How Far Is It To Indianapolis Speedway? [Expert Review!]

Have you ever wondered how far it is to Indianapolis Speedway? With Google Maps, it is easy to find out. Just punch in the address and you will see the estimated commute. One way is about 40 minutes. You can also find some pretty cool facts about the iconic track in Indiana.

Facts About The Track

The first Indianapolis 500 was held in 1915. The track is named after its founder, William Robinson “Bill” Indianapolis. The track is one of the only five left in the country that holds an Indy 500 every year. Since the inception of the race, over 600,000 people have attended the event.

The track is known for its steep turns. There are over 18 turns, the most famous being the first turn and the homestead turn. The first turn is nicknamed “The Witching Hour” because it is relatively short but very sharp. The homestead turn is named after the family of track founder Bill Indianapolis. It was originally known as the “Huntington Turn” due to its shape. It is a very fast and jagged turn.

One of the most distinctive features of the track is its length. The track is 2.5 miles longer than a standard mile. The distance between the starting line and the finishing line is 7 miles. Despite its length, the track is relatively narrow. There are only two lanes in each direction.

The Grandstands Are Still Standing

The grandstands that ring the track were built in 1921 and have been the scene of many historic events. The original seating capacity was 24,000. Only 6,000 of those seats are currently in use. The track was originally considered a “barnstormer’s track” because it was so rough and dangerous that many drivers suffered accidents. However, the stands have remained mostly intact since then and are a great tribute to the track’s history.

Where To Eat And Stay During The Event

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has everything a visitor could want. There is a visitors’ information center near the entrance of the track. The center has advice on what to see and do in Indianapolis as well as an area to write down travel tips. Once inside, there are many restaurants and food stalls. You can find anything and everything from a hot dog to a full-blown barbecue. The center also has an area where people can grab a coffee before heading out to the track. You are sure to find something that will catch your fancy during the race or post-race.

There are also many hotels near the track. You can find everything from a classic to a boutique hotel, all boasting fantastic views of the track. If you want to stay overnight, you will have no problem finding a suitable hotel. The next morning, you can have a cup of coffee and a bratwurst sausage sandwich before heading to the track. You can’t miss the bratwurst during the Indianapolis 500. It’s something of a sport in itself. When racing fans come across the border from Canada, it is said that they are sometimes greeted by customs agents with “Welcome to Indianapolis, can I see your passport?”

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is truly a great place to be during one of the biggest events in American racing. You may find it a bit of a trek, but it will all be worth it. There are so many historic events that took place there. It is a great destination for a road trip during the summer months. The city is full of life during the year, but becomes even more exciting during the racing season.

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