How Do I Transfer Points On Speedway Cards? [Solved!]

There are times when we feel like winning more than losing, and with speedway games that can happen pretty often. It is quite frustrating when you have all you need for a big win and then one little mistake ruins the whole thing. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent such accidents. One of the simplest methods is to transfer points on Speedway cards. In this article, we will discuss the different situations where you might want to use this strategy, as well as explain how it works and how you can apply it to your benefit.

Transferring Points On A Black Jack Speedway Card

The first and, in many cases, the best application for transferring points on a black jack speedway card is to do it before the deck is dealt again. Let’s assume you have a 10-point black jack speedway card that you won and want to transfer those points to a 6-point card. You can’t very well cut it in half now, can you?

As the dealer gathers the deck, you can give your 6-point card to the dealer and ask for another black jack card. In most casinos, the dealers are pretty happy to help you out in this way because they get to keep some of that money. In a way, you are helping them to have a fair and balanced game by transferring your points before the cards are dealt again. Of course, you have to make sure that the dealer understands what you are trying to do and that they don’t consider it cheating.

As mentioned above, the best time to transfer points is before the cards are reshuffled and dealt again. However, there are situations where this is not possible. For example, if you have a four-card hand and you want to swap the last two cards with the first two cards for a better three-card hand. In this case, you can scratch off the top card, flip over the deck, and deal out the bottom two cards again. Then you can transfer your four points to the combined six points of the top two cards.

Transferring Points On A Deuce Speedway Card

For many years, casinos have limited the ability to transfer points on a deuce speedway card. Although this has changed in recent years, many players still prefer to use this strategy. The reason behind this is simple. When you have a two-card hand, you often have the option of making the first card a Jack or a Queen. A King or a Jack are always good options, but the benefit of a Queen is that it can also be the first card of a straight or a flush. This can give you an extra point or two to work with.

When it comes to a deuce speedway card, as long as you have two cards, you can always make the first one a Jack or a Queen. Then, as the dealer reshuffles the deck, you can ask for a King or a Jack. In most casinos, this is more beneficial to you than it is to the dealer because you are essentially gaining two points without having to give up anything.

Never Transfer Points On A Seven Or An Eight

Another good strategy when playing a seven or eight-card stud game is to never, ever transfer points on a seven or eight-card hand. You might wonder why the dealer would want to stop you from doing this. The fact is that, in most cases, they don’t. In a seven-card stud game, if you have an eight-point hand, you will almost certainly be losing the point you are trying to transfer. This is because, in most cases, the eighth card will either be a King or a Queen, making your hand only a seven-point hand. In an eight-card stud game, you will almost certainly be gaining at least one point, if not two. This is why you should never transfer points on a seven or eight-card hand, especially if it is an even hand or you have a chance of making a two-card hand. You should also never do this in an eight-card stud game, even if it is an odd hand because the dealer usually wins in this situation.

Transferring Points On A Nine-Card Hand

If you have a nine-card hand in a stud game, you have a chance of making a two-card hand. In most cases, this is good enough for the dealer to allow you to transfer your points. However, as mentioned above, this is not always the case. For example, in a nine-card stud game, an eight-point hand does not beat a seven-point hand. In this case, the dealers will certainly want to prevent you from transferring your points because they stand a chance of losing the game if you do. In general, if you want to transfer points on a nine-card hand, it is best to try and make the first two cards into a King or a Queen. You will then have a chance at making a two-card hand, and the dealer will have the option of making the rest of the cards into a high hand or a low hand. This gives you a small edge over the dealer in terms of having a winning hand.

Some casinos will not allow you to play with zero hands or ones that contain a seven or eight-card. Therefore, when it comes to transferring points, you should examine the rules carefully before doing so.

Special Cases

Just because the above cases cover the most common situations where you might want to transfer points doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other situations. For example, say you have a hand containing a seven. You can’t make the first two cards into a two-card hand because there is no way for them to combine to make a King or a Queen. But you also don’t want to cut the card because then it will become an eight-card hand. You have two options in this case. You can either ask for another card, or you can ask the dealer if they can make the seven into a nine. This is a very uncommon request, but it can put you ahead of the game. Just make sure that the dealer knows what you are doing before they start calling your hand.

Another situation where you might want to transfer points is if you have a four card hand and the last two cards are an Ace and a King. In most cases, this will not be worth the effort, but it is something to keep in mind.

Most players when playing any type of poker game will use their best judgment to figure out what cards to raise and what to fold. There are many variables, and we can’t cover them all. However, with the knowledge above, you will certainly be able to choose the right play for the best results in your situation.

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