How Far Is Eldora Speedway? [Answered!]

People are slowly waking up and realizing that the World Health Organization (WHO) may have been right after all when they declared the new health crisis to be a pandemic. Now that we are in the first phase of the recovery, people are starting to wonder how far Eldora Speedway is from being able to welcome back race fans and drivers. Is it just a matter of time before we are back to normal or will this be the new normal for motor racing? Let’s take a quick look at how far Eldora is from being able to host a full-blown F1 race again.

Is It Possible?

While the health issues are likely to ease as more people are getting back to work, the economic impact is still being felt around the world. The cancellation of major sporting and cultural events has had a domino effect, leading to more people staying at home, reducing the number of potential new customers for auto dealerships and other businesses.

Track Improvements

Certainly one of the major concerns for any motor racing fan is the condition of the tracks. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see cars accelerating and maneuvering perfectly at high speeds on a perfectly flat surface. The good news is that with some patience and dedication, tracks can be improved upon and brought back up to speed. The main areas that need attention are the grandstands, the pits, and the track surface. The most important thing for any new race track is to have good grandstands and decent facilities for the athletes and the audience. This will help promote future races and bring in more fans. It also helps when the facilities are in good shape, as it makes people feel more comfortable at the track. The last thing anyone wants is to come back to a crumbling, old grandstand, especially since they have spent so much money improving the rest of the track. The same goes for the pit area, which needs to be neat and tidy as well as having the proper equipment, food, and supplies for the crews working on the circuit.


If you want to know how far Eldora is from being able to host a race, it’s simple to find out. Just look at the attendance figures for last year’s event. While the final figures haven’t been published, it is known that there were around 23,000 people at the grand opening weekend and around 19,000 people the following week. Now compare that with the 8,000 that attended the first race in June and the 5,500 that showed up for the last race in November. If any track can recover from this pandemic, it’s Eldora. The fact that there were more than 20,000 people at the final race in November is a testament to how much attention this track has received since it’s grand opening in June. The only problem is that once the health issues are resolved, it will be even more painful to get everyone back to their pre-pandemic state. That is unless they learn to love being couch potatoes once again.

Racing Again

While it would be wonderful to see Eldora host a full slate of races as soon as possible, it is important to remember that this is a work in progress. As a new track, it took a while for them to get everything right before they could host a race. This included working out the kinks in the track and getting everything in shape for the fans. It would be a mistake to expect immediate results, as this will take some time. However, as soon as health concerns are resolved and the economy begins to improve, we can look forward to seeing Eldora back on the track. It would be great to have a track to call our own, where we can go and be safe while watching the cars go around the track. Hopefully, we will see racing return before too long, but right now, we will have to be satisfied with virtual racing.

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