How Big Is Whyalla Speedway? [Facts!]

A lot has happened since I last posted about the Whyalla Speedway project. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ve come a long way from the original design and planning stages. Construction has started and is progressing smoothly. We’ve got an ambitious schedule lined up for the rest of this year and beyond.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to update everyone on the latest developments.

First Impressions

When the first trucks started moving into the site in the early days, it was exciting to see such a huge chunk of our town transformed in such a short space of time. However, it was also a bit overwhelming to see so many people showing up every day to work on this project. Even now, as we approach the halfway point of construction, there are still plenty of people around the area. Some of them are contractors, many of them are friends and family who want to be a part of this historic project.

Over the past six months or so, we’ve got used to the sights and sounds of construction. We’ve watched the site gradually expand and take shape, and it’s been an education to see the ways in which a town and a nation have changed around us. It’s been both humbling and inspiring at the same time.


There are a few things that have changed since I last posted about this project. The first thing that comes to mind is the name. When the Whyalla Speedway project was first announced, it was simply going to be a “Speedway” in Whyalla. However, once construction started and real progress was being made, it became obvious that we needed something a little more official. A few members of the Whyalla community had gotten together to form the Whyalla Speedway Club, and memberships are currently on sale. More importantly, this is no ordinary speedway – it’s an International Speedway, and as such, we’ve been granted world-class status. When people know the project is internationally sanctioned, we’ve had lots of interest – not only from within Whyalla, but also from other towns and countries around the world. It’s great to see that this project is still attracting world-class interest more than a year after the first sod was turned. This is going to add a whole new dimension to the whole “town twinning” concept.


The other thing that’s changed since I last posted about this is the amount of space that the project now occupies. When we first started, the plan was to have a 1.5-mile track with seating for about 1000 people. Now, with construction finished and the site taking shape, we have a 2-mile track with grandstands that can hold up to 4000 people. While we’re still a ways off from our target audience, which is likely to be an eclectic mix of locals and tourists alike, it’s great to see this space finally starting to come to life. The track is going to be a real draw, not only for motorbikers but for everyone who’s interested in a day out at a racetrack. We’ve also got plans to host regular motorbike days and other motorsport events, including mud racing and even stock car racing. This space will certainly host many memories for the people of Whyalla.


With all these changes and development, it’s only natural that progress would be visible. This is evident in the gradual rise in the profile of the Whyalla Speedway project. While the change has been gradual, we can still see it in the mornings when we come to work. In previous weeks, we’ve been walking into a construction site that was relatively quiet and peaceful. Now, with the grandstands finished and the track leveled, there’s an air of excitement in the town. It’s still early days, but it feels like the right time to be writing this update.

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