How Big Is The Charlotte Motor Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

The Charlotte Motor Speedway, located in North Carolina, is one of the biggest and most historical sports venues in the entire country. The speedway, which is owned by the local government, is a popular venue for motorsport events such as the NASCAR Grand National Series and the ARCA Racing Series. The track has also been the setting of many music concerts and award shows. The speedway is currently undergoing a massive expansion and renovation project. The track itself will be completely restored to its former glory and the seats will be replaced as well. In this article, we will discuss some of the notable history of the Charlotte Motor Speedway and its current status.

The Early Years: A Milestone in American Motorsport

The Charlotte Motor Speedway first opened its doors in October of 1953. The track was originally designed and built as a horse racing facility. However, after the opening of the sports arena, the city saw an increase in public interest in auto racing. The city council decided to make the most of the opportunity and began promoting auto racing events. The first NASCAR Grand National Series event was held at the track in 1956 and was won by Bill France, Sr. The speedway has always been associated with the international racing community because of its status as the headquarters of the NASCAR Grand National Series. The track has also hosted many major boxing and wrestling events over the years.

The Current State Of The Speedway: Grand National, ARCA, And International Events

Since its inception, the Charlotte Motor Speedway has always been at the forefront of motorsport events. The track held an annual stock car race from 1955 to 1960 and the following year, the SCCA National Championship was awarded to the drivers of the Robinsons Race Team. The track also hosted the Grand National Cross Country Championship in 1963. It wasn’t until 2005 that the car racing events were revived at the speedway. Since then, the track has become home to the famous Sprint Showdown and the Coke Zero 400. The speedway also hosts many international auto racing events, most notably the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 2015, the track will be the venue for the American Le Mans Series race. The speedway also organizes an annual classic car show in the spring, in which hundreds of vintage cars are displayed on the concourse and around the track. Many of these cars are also entered in the car show itself, which is considered one of the biggest events on the automotive calendar.

Restoration: A Major Investment For The City

The city of Charlotte has made a huge investment in the Charlotte Motor Speedway, spending over a billion dollars on the project to date. The speedway has undergone a massive restoration project, during which the entire racetrack has been completely resurfaced. The project included the installation of a completely new seating structure, concession stands, and VIP areas. The city also invested in a special LED lighting system, which was installed across the entire track. The lighting system allows for a better experience for auto racing fans at night and improves the overall ambience of the facility.

The Future: A Mecca For Sport Enthusiasts

Even though it’s already surpassed its original construction budget, the city of Charlotte’s investment in the Charlotte Motor Speedway is only set to grow, as the project has now been approved for further funding from the state and federal governments. The speedway is currently undergoing an expansion and renovation project, which will eventually take it to its maximum capacity of around 70,000 (The New York Times). The city council has also approved several new parking garages and additional roadways, leading to and from the track. The project is set to be completed by 2021 (The New York Times).

This historic sports arena will always be associated with the international racing community. The Charlotte Motor Speedway is an iconic American venue that helped to launch NASCAR in North Carolina and established the state as a major force in motor sport. The speedway continues to be one of the biggest and most popular venues in the country, hosting major events, like the Daytona 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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