How Big Is Madras Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

The name Madras is often used as a synonym for ‘large’, ‘cosmopolitan’ or ‘mature’ but there is more to this quaint city than meets the eye. Its history as a port town and its association with the Carnatic music and dance traditions of southern India give it a unique identity. This is especially apparent in an area known as the ‘New Harbour’, which was developed in the 1980s and is a striking example of modern Indian architecture.

The geography of the city is unique with its network of waterways and lagoons, which are teeming with life. Perhaps the most prominent of these is the famous ‘Mudamadu Lake’, a popular locality for birds and waterfowl. It is fed by a large underground river which cascades down into the sea. This is one of the deepest reservoirs in India and is a protected area. It is a paradise for birdwatchers.

The Sport Of Kings

The city’s racing heritage can be traced back to an annual camel and horse race that was first organized in 1876. It was named the Madras Cup and attracted some of the biggest names in Indian racing. These included BSA (Bengal Standard Armaghati), the legendary Thoroughbred, and the Nawab of Pataudi’s (Prince of Pataudi’s) horses.

In 1896, the Madras Cup was replaced by the Madras Motorcycle Race, which was then held annually up until the Second World War. In the first post-war edition, the motorcycle race was held again but following a spate of fatal accidents, it was soon canceled. Since then, the Madras Cup has been a city holiday and the area around Madras Marina has been the hub for yacht racing. Today’s equivalent is the Volvo India Open Yacht Race, which takes place every year in October.

Era Of Mass Transfers

Before the 20th century, the majority of the city’s population was employed in trading, agriculture or shipping and the majority of the houses were single-story affairs with decorative tile roofs. After World War II, the city began to expand rapidly and has continued to do so ever since. While the number of houses has risen, so too have the number of hectares of land. This is in part due to the large number of people moving to the city for employment but it is also because of the large numbers of people moving into smaller dwellings.

The rapid expansion of the city has altered its geography and put a strain on its infrastructure. In the 1960s, it was found that the potable water supply was inadequate and in the 1970s, the drainage system was found to be inadequate. This led to significant flooding, which is still a problem today. While these issues are being addressed, the city continues to grow and change. With the development of the New Harbor in the 1980s and the subsequent dredging of the bay, the city is now at the forefront of the ‘mega city’ movement.

The City As A Global Hub

The location of one of the world’s great urban melting pots makes Madras a destination for all manner of foreign visitors. From the thousands of students that flock to the city during the educational year to the large number of domestic and international tourists that visit during the warmer months, Madras is truly cosmopolitan. For business travellers, the city is close to the best in all categories. From the Shangri-la to the Oberoi, from the Taj Mahal to the Blue Train, Madras has it all.

Madras is home to numerous educational institutions, both foreign and domestic, which provide world-class teaching and attract many students from around the world. Its cultural life is also vibrant, with theatres, galleries and cultural festivals staged throughout the year.

There are many reasons why Madras is a great city to begin a career, do business or invest. With a booming economy and a tolerant corporate culture, newcomers can quickly find a foothold and build a reputation for themselves. In addition, the city is easily accessible by air and rail, with many direct connections to other cities and major international hubs. All this combines to make Madras a truly unique and exciting place to be!

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