How Far Is I 80 Speedway? [Expert Review!]

For many of us, summer means longer days and more freedom, which often means more time on our bikes. The temperature may still be rising, but that doesn’t mean we have to be limited to our front door. There are plenty of places around the world that we can go on a motorcycle that we haven’t been able to enjoy this summer due to lockdown restrictions. One of these places is called I 80 Speedway in New Mexico, and it’s a remarkable place. The speedway is an unofficial track that was built for the purpose of biking, and given its size and shape, it’s not difficult to understand why. It’s basically just a flat strip of asphalt that goes on for quite a long way, and the feeling you get when you’re driving on it is more of a “drift” feeling rather than a strict “sport” drifting feeling, like you get on a rally track. It’s not uncommon to see riders going around in circles, slowly drifting out of their own end zone before coming back and forth a few more times before they realize that there is no one there to hurt and that they’re just playing in traffic. It’s quite an experience, and one that we’re definitely going to miss out on once the summer is over.

The History Of I 80 Speedway

I 80 Speedway first came about in the early 1970s when the New Mexico State Police decided to build a motorcycle patrol division due to soaring motorcycle fatalities in the state at the time. The original plan was to build a 400-meter race track in the middle of nowhere, but the community rallied behind the idea and contributed $350,000 to the cause, which is how the track ended up being built on a ranch near Grants. The project was initially called the “New Mexico State Police Speedway” and later changed to “I-80 Speedway”, with the 80 serving as a tribute to the state’s major highway, Interstate 80. The police force used donated cars and bikes for the testing and later for the actual racing, which began in 1974 and continues to this day.

The Most Popular Sections Of I 80 Speedway

The first thing that may come to mind when you think of an I 80 Speedway is the long straightaways that make up the majority of the track. This is where your drifting pleasure will be derived from; these straightaways are all that you need to master in order to be able to drift to your heart’s content. There aren’t any turns or any tricky bits of roadwork to master, just straightaways, and because there are so many of them, you’ll likely be coming back to this area time and time again. The next thing you’ll notice about I 80 Speedway is how compact the track is; you’ll be driving on a very tight and small piece of road for a long period of time, which will help you develop focus and a feeling of concentration.

What Is The Weather Like There?

One of the great things about I 80 Speedway is that the weather is always perfect. While the temperature may rise above 100 degrees during the day, the sun will be shining brightly, and there will be absolutely no signs of rain or fog. This is something that makes a huge difference to the whole experience. If you’re looking for a summer vacation spot where you can have some fun with your bike, this place definitely merits a visit. If you do find yourself going there during the winter, you will need to be prepared for very cold temperatures and lots of precipitation.

How Do I Get There?

Getting to I 80 Speedway is quite easy; you can either fly into the Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ) or drive via Interstate 25. The former is the most convenient option, and it’s only a quick flight from multiple major cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, which are both within two hours’ drive of ABQ. From LA, it’s only a four-hour drive to ABQ, while San Francisco to I 80 Speedway is a five-hour drive. The interstate is perfectly suited for a road trip, and it runs directly through the center of the US, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rest stop and eat what’s on the menu. There are plenty of places to stay in the area too, with the largest city, Albuquerque, having a variety of four and five star hotels, as well as B&Bs and holiday homes from which to choose. In addition to hotels, there are also plenty of campgrounds surrounding the track, with some offering direct access to the highway and others requiring you to take a short detour off the main road. There is also the option of staying in the infield with the bikers; you won’t get far enough away from the track to feel like you’re on a holiday, but you will be close enough to make the most out of the experience. In some cases, the accommodation doesn’t even include a toilet, so you’ll have to make sure that you campers are comfortable with a trip to the loo. One of the best things about this option is that you’re not far enough away from civilization to feel completely cut off from the world, yet you’re also close enough to make the most out of any visits that might be organized by the community.

Is There Anything Else To Do In The Area?

Aside from paying a visit to I 80 Speedway, the area around it also offers a variety of other activities, including mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and hunting. The small town of Española, for example, is home to the Rio Grande Gorgeous Nature Center, where you can take a look at a variety of native flora and fauna, as well as wander around the extensive grounds and get a feel for the region. There are also lots of wineries and breweries to explore in the area, with Tractor Brewing Company and Sandia Peak Brewing both having spectacular outdoor dining areas, as well as indoor seating, where you can take a break from the heat and enjoy some local craft beer. Not far from Española is the Bosque Farms Nature Center, which also offers picnicking area, hiking trails, and open spaces where you can let your dog run around and play with other dogs. There are also lots of smaller, private ranches around the area that you can explore, where you might find a cowboy welcoming you to his camp for a tour, or an organic olive orchard that you can wander around and help yourself to some fruity goodness. I 80 Speedway isn’t the only place in the world where you can experience an “off-road bonanza” either; California’s Highway 49 also has a section that’s similar in design, though not as long as the one in New Mexico.

As with any place that’s this good, there’s lots more that you can do once you’ve been there. You can organize a ride out to the track, either with the cops or with other bikers, which is a great way to experience the place firsthand. There are also lots of cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area, with the most prominent one being The Local, which offers upmarket fast food. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can also organize a climbing trip to nearby Shiprock, which is surrounded by beautiful orange groves and breathtaking views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. If you want to take a trip that’s a little more spiritual, you can visit the local Native American pueblos, which are open for tours, to get a real sense of how the first people used to live in this area. If you do visit one of New Mexico’s most prominent landmarks, the largest city, Albuquerque, is also home to the International UFO Museum & Research, where you can look at a variety of alien-related artifacts and get further information on what might lie beyond our solar system. It’s a truly remarkable place, and one that we strongly recommend that you visit at least once in your lifetime.

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