How Big Is Pocono Speedway Nascar? [Facts!]

Once the highlight of the NASCAR season, the racing series is now a part of every sports fan’s life. The unique blend of speed and excitement that the series provides makes it a firm favourite of many. While the sport continues to grow in popularity, relatively little is known about how big, or small, it actually is. We will explore some of the intriguing facts and figures surrounding the Pocono Speedway Nascar series.

Track Record

One of the first things that anyone searching for information about the race tracks will discover is the fairly commonplace fact that the sport actually takes place on track. While other forms of motorsport occur off-track, such as rallying and motorbikes, the bulk of the action takes place on what is essentially a short football field. In 2018, Pocono became a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENSCS) event, resulting in an expansion of the track length. In addition to the main track, there is also a side, or experimental, track. This provides a total running distance of around a mile and a half. The record for the longest run in a NASCAR race is 12,632.5 feet, set in 1968 at the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race. The current record stands at 12,664.0 feet.

Teams And Drivers

A look at the race teams and drivers from NASCAR’s premier series provides an idea of how competitive the series is. As well as showcasing the speed at which the drivers operate, it is also a clear indicator of the depth of the talent in the sport. There are currently over 40 teams in the series, each with 2 to 8 drivers. These teams and drivers are some of the best in the world, and they all fight for the top spot on the leaderboard. Many of the drivers in NASCAR are household names, and the sheer volume of sponsors keeps the sport fresh, and vibrant, throughout the year. While there is a lack of female representation within the series, fans should not be concerned as there are several prominent female teams and drivers who have graced the tracks with their presence. Teams such as Kevin Harvick Inc., Ally Financial and ThorSport Racing are just a few of the well-known names that are led by women. We will explore some of the top-ranked women drivers and teams in the series in more detail below.


Like many sports, NASCAR has seen a boom in popularity over the past few years and it shows no signs of slowing down. The bulk of the crowds at the tracks are located in the stands, where families and friends come together to catch a glimpse of the action. Unlike other sports where fans are forced to watch the game from the other side of the field, NASCAR allows spectators to walk around the entire track. This provides a unique perspective of the action and an opportunity to engage with the drivers. The figure for the total attendance at a NASCAR race is fairly high, with the tracks drawing an estimated crowd of between 500,000 and 700,000. It is the first of the three major American sports leagues to reach a half million in annual attendance. The other two are the Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Some of the larger crowd numbers are a result of the increased popularity of the sport, while others are a reflection of the expansion plans that the series has underway. Several new tracks, including the one in Texas, have opened their doors in recent years and this will undoubtedly result in greater interest from fans and new racers. Many smaller venues have also sprung up, providing a more intimate feel to the sport while also drawing larger crowds. It is fair to say that there is no single factor that results in higher attendance figures as there are a variety of driving forces at work. The most recent figures for the series are as follows:

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