How Big Is Outlaw Speedway Track? [Facts!]

The History

Outlaw Speedway Track has been around since the 1950s and it began as a modified version of the standard dirt oval. Its first location was in Winfield, New York where it still operates today. Since that time, it has expanded to several other venues across the country, including a recent move to Tennessee.

The original intent was to create a place for local racing fans to congregate and support their favorite teams and drivers, just like any normal sporting event. However, the attraction that this sport has held for generations has created a permanent niche for itself within the sports world. NASCAR was one of the first sporting events that I ever attended and it remains one of my favorite sporting events to this day. Therefore, I consider it my duty to track the evolution of this gem of a speedway track and report its current dimensions so that fellow fans may get a feel for what the track has looked like over the years.

The Present

Since its inception, Outlaw Speedway Track has been expanding both in size and complexity. While the original track was a tiny dirt oval, the present-day track is quite different. It now encompasses a super speedway and drag strips in addition to the modified ovals and hills that define its history. The track now operates in ten different states and it attracts racing fans from all over the country.

The track itself is still on the smaller side, measuring in at only two and a half miles, however, it seats up to 55,000 people and has an overall capacity of over 75,000. It is one of the smaller tracks within the NASCAR universe. Its grandstands and paddock areas alone are capable of holding approximately 12,500 people and the more than 18,000-seat speedway could easily be configured to seat up to 20,000 more. Therefore, the track’s current capacity is one of the largest in the sport. The sheer size of the track is staggering and it took several weeks to properly capture the scale of it all in photos.

The Past

Outlaw Speedway Track has been growing rapidly over the years and it continues to expand today. The track used to be 1.25 miles around but it was recently expanded to 1.70 miles. Its name comes from its early days when people would go “outlaw” driving stock cars on the track, which made it a dangerous and thrilling endeavor. The late 1950s and early 1960s were a time of great expansion for the track and it hosted some of the biggest names in racing during that period. Names like Richard Petty, Floyd Love, Junior Johnson, and more recently, Denny Hamlin, have all raced there. It has also been the home of numerous sprint car and modified stock car races over the years and it continues to this day. The speedway is now configured with twelve turns a piece and they are all banked. When Richard Petty first began racing there in the 1960s, they were un-banked and that is the version that he is most familiar with. Since then, they have been systematically banked and the grandstands that were originally built to accommodate 10,000 spectators now have a prime viewing area.

Where Will It All End?

Outlaw Speedway Track will continue to expand in the years to come. With a population of over 1.7 million in Johnson City, New York alone, it is quite obvious that somewhere around the corner, another expansion is brewing. The track itself already sits on a 25-acre plot of land and that is just the beginning. The potential for this speedway to expand even further is quite large and with only a few key decisions by the proper city planners and team owners, it might just happen.

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