How Big Is Star Speedway? [Expert Review!]

The All New Generation of Star Speedway is Now Out! Find out the amazing innovations inside this year’s model. Plus, discover the meaning behind some of the car’s iconic styling cues.

Iconic Styling

When it comes to automotive designs and their impact on pop culture, few cars are as influential as the 1967 Ford Galaxie. Dubbed the “pontoon car” during its heyday, this sleek and sporty vehicle was the brainchild of John Clay. The original plan was to use the distinctive two-tone paint scheme to flag down passing ships. This is because of the resemblance the Galaxie’s front end had to that of a ship’s bow.

The design’s influence can be felt across all spectrums of automotive design. From the way cars drive to how they look, everything about the Galaxie was unique. Some of the design’s most prominent features include:

  • Its sloping nose
  • The sculpted front end
  • The large grille
  • The exposed sheet metal
  • The sharply curved windshield
  • The sleek and aerodynamic rear end
  • The dual exhaust system

Redefining What Is “Slim”

Since its inception, the shape of the average American automobile has undergone a radical transformation. Once reserved for the rich and famous, the sleek and sporty vehicle now belongs to anyone with a bit of cash to spend on a quality ride. Thanks to cars like the Honda Fit, the midsize sedan now has more than a few fans. With so many options in between, drivers can now find the perfect car that suits their needs. This is great for individuals, but bad for the environment. It means there is now more than one option for people who want a small car, so it might not be easy for car shoppers to know where to start their search.

As for the iconic design of the Galaxie, it was groundbreaking the day it hit the showroom floor. Few cars at the time were designed with such a unique combination of style and function. With all these advantages, how can anyone say no to such a design?

Aerodynamic Excellence

Aerodynamics were an important aspect of automobile design before the advent of automobiles. While the automobile changed many aspects of daily life for the better, it also altered the way wind works. It now takes a bit more work to keep the air inside your vehicle as compared to before the automobile existed. This is because there are more parts moving around, leading to more wind resistance.

If you’re looking for an aerodynamic boost, try looking at the Mercedes-Benz S-class or the Cadillac XTS, both of which feature strong and sleek styling that reduces wind resistance significantly as compared to their less stylish counterparts. However, if you want something more simple, there are several great sub-compacts on the market that offer great performance for an affordable price.

Technology For The Win!

We’re surrounded by technology these days. From the push buttons on our phones to the buttons on our cars, technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives. This is why it is no surprise that automotive technology came a long way in a short amount of time. While we might not yet feel the full extent of this integration while driving, we’re sure to see more tech come to the forefront while shopping for a new car.

There are several innovative technologies that are changing the way we shop for a new car. Some of these technologies are so new that they haven’t even reached the mainstream market yet. However, the benefits that these technologies offer are too exciting to pass up.

Livestreaming a test drive is the biggest factor that will influence consumers to buy a car. Thanks to companies like Apple and Google, it is now possible to virtually “try out” any car from the inside, using sophisticated dashboard software that replicates the experience of actually being in the vehicle. This gives potential customers the chance to see how a car handles before making a purchase decision. Naturally, these companies make a lot of money off this service, so it’s in their best interest to continue developing innovative ways to get you to try out their cars.

Production Had To Be On Spotless Metal

During the last century, the automotive industry turned into a highly competitive and streamlined business. This is because there are so many advantages to producing on such a massive scale. For one, you can buy steel in enormous quantities, which means your vehicles can be built with fewer defects. Second, you can utilize state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to produce more vehicles in less time. Finally, you can keep more parts light-weight, helping to improve gas mileage.

With all these advantages, why is it that most cars are still constructed using wooden parts? It’s definitely a throwback to a less sophisticated time in automotive history. However, until the industry finds a way to go green, it will continue to be a niche market.

Tastes Have Changed

One of the major differences between today’s cars and those of the past is in the way they taste. Back in the day, cars were primarily built to transport people from point A to point B. Since the automobile has evolved into a lifestyle choice, manufacturers have had to adjust their designs accordingly.

As a result, cars are no longer built to fulfill a utilitarian function. Today, cars are designed with aesthetics in mind, with their shape, size, and materials all having a purpose behind them.

When it comes to the way we drive, however, there isn’t much difference between today and yesterday. The way we interact with our cars has changed dramatically. While there are still vehicles that fulfill a utilitarian purpose, these days it’s mainly a status symbol to possess one.

When it comes to choosing a car, much less attention is paid to its utilitarian aspects than to its design and how it looks. This is a dramatic shift from a few decades ago, when people were more likely to buy a car based on its ability to transport them from point A to point B. These days, cars are more about projecting an image than anything else.

When it comes to the car buying experience, style and comfort are more important than ever, which is why companies like Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz have chosen to build sleek and luxurious cars for their top tier customers. If you want a reliable, safe, and comfortable ride, look no further than your local BMW, Mercedes, or Audi dealership.

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