How Big Of A Track Is Bristol Motor Speedway? [Solved!]

The answer to this question changes with each season and with the weather. During the summer, it’s a cool breeze and an opportunity to take a picnic. In the winter, it’s a chance to get cozy by the fireplace and watch the IndyCar races on TV.

But regardless of the time of year or the temperature, there’s one thing the residents of Bristol, Tennessee, agree on: The speedway is cool.

This content will describe the unique qualities of Bristol Motor Speedway and its importance to the city.

The Track Is Big

Located in Bristol, Tennessee, the track is the second-largest one-mile racetrack in the world, after its larger cousin, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With a seating capacity of 80,000 spectators, and another 25,000 in the grandstands, it’s quite the spectacle when the green flag waves and the cars take off.

The track is so big that it takes three days to complete a single lap when the track is wet and four when it’s dry. When it was built in 1957, it was the largest artificial speedway ever constructed, and it’s still the second-largest one mile oval. It stretches for a mile and a half around the city.

The Track Is Historic

The history of the track goes all the way back to 1906, when Bristol residents first thought about creating a racetrack in their city. The first track was actually a cinder path around a field, but it grew rapidly in size and complexity, evolving into the shape it is today.

In 1914, the track hosted the very first motorcycle Grand Prix, and soon after that, auto racing became a very popular sport in Bristol.

In 1930, the track was sold to the Grand Ole Opry and in 1939 it was renamed “The Grand Ole Opry Raceway” in honor of the famous country music organization. In 1951 the legendary Babe Ruth organized an all-star baseball game on the track, and in 1955 it became known as “Babe Ruth Stadium.” The stadium was renamed “Bristol Motor Speedway” in 1981, but it still hosted the annual all-star game up until 1997.

The Track Is Family-Friendly

Located in the middle of Tennessee, the speedway is a short drive from Bristol, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville. The track is also close to a large military base, making it easily accessible for families with children.

It is, by far, the largest stadium in the region and thousands of people travel from all over the country to see the cars and the roar of the crowd. So, whether you’re a fan of auto racing or not, you have to admit that there’s something special about Bristol Motor Speedway.

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