How Far Is 1700 W International Speedway Blvd? [Answered!]

This week’s episode of Top Gear USA is packed with exciting cars and even more exciting track reviews. The guys put the power of their tongues to the test as they review some of the greatest classics from the past and present. First, they visit the magnificent Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday. Next, they head to New York City for the ultimate American street race – the Little 500. Finally, they check out the Nürburgring in Germany, which is most famous for its challenging Nordschleife. The epic final drive on the ‘Ring gave us a taste of what’s to come in this week’s episode.

The Birthplace Of IndyCar

It was on this spot in May 1902 that a young man by the name of Harry Hockton built an oval track. Legend has it that Hockton had just returned from a ride on an artificial grass football field, so he was looking for a way to put his skill to use. He borrowed $5000 from his father to get the track built. It took him three years to pay it back. Today, this is the home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the greatest drivers of all time have their start. It’s a place that people travel from all over the world to see.

The American Grand Tour

This year’s ‘Top Gear USA’ special invites you on an American grand tour, beginning in Indianapolis and ending in New York City. Hosted by Top Gear UK hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, the special aims to recreate some of the most historic sporting events in the United States. While in Indianapolis, the guys will cover the famous Brickyard and talk to racing legends such as Emerson Fittipaldi, Jack Baldwin, A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones and Rick Hendrick. The final stop on the tour will see the guys attend the 100th anniversary celebration of the Indianapolis 500. There they’ll interview famous drivers such as Mario Andretti and Dan Wheldon as well as take in a few races, including the IndyCar’s first ever electric race. In New York City, the guys will check out some of Manhattan’s best attractions — from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Empire State Building — as well as take in a New York Yankees game and a Broadway show.

New York City Is Redefining The Way We Look At Street Racing

The most exciting race on the schedule is bound to be the New York City Grand Prix, the world’s oldest street race. The guys will begin their travels in Manhattan and head to Brooklyn for a look at one of the greatest road courses in the world, where the streets are lined with maple trees, there are lots of hills and the temperature can fluctuate wildly. While in Brooklyn, they’ll get to see the Williams Grove neighborhood and its amazing green spaces. Later, they’ll continue on a tour of the city’s historical landmarks and its famous sports franchises, including the New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Giants. They’ll also get to see the city from above as they fly over it in a helicopter or a plane. Finally, in another fitting tribute to the great city of New York, the guys will race through Central Park in a convoy of modified vehicles before finishing up in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The King Of The Nordschleife

This year’s ‘Top Gear USA’ special is going to be all about high performance cars and driving fast. The guys will begin their journey in Germany, where they’ll visit the Nürburgring, the king of all race tracks, which is over 100 years old. There they’ll meet up with racing legends such as Stirling Moss, Bill Millemon, Fred Lorenzen and Mickey Thompson. The most exciting part of this year’s trip is without doubt the 24 Heures du Mans, a road race that takes place every year in late June at the end of the legendary European summer vacation. The trip will also see the guys visit the fabled Nurburgring’s hallowed Hall Of Fame and take in an SSV Agressor vehicle demonstration. Later, they’ll head down under for a look at the Formula One circus in Melbourne. Finally, the guys will return to the United Kingdom for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which sees cars and drivers from all over the world come together in what is arguably the world’s most beautiful and demanding endurance race. The Le Mans Classic is on the bucket list for any racing fan. It’s not a race that you want to miss.

The Island Of Saigon

Yet another trip, another legendary sports venue that the guys will cover in great detail. This week, the guys will head to Saigon, the capital of Vietnam, where they’ll cover the former Olympic Stadium, now known as the Olympic Park. In fact, there are so many interesting stories to tell about this iconic stadium that it would take a whole other blog post to do it justice. The guys are racing round the clock to cover as much as possible, so stay tuned for more details.

The Last Chance Creek Bridge

We’re in Montana now, and host Jimmy Fallon (with a little help from his buddies) has given the guys a last chance at a bridge that’s closed to public traffic. The last chance creek bridge between Great Falls and Cascade City is a gorgeous example of a Montana bridge that the guys are sure to cover in great detail. There are many reasons why this is one of the most exciting bridges to film on — not least because it’s one of the last remaining links to a bygone era. While in Great Falls, the guys will get to see the famous falls, walk amongst the locals and meet the mayor. Finally, at the end of the day, they’ll bid the citizens good night and head off to their next adventure. This will be one to watch, particularly as it was filmed entirely in-the-round, meaning the entire 360-degree vista is visible to the camera. We’re in for a real treat this week with so much racing action to cover.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway – The Mecca Of Automotive Enthusiasts

This week, the guys begin their epic journey in Indianapolis, which was not only the birthplace of the IndyCar but also home to one of the greatest racing stadia the world has ever known, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Covering nearly a century of motorsport, the guys will explore the legendary track and its rich history, from interviews with famous drivers, to covering all the major events, to checking out the modern-day technology that is taking motorsport to a new level of excitement. There are so many incredible stories to tell about this legendary track, so be sure to check out their website for more details, including a full schedule of events.

The Brooklyn Bridge – The Most Famous And Historic Structure In The United States

Another place that the guys are going to cover in great detail is the Brooklyn Bridge. In New York City, you’ll find the most iconic bridge in the country, connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan and spanning the East River. We’re pretty sure that everyone has heard of the Brooklyn Bridge, with its distinctive arched design and beautiful lights that transform the structure into a shining beacon of lights. While in Brooklyn, the guys will get to see the iconic structure from many different angles as they walk across it and take in the view from the cliffs on the Manhattan side. If you’re a fan of old Hollywood, you’ll also get to see the famous bridge as it was in the movies – the kind with car chases and shootouts.

Empire State Building – One Of The Most Famous Buildings In The World

Another cultural icon the guys will visit is the Empire State Building. At 1010 feet, it’s not quite the tallest building in New York City (that honor goes to One World Trade Center), but it’s close. When the guys arrive, they’ll get to explore the 86th floor observatory, get a photo taken atop the world, and even get a bird’s eye view of the city. While in the elevator to the top, they’ll get to enjoy one of the best city panoramas you’ll ever see.

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