How Far Is Franklin Indiana From The Speedway? [Expert Review!]

You’ve been planning on traveling to the Kentucky derby for the past few months and finally have the chance. You’re gonna be sitting in the grandstands on Saturday and will be able to witness arguably the greatest sporting event of the year. Whether you’re a diehard sports fan or a casual observer, there’s plenty to interest you in Kentucky.

The History Of The Speedway

It all started in 1906 when a young man by the name of William “Bill” Nichols built a track in a field near his farm. The track was originally known as the Columbus International Speedway because it was within walking distance of the city of Columbus, Indiana. In 1914, the track was renamed the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the city of Indianapolis expressed interest in hosting the event. The grand opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway took place on May 28,1914, with the AAA National Championship being the first race held on the newly opened track. The first official Formula One race was held at the Speedway in 1951 and has been an annual event ever since. In fact, the Kentucky Derby is often referred to as the Kentucky Oaks (a different horse race) because it was originally scheduled to be held at the same time as the Kentucky Derby. This scheduling conflict caused the organizers of the Kentucky Derby to move their event one week earlier than usual in an attempt to avoid a conflict.

The Evolution Of Motorsport

Although the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is most famous for its association with motorsport, the track has always been about more than just racing. The track has hosted many different types of events, including classic car shows, motorcycle exhibitions, and even ice skating events. The track is also a popular location for vendors and service providers who sell products or offer their services to race teams and drivers. There are often several hundred thousand people who come to the track each year to enjoy themselves and the countless activities available there. In addition to being the home of the Indianapolis 500, the NASCAR Cup Series, and the F1 World Championship, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway also hosts the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments, Major League Baseball games, and the American Hockey League’s Indianapolis Ice (formerly the Indianapolis Racers). The track is also the headquarters for IndyCar, the Indy 500 car, and the Indianapolis 500 festival. It is quite the multi-purpose facility!

The Grandstands And Your Seating Options

You might be seated in the bleachers or stands when you go to a Colts game, a Pacers game, or any other type of event at the track. The stands or bleachers are located behind the grandstands and offer a great view of the action. Depending on the time of day and what type of event you are attending, you might not have access to the bleachers because they are usually closed during games. The seating at the track is often arranged in a bowl shape with the most notable section being known as the horseshoe because of its shape. As you enter the bowl-shaped concourse, the first section to your right is the grandstands and above them is the press center.

What To Expect

As a visitor to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you’ll notice that the place is quite loud. There are planes taking off, cars driving up and down the track, and bands playing while people walk about. If you go to an event during the day, you might also notice that it gets pretty hot and humid. If you’re going at night, you’ll probably experience a dramatic temperature change. Make sure to prepare yourself for the weather and bring along plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and some rainwear. The track can be extremely damp so if you’re going during a rainy season, make sure to bring along some waterproof shoes or boots. You’ll often see people walking about in rubber boots because the rain is so delightful!

Traveling to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from Franklin, Indiana? You can get there by taking US 31 North for 7.5 miles and then turning left onto 96th Street. After 3.5 miles, you’ll arrive at the speedway. From there, it’s a three-and-a-half mile walk to the front entrance. The trip should take a little under an hour. On that note, farewell!

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