How Big Is The Kansas Speedway? [Answered!]

The Kansas Speedway is located in Kansas City, Kansas, United States. It is almost 90 years old and has a track length of 2.385 miles. The main grandstands and paddocks are covered by a roof so it has a track weather-proofing feature. The oval has 40 corners and there are some concrete block fences placed at regular intervals around the track. The speedway was designed and built by high-school students as part of their graduation project. In addition to this, the track is used for car shows and various events. The stands are on three levels: a main grandstand with 8,000 seats, a secondary grandstand with 10,000 seats, and a terrace with 12,000 seats. There are also hospitality boxes that give guests a unique perspective of the action and there is also a media centre where journalists can follow the races from all angles. The stadium is not open to the general public, but will let fans get a taste of what a NASCAR race is like. This article will tell you more about the history of the arena and how it compares to other similar venues around the world. Consider this your ultimate guide to the Kansas Speedway!

Where Is The Kansas Speedway Located?

The Kansas Speedway is in the Midwest region of the United States, but it is well-deserved its place on this list of the top ten sporting venues worldwide. The venue is located in Kansas City, Kansas, and it spans over 2.385 miles. It is one of the biggest sports arenas in the world and it is also one of the most fascinating. Located in the heart of the country, the track is a great location for NASCAR racing, although it also hosts other sports and entertainment events as well. The stands and paddocks are retractable so they can be closed-in for cold weather and opened out to the elements when the temperatures are fine. The whole structure was designed to be flat-roofed so that it can be used for weather-related events. It also has a steel and concrete foundation which makes it highly resistant to earthquakes, tornadoes and floods. These factors make the Kansas Speedway one of the most reliable venues for hosting major sporting events.

When Is The Kansas Speedway Opened?

Since its opening in 1930, The Kansas Speedway has generally opened its gates for sporting events in May and closed them in October. On the other hand, it has been known to close the track in January if there is a heavy snowfall or ice storm. The track also closes in October if there is a typhoon or severe storm warning. The grandstands and paddocks are opened for fans in April and close in October once again. The track has had various title sponsors over the years, but currently, it is sponsored by Kansas City Power & Light Company (KCP&L) and is known as the ‘KPOWER SPEEDWAY’. Its official name still is Kansas Speedway, but for marketing purposes, the track likes to be called ‘The Power Plant’.

Who Is The Owner Of The Kansas Speedway?

The Kansas Speedway is owned by the City of Kansas City, Kansas, but it is operated by the Kansas City Chiefs. This is a Professional Football team that competes in the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The club is based in Kansas City and its current president is Jim Wacker. The owner of the Chiefs is Clark Hunt, who also owns the Dallas Cowboys. The Kansas Speedway is one of the favorite venues of the Cowboys and they have used it for many years for various events. In fact, the stadium was originally built for the purpose of entertaining the Dallas Cowboys. Since then, the venue has hosted many other sporting events and continues to do so to this day.

How Far Is The Kansas Speedway From The Border?

The Kansas Speedway is located in central Kansas, which is surrounded by the states of Missouri and Oklahoma. To get there from the border, one must take I-35 north for 24 miles, then take the first exit after the bridge over the Kansas River, which is KS-66 east. This will lead to an industrial park and the track is located in the southwest corner of this development. The whole area is known for its abundance of flowers and fruit trees, which are in bloom at all times of the year. However, visitors may find that the winters are very cold and snow blocking the highways is not an uncommon event. It can be a pain to get there during those months, particularly if you are coming from a larger city, as the traffic jams caused by the bad weather are likely to keep you indoors for most of the trip.

How Many Seats Are At The Kansas Speedway?

The Kansas Speedway has a seating capacity of 70,000 spectators and has 3,600 hotel rooms available for those who need them. The capacity of the grandstands is 67,944 and there are 22,400 club and private suites. In addition, there are 12,000 terrace seats in the infield and 12,000 club seats above the track. The whole structure has a total of 88,400 seats. To put this into perspective, a sold-out game at the stadium will only have 80,000 seats available. This will make it one of the largest stadiums in the world. Interestingly, the seating capacity does not include hotel rooms or the surrounding parking lot which can accommodate up to 500 cars. This makes the venue one of the most spacious.

What Is The Average Temperature At The Kansas Speedway?

The weather at the Kansas Speedway is dictated by the altitude and the nearby climate. Generally, the temperature is very good and ranges from 20 degrees to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The lows are very comfortable and the highs are bearable for most people. This makes the stadium a great place to be during the day, but the atmosphere becomes almost unbearable at night. The lighting is also quite poor there and the air feels more like smoke than oxygen. This is not an ideal environment for those prone to asthma or other breathing problems. The high altitude makes the air feel closer and, therefore, more refreshing. In case you are wondering, the overall temperature at the stadium is 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This is much hotter than the air feels during the day, but it can get pretty chilly at night, especially if you are far from the nearest structure.

Does The Kansas Speedway Have A Surface Proble?

The Kansas Speedway does have a small issue with the surface there. It is a clay-type material and, over time, it becomes compacted and hilly. The combination of these factors makes it very difficult for cars to slide or grip well there. The issue is worse in the summertime as the track can get very hot and dry. The lack of grip can cause cars to hydroplane or spin out. This especially happens when there are no mats or no rain to cool the track down. The lack of grip can also make it very difficult for those doing wheel-to-wheel duels to pass each other. There is also the issue of dust which builds up easily on the surface and it can be aggravating for those with breathing problems. The good news is that the surface issue does not affect the structural integrity of the venue and, therefore, it is not dangerous. The issue does, however, reduce the value of the property because it is not an ideal track for cars to slide around on. Therefore, it cannot be considered a ‘pure’ racing track, like some other stadiums around the world. This is not to say that the track is ruined, but it is quite the opposite actually.

Does It Have A Burger King?

While on the subject of fast food, it is relevant to note that The Kansas Speedway does not have a Burger King or McDonald’s, but it does have a Chic-fil-A located near the media center and the main entrance. From that point, you can walk over to the steak house or chicken franchise for a quick lunch, or dinner. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is when you are traveling across country for a sport you love and you are not used to eating certain types of food. Traveling for a sporting event can put quite a strain on one’s budget, particularly when traveling for a long road trip. It is always nice to have alternatives in case you are out of money or out of places to eat. This is especially relevant when traveling with someone who is less of an adventurous eater. Sometimes, the simpler the better, especially when traveling for a long period of time or when on a budget.

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