café to serve as their pit stop. It is a unique and quirky feature that some may find odd but it adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Beyond the garages is a vast expanse of open space leading to the paddock area. Teams can park up to eight cars here with ample room for more. It is an incredible sight to see up to 16 cars parked side-by-side, each with its own team member walking around checking on them during the break.

What Are The Best Rides At Lowes Motor Speedway?

The English Championship is one of the most picturesque events held at Lowes and it attracts some of the best car designers and builders from around the world. Fans travel from Australia to see the incredible Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider – arguably one of the most beautiful cars in existence – and it is not hard to see why. The small-scale replica of the spider used to be available for rent from the team’s shop but these days, it is very difficult to get your hands on one. The best bikes to watch are those designed by the legendary Honda Racing Corporation as they ride incredibly well and are very easy to maintain. Many of the staff at the team’s café also become quickly attached to the bikes and it is not uncommon for them to cry when they witness a tragic accident during the race. The final stretch on the exit of the stadium is almost always a battle of the ex-racers as they push hard to regain the speed they once had and show off their superior skills to their mates back at the bar. This is why the last 300 yards are often referred to as the ‘Death Valley’ – due to all the speeding and crashing that goes on there!

In a nutshell, the answers to your questions about Lowes Motor Speedway are as follows:

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