How Far Is It To Charlotte Motor Speedway? [Updated!]

The town of Charlotte in North Carolina is best known for its many festivals and music concerts, but it’s also the home of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup. It is the best venue for high-speed thrills and spills on wheels, attracting visitors from across the country. If you’re not familiar, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup is the highest level of racing in North America, with drivers battling it out over the course of a season for the prestigious title. If you go in the right mood, you could spend an entertaining afternoon or evening at the track watching the pros do their thing. It’s not often that you can get the chance to do that these days, so make the most of it!

Getting There

The easiest way to get to the racetrack is to take Highway 52 East. It runs parallel to the track and connects it to Interstate Highway 40, which will take you directly to downtown Charlotte. If you’re coming from the north or west, you’ll need to take Highway 48, which connects to 52 via a four-lane bridge.


Parking at the track is restricted, so make sure you arrive early and find a good spot. There are a few parking decks nearby that can accommodate most vehicles. The best bet is to use public transportation as much as possible – it is very likely that you’ll find a ride share program near the venue that can take you to your parking spot for free.

Getting In

There are two entrances to the track, each with its own security checkpoints. The Preferred Parking Lot has an entrance directly across from the hotels, accessible from the south and east. The other one is located at the north end of the complex and only has one entrance from the highway. You must have a valid ticket in order to get in this way.

What To Watch

Aside from the action on the track, you should head to the pits to get a good look at the competition. The best place to do that is the NASCAR Research Center. Opened in 1973, the center is a living museum that recreates the 1960s and 1970s car culture, giving you a taste of how things used to be. There are over 40 historic vehicles on display, ranging from classic Camaros to the infamous Jimmie Johnson’s 1974 Chevrolet El Camino. You’ll definitely want to spend at least half a day there just wandering around and taking in the atmosphere. It’ll be a trip down memory lane that you’ll never forget!

What To Do

There are a lot of restaurants and food trucks nearby that you can grab a bite to eat at. The options are varied and there’s something for everyone. If you’re a fan of traditional Southern fare, you’ll find plenty of places to eat there. If you’d rather get your grub from a truck, there are several options near the track as well. You’ve got fast food and barbecue joints on one side of the complex, and sit-down restaurants on the other. There is also the opportunity to get a drink at one of the many bars or restaurants inside the venue. It can get crowded in there at night, but there is always someone around to offer you a friendly smile and to take your order if you’re feeling a little nervous or anxious about being in a large group of people you’ve never met before. Even if you’re not a fan of racing, it is still possible to have a good time at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup.

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