How Do You Spend Your Speedy Speedway Points? [Ultimate Guide!]

It’s that time again. The summer of 2020 is upon us and with it, the return of the infamous Speedy Speedway point system. After a three-month hiatus, the speedway points will once more be available to be spent on online games. It’s always the same story: we can’t wait for the reintroduction of the speedway points system to hit the Formula 1 circuit so that we can spend our hard-earned cash on more F1 games. But why stop at F1 when there are many other racing game championships out there that we could be spending our money on? Let’s take a look at how you can allocate your precious speedway points.

Racing Games

It probably won’t come as a great surprise that most people will be focusing on the online version of the game given how much easier it is to access. The mobile version is available to play in browser or download for iOS and Android devices. All you need is a Google account to log in and away you go. But spending your speedway points on the mobile version isn’t exactly the same as doing so on the PC or console. Here’s why.

First up, and probably the most significant difference, is the fact that the mobile version of the game limits the amount of money you can spend. That means you’ll need to be selective about which mobile games you decide to play. Second, mobile games aren’t built with a traditional save feature so if you do lose your game, you’ll have to begin all over again. Third, mobile games are free so there’s no revenue to be gained from additional purchases; the developers simply need to make money from ads or in-app purchases. Last but not least, mobile games are often times frustratingly easy. While it’s great that mobile games are free, much of the appeal of the more traditional versions is in the learning process. Take the time to learn how to play a game correctly and you’ll enjoy it much more than you would if you’d just thrown a bunch of cash at it and hoped for the best. Hopefully this article has helped demystify the process of how to spend your Speedy Speedway points.


If you’ve played World of Warcraft or any of its various expansions, you’ll know what an MMO is. An MMORPG is an online version of a massively multiplayer game. That basically means that there are a lot of players interacting with each other within the game world. When it comes to the speedway points, there’s no need to be selective about which MMOs you play. You can spend your money freely on all of them if you want. But why should you limit yourself to one game world when there are so many others that you could be exploring? That’s the beauty of MMORPGs. You’re not bounded by geography or time restrictions. You can login from anywhere and at any time to explore the vast options available to you. Plus, you can level up and earn experience points pretty much anywhere. The sky is the limit.

One of the major draws of an MMORPG is the ability to form persistent communities. If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Even if you never logged in again after you created your character, that character would still be active within the game world. Other players would see this character and be able to interact with them. That’s the beauty of creating a persistent identity in an online environment. It’s always the same story: once you login, you can access your characters and make them available for other players to interact with. In fact, much of the fun of an MMORPG is in the social aspect of connecting with other players and forming communities. If you’re looking for a break from the daily grind, why not give MMORPGs a try? You can’t miss out on much if you don’t try.

MMO Connectors

If you’ve played Minecraft or other block-based MMOs, you’ll know exactly what an MMO connector is. These are plugins that allow you to connect your Minecraft account to other MMOs so that you can play online with your friends. They work by essentially turning your Minecraft world into an MMO world. What does that mean? That means that you and your friends can adventure together within the game world of Minecraft, regardless of where you are in the world. For example, if you’re playing on an island in the middle of nowhere, your friends on the opposite side of the world could still join you in the game. That’s the beauty of MMO connectors. They link disparate worlds together like never before.

One of the major downsides to MMOs is that they can be pretty volatile when it comes to online games. For example, if somebody’s internet connection is unstable or slow, it could potentially ruin the user’s experience. While the developers of Minecraft try their best to ensure that MMO connections are stable and fast, sometimes they aren’t and you as a player have no control over this. When playing in an MMO, whether it’s block-based or not, always remember to check for game updates so that you’re always running the latest version of the game. This ensures that you don’t encounter any glitches or other frustrating problems that could arise from playing on an unstable network. Just to be on the safe side, always play on a wired network whenever possible. This also improves your overall experience as you won’t be slowed down by wireless signal issues. Just imagine how frustrating it could be if you’re trying to play a game and the connection keeps dropping out. Not good enough.

FPS Games

First person shooter games, or FPS games, are all the rage these days. It seems like every year, some new game title comes along that revolves around shooting various things with a gun. While most people play these games for laughs, there really is a lot of strategy involved in some of them. Naturally, given the strategy element, there’s also a lot of money to be made from playing these games. If you’ve got a large amount of disposable income, why not try your hand at making some quick cash with a few of these games? It’s always the same story: you start off in a fairly small area of a town or city and you need to work your way up to fame and fortune. There’s always something of an escalation pattern to these games, so you’re constantly having to push your way to the next level. Sometimes, this means you’ll need to purchase better weapons or other items to help you on your way.


Battlefield is the king when it comes to the war game genre. It was developed by the famous Swedish company, EA, and first released on the PC in 2002. Since then, it’s become one of the most popular competitive multiplayer games. Naturally, given its popularity, there’s also a lot of money to be made from playing Battlefield. Not only do you get to test your skills in a realistic battle setting, you’re also constantly battling for points that can be redeemed for various items. Naturally, this is one of the main attractions of Battlefield. You can also team up with other players to take down bigger and badder opponents. The ability to work together as a team is what makes Battlefield so much fun and unique. Unfortunately, like many other competitive multiplayer games, Battlefield can also be pretty frustrating if you don’t know how to play. The learning curve is pretty high and unless you’ve got a good teacher nearby, it can be a little difficult to be sure that you’re playing correctly. If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master, then Battlefield is probably isn’t the best option for you. Still, it’s a great game if you’re looking for something different. We’re always looking for new ways to have fun, especially now that the world is on the road to recovery. So if you’ve got an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, or a Steam account, then there’s no reason not to try out Battlefield. You might just find that it’s the game that you’ve been searching for all along!

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