How Does A Speedway Motors 32 Grill Insert Fit? [Expert Review!]

The advent of the internet has not only made researching topics easy but has also allowed for niche blogs to emerge. One such niche blog is, which specializes in covering everything barbecue-related. They have an entire page dedicated to explaining how car grill inserts work, which one must read before purchasing one.

They have compiled an impressive collection of information about different types of car grills, which can be accessed by clicking the following links:

Electric Smoker

If you’ve ever shopped at, then you may have seen the electric smoker. Similar in design to the common BBQ Smoker, this particular electric smoker is built with a plastic body and a metal fork in place of the wooden handles. If you’ve never tried one, then let me introduce you to the sensation of driving a metal fork into the back of a big, beautiful animal. Each electric smoker has an on/off switch on the unit, as well as two detachable leads that plug into a conventional 110-volt outlet. When the electricity is applied to the two prongs that emerge from the rear of the unit, the handle of the device will lock into place and the mechanism inside will bring your meat to the perfect medium-well or medium finish.

This is a highly versatile piece of equipment; not only can you use it to cook various types of meat, but you can also employ it to remove the bone from a large joint and then pull the meat apart to make each bite smaller. The entire process is facilitated by a dial that adjusts the speed and force of the motor, which allows for precise control over the finished product. It is important to keep in mind that not all meats are created equal. Different cuts of meats require different methods of cooking. For example, the thicker the cut, the longer it will take to cook. When preparing certain types of game, like venison, it is important to cook it low and slow for tender results. So, by knowing how to properly use this product, you can ensure that your meat is cooked just right each time.

Charcoal Smoker

The charcoal BBQ smoker is a very popular product among people who enjoy the robust flavor that only high-quality charcoal can provide. Made with a larger capacity tank than the electric counterpart, this type of device is often used for larger gatherings where multiple people will be taking part in the cookoff. One of the primary advantages of this product is the improved ability to control the exact temperature of the meat as each bite is cooked. For those who are used to the hot, humid summers of Florida, this type of food delivery system is the perfect solution to the heat issues you’ll inevitably encounter when grilling outside.

One of the disadvantages of the charcoal BBQ smoker is that it requires a bit more attention as you’ll have to keep an eye on the meat and make sure it doesn’t overheat. In addition, some people have reported that the larger size makes it more difficult to contain the raw gas that comes with high-quality charcoal.

Pellet Smoker

The pellet BBQ smoker is an energy-efficient alternative to charcoal or electric BBQs. Its unique design and manufacture make it more compact and discreet than its counterparts, and at the same time, allow for greater control over the resulting temperature of the meat. Similar to the charcoal version, the pellets are lit just before cooking and are then drawn into the device with the help of a centrifugal force. Like the balls used in paintball games, the pellets will ignite when exposed to the air and heat, causing a brief but violent explosion that is visually pleasing and puffs up the meat a bit. This type of product is commonly used for large family gatherings and camping trips due to its portability and efficiency.

Gas Smoker

If you’re a car enthusiast and have a favorite garage/automotive-related blog, then you might have discovered the gas grill. These types of devices are built with a similar design concept and use butane or a similar compound as a source of fuel which, when burned, create the heat necessary to cook the meat. These type of products are more expensive to purchase and operate than the electric and charcoal versions but are considered more efficient and also less noisy, which is a common critique of the other types of car grills. One of the main advantages of this type of product is its efficiency, as you’ll only need a small tank to fill it and, depending on the model, you can drive it directly from the store to your garage without having to go anywhere else first.

The primary disadvantage of the gas grill is that if left unventilated for even a few minutes, the butane can get dangerously hot and cause damage. This is why it is highly recommended to always carry around a venting tool or to use a device like the BBQ Buddy which automatically vents the gas while you cook.

Electric Smoker Insert

There is also the electric smoker insert, which is basically the same as the electric smoker model above but without the handle. This type of product is typically used for smaller families or groups where a certain amount of portability is desired but the need for precise temperature control is not as great. This is one of the most popular types of car grill inserts since its small size makes it easily transportable and also more convenient to use when camping or fishing since you won’t have to stop and set up campfire each time you want to cook. Similar to the pellets above, the electric smoker insert utilizes electricity to heat the air inside the food delivery system, thus allowing you to cook without needing to use open flames or an outside fire. Aside from being more portable, this type of product is also cheaper to purchase since it doesn’t require an entire unit to be plugged in before it can be used. Some models also come with a propane tank that can provide an extra three to five hours of continuous cooking, depending on the size.

Charcoal/Pellet Smoker Insert

Then there is the combined version of the charcoal and pellet versions above. This product is perfect for families that want to have the best of both worlds since it allows for the use of either type of fuel source depending on what is available at the time. As the name implies, this type of product is a combination of the two above, which means it has a charcoal intake valve at the front and a pellet intake valve on the back. This type of device needs to be manually vented so ensure that you do this every couple of minutes to avoid any build-up of pressure and to ensure safe usage. Like the gas version above, it’s efficiency is unmatched as it uses less fuel per bite and is also more portable than its counterparts. Its main drawback is its higher price tag due to its combined design and the fact that it needs more maintenance since it has two separate fuel systems inside it. One of the most popular combined charcoal and pellet car hacks currently available is the “hybrid” version which, despite its cumbersome name, is actually the best of both worlds in terms of design and utility.

Gas/Electric Smoker Insert

Last but not least, we have the gas and electric hybrid version of the car grill insert above. Just like the gas version, this one also utilizes electricity to heat the air inside the food delivery system but has an additional tank which stores compressed gas inside it. This gas is then delivered to the combustion chamber via a small tube that connects to the end of the handle. The gas is more efficiently burnt when mixed with oxygen, so it is vital to ensure that the gas is constantly refreshed by opening up one of the valves on the side of the tank and then closing it when it is empty. Like the gas version above, this one also has a built-in automatic vent system which automatically opens up the valves whenever the tank gets too hot thus keeping the meat safe for consumption while also maintaining the desired temperature. This type of hybrid car grill can operate on either gas or electricity but is best suited for use with electricity as it reduces the load on your car’s electrical system when driven. Some models of this type of product can also heat food using a ceramic heater which provides better heat retention as well as even heat distribution. Aside from the built-in automatic venting system, this type of grill also has a detachable CO2 tank which can be replaced at any time should the original one become empty.

To make your decision easier, here are the most important things to consider when buying a car grill:

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