How Far Is Eldora Speedway From Huntington Wv? [Ultimate Guide!]

Eldora Speedway is one of the most challenging racetracks in the country due to its long straights and fast speeds that make for exciting racing.

If you’re traveling from Huntington WV, then the trip will take you about three hours to reach Eldora Speedway. You’ll enjoy the scenery along the way thanks to the scenic route that takes you through picturesque towns and along the banks of the Ohio River.

Eldora is located in West Virginia about 45 minutes from downtown Huntington and is known for its tri-oval shape and unique atmosphere that makes it one of the most iconic tracks in the country. The track’s address is 111 Kingshighway in West Virginia.

The track itself is a half-mile, multi-lane oval with 24 degree banking in all four corners and was designed by Charlie Haughton, a legendary NASCAR designer who also worked on Daytona and Talladega.

The track was first paved in 1969 and currently hosts two NASCAR events a week, a Camping World Truck Series race and an American Airlines Wing Ding race. The truck series race is the second-oldest continuous truck series race in the country, following the Camping World Series. It’s also the longest-running continuously sanctioned NASCAR race in the nation.

The track has been renovated several times over the years and in recent years had a new lighting system installed and trackside facilities upgraded. While there are no concrete plans to add on anything major at this time, there is always the potential for change at Eldora.

What Type Of Racing Takes Place At Eldora Speedway?

One of the most prominent features of Eldora Speedway is its variety of race types that take place throughout the year. The track runs six days a week with events such as the Wing Ding, Late Night, and Truck Series races filling up the calendar.

There are two distinct types of racing that take place at Eldora Speedway: Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series. The Nationwide Series schedule was once again revised for 2020 with the addition of the Eldora Event at the end of the season. The series used to run only up to New York before the end of the year but added a second stop after missing out on the big one in New York due to weather concerns.

The Sprint Cup races are held weekly throughout the season and are among the most prestigious races in the country. The series used to have seven events but was reduced to six due to the pandemic. The big one is the season finale and also the annual Awards Show presented by Sprint, which is often a highlight of the season. The finale is typically held in October with the Awards Show in November.

Both the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series are open to any type of car, although a typical NASCAR vehicle would fit perfectly in the infield.

What Is The Rivalry Between The Nationwide & Truck Series At Eldora?

The rivalry between the two series at Eldora is one of the most famous and legendary rivalries in all of motorsport. The two series have been intertwined since the beginning when the Nationwide Series was initially formed. The Truck Series began as a rival to the then-Sprint Cup Series and has been competing ever since. Even in today’s era of mega-teams and corporate affiliations, the competitive nature of the two races has not changed.

The rivalry has been known to boil over at times during a Sprint Cup race with fans often taking sides and cheering for either the Nationwide or Truck Series. One of the more memorable moments in NASCAR history came at the 1996 Truck Stop when Ken Schrader was caught on camera wrestling a fan to the ground in a bloody battle for an aluminum beer cup. Schrader got two years probation and had to watch his language in future events. The rivalry has subsided a bit in recent years thanks to the increased popularity of the Sprint Cup Series and the fact that the two series now share the same schedule, but it’s still regarded as one of the more entertaining rivalries in the sport. And who knows – maybe one day we’ll even see a third series added to the mix at Eldora.

What Is The Scenery Like Around The Track?

The surroundings of the track are nothing short of spectacular and it is not difficult to see why the scenic route is one of the most popular driving tours in the country. The river and its banks provide a unique backdrop for the sport with several bridges crossing over it providing perfect photo-op opportunities for fans. There are also lots of places to eat and stay nearby if you’re visiting the track. It’s not hard to find a place to rest your head after a long day of racing either with the typical hotel rooms lining both sides of the road or with a tent pitch in the infield. The camping experience is definitely unique and brings with it its share of thrills and adventure as you might imagine.

The scenery in and around the track will be familiar to viewers of the A.P. Bio series – and that’s a good thing as that’s what the sponsors want you to see. The tents are gone, but the rest of the amenities like the showers and the trash cans are still there. The only difference is that there are no longer any trees in the infield. They were all cut down to make way for the grandstands. So there’s not much more in the way of nature’s grandeur, but there are lots of places around the track for fans to take a scenic stroll and catch some rays. The track itself is quite big so there’s plenty of room for everyone.

How Is The Attire At The Races Different From Other Rides?

There are two distinct differences between the attire at the races and other types of outings. First, the participants are required to wear full race attire for the duration of the race. Second, the spectators are also required to wear racing attire and may not wear any other type of clothing. The first item is required in order to distinguish the participants from the spectators. While the spectators are not required to wear any particular outfit, it’s preferable for them to wear a shirt that covers the base of the neck and another that covers the bottom. This ensures that they are not mistaken for a participant and prevents them from fouling the clothing of the participants or the drivers.

It’s a bit like a NASCAR circus with lots of colorful outfits and dancing girls, but it’s also a lot more serious with the focus squarely on the racing. The camaraderie among the fans is also prominent as you would expect and it’s not uncommon to see groups of spectators singing and dancing along to the music while watching the racing. It’s a unique experience that draws plenty of people every week, particularly during the months of June to October.

If you’re planning on visiting the track, then make sure you’re prepared for the summer heat as the temperature can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with the sun beating down on you. Make sure you’re also prepared for rain as the thunderstorms are frequent and heavy during the summertime. As for the food, apart from the obvious fast food options, Eldora is also home to some very reputable restaurants and bars which serve up some pretty amazing fare. The choice is yours!

So, as you can see, there’s lots to do in and around the track at Eldora. The fans live and die with the result of each race with an intense devotion that is unique to motorsport. It’s quite an experience to drive or walk the short distance to the grandstands and feel the electric atmosphere as you enter the gates. A must for any motorsport fan.

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