How Do U Get The Orb In Ocean Speedway? [Answered!]

In the year 2024, human civilization was changed forever when a deadly virus swept through the world’s population, wiping out more than half of those who had the misfortune to get sick. The virus was named ‘Sarkovirus’ after the famous Russian microbiologist who first discovered it. Unfortunately, there was no vaccine, and people were afraid to get tested because of the high cost of treatment. The virus spread quickly and mercilessly, killing an estimated 7.5 billion people. The world came to an end as we knew it.

Thankfully, there are survivors of the pandemic, and they are now in their twilight years, grateful to be living among the wonders of the ocean, exploring it in a leisurely manner. As time passed, the survivors of the pandemic evolved and began breeding again. They lost most of their children to the pandemic, but many of their grandchildren inherited their wisdom, curiosity, and passion for the ocean. Over the past century, they have built a brand new society known as ‘Oceania’, which stands for ‘Old Europe and New Africa’, in reference to the geographical locations from which the first two continents originated. Since all living creatures can swim, it was only natural that the dolphins became the unofficial mascots of ocean exploration, traveling through all five continents in search of food and adventure, as they have for thousands of years.

Orb In Ocean Speedway

The story of the pandemic was told in the blockbuster film ‘The Poseidon Adventure’, which won an Academy Award for Best Sound Editing in 2007. One of the film’s main characters, Hank Rearden, is an experienced oceanographer who volunteers to lead a group of intrepid scientists and engineers on a daring mission to the icy edge of the globe in hopes of finding a cure for the pandemic. After an unsuccessful search for the required element on a distant ice floe, Rearden realizes that the only chance of ever finding a cure is by going to the source of the problem, the sunken city of Atlantis, lying directly beneath the surface of the icy ocean. Rearden and his team enter the underwater laboratory, known as Cetus, where they discover an ancient device known as the ‘Orb’ by pure chance, which turns out to be the key to transcending the limitations imposed by the aging human body and returning to a state of youth.

The Orb is a huge device the size of a small car, made up of a series of intricate gears and wheels. When Hank Rearden inserts it into a slot on the wall, it begins to function and emit a series of clicking, whirring, warbling, and pulsating sounds that build in magnitude as the device draws more energy from the surrounding water. Once activated, the Orb is virtually indestructible and is able to operate underwater for up to an hour before running out of oxygen. According to the scientists who study it, the device broadcasts a signal that can interfere with the communications of all radio-controlling ships and submarines in the area, and scramble their transmissions, making it impossible for them to pinpoint the location of the experiment or its scientists.

After the researchers discover the existence of the orb, the military decides to silence it once and for all. However, in the process of trying to destroy the device, the military ship is damaged and sinks, taking the team and the orb with it. Fortunately, another ship happens to be nearby and hears the distress signals, coming to the rescue just in time to prevent the scientists and the device from perishing in the icy waters. When the military personnel investigate what happened, they find a video file linking Rearden to the mysterious disappearance of another team 20 years earlier, leading them to believe that the team is still alive and that Rearden is involved in a sinister project aimed at destroying the world’s oceans. In the end, the military sends a squad of heavily armed special operatives in a desperate, dangerous attempt to arrest the eminent scientist in his own home. It is a scene that will remain seared into the memories of anyone who saw it.

The Conspiracy Theory

Many viewers have wondered about the secrecy that surrounded the production of ‘The Poseidon Adventure’. Some believe that the filmmakers were trying to hide the truth about the origins of the pandemic, while others think they were trying to keep the real nature of the device a secret, for fear that it would be used for malevolent purposes. The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between. It is well known that Steven Spielberg is a strong proponent of the theory of intelligent life in the universe, and that he has always believed that life on Earth was not the result of chance but of a divine creator, performing a miracle by giving life to a planet that was otherwise not suitable for supporting life. Hence, the inclusion of a religious theme in ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ with references to the Book of Revelations and the end of days.

According to the conspiracy theorists, it was Spielberg himself who conceived the idea of using a magical device to solve all of the problems of time and space, making it possible to travel back in time and see the events of the last 100 years from a different perspective. It was also Spielberg who decided that the only way to keep the secret of the Orb from becoming public knowledge was to stage a fake death in front of the entire world. The conspirators then proceeded to use their considerable influence in the entertainment industry to secretly promote the coming of the new world order, a message hidden in plain sight in many of their films. This theory was given additional weight by the fact that after Rearden’s death, Spielberg decided to keep the existence of the Orb a secret, even from the family of the deceased. Hence, the appearance of an autopsy photo in the final episode of ‘The Simpsons’, when it was revealed that Mr. Rearden had become the first human being to die of a drug overdose.

Time Travel In Movies

The concept of time travel in movies is nothing new. Timeless entertainment has been around long enough for anyone who grew up during the ‘80s to know exactly what we are talking about. One of the earliest examples of time travel in fiction was the 1933 Fleischer Studios cartoon ‘The Mad Scientist’, in which a group of mice travel through time, trying to save their world from being destroyed by a mad scientist. The mad scientist is apparently trying to make enough plutonium to destroy the world, and his plan goes wrong when one of the mice gets trapped inside a time machine, leading the rest of the animals to travel through time in an attempt to free him. The plan backfires, and the mice end up causing the destruction of their own world by running around with firecrackers, causing a chain reaction that eventually destroys the planet. It was a cartoon that predicted decades of science fiction films about time travel, with the mad scientist becoming a classic figure in the field. Even today, the Fleischer Studios short films remain hilarious explorations of time travel and its many paradoxes.

Is The Conspiracy Theory Just Another Rumor?

The conspiracy theorists do have a point. Since 1975, there have been numerous reports of strange goings-on at sea, mostly involving submarines and military craft. Many of the sightings can be traced back to the same event, popularly known as ‘The Battle of the Line’, during which a U.S. Navy ship, the USS Seadragon, intercepted a Soviet freighter off the coast of Ireland in November of that year. The Seadragon was equipped with special sonar equipment that is able to detect objects at incredible depths, picking up signals from miles below the surface of the sea. On the evening of November 15th, 1975, the Seadragon heard a series of loud, sonar-punctuated booms coming from one spot in the water, which is when the strange activity began. As the ship approached, the crew saw that the water there was bubbling like a cauldron, with small, fast-moving objects floating about. It was then that the captain decided to investigate what was going on further by sending a team of frogmen down into the water. What they found was an underwater sea of quaking, rippling, undulating water, teeming with life, and completely covered in an eerie, luminescent glow that seemed to come from within the very depths itself. The next morning, the crew of the Seadragon found a Russian frogman’s body, with a sheaf of documents in Russian attached to his hip. In the subsequent investigation, the U.S. Navy determined that the Soviet Union had constructed an array of secret underwater military bases across the globe, each one capable of operating 24/7, attracting defectors from other countries and infiltrating and subverting other governments, all in preparation for a war that would devastate the planet. The theory was named the ‘World War III Scenario’ and gained a significant following among both scholars and military personnel.

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