How Far Is Las Vegas Speedway From Strip? [Ultimate Guide!]

The Las Vegas Speedway is one of the most spectacular venues of all time and a bucket list destination for many people around the world. The track is located in the middle of the Nevada desert and is often referred to as the “middle of nowhere” due to its remote location. The track was first opened in 1968 and continues to attract massive gatherings of people today. In fact, the track has become so popular that it recently surpassed the height of its namesake, the Eiffel Tower, as the tallest structure in the Western United States.

Though its attractions seem like they are in another galaxy, the Las Vegas Speedway is not that far from the Strip. In fact, it’s less than an hour’s drive from the Strip. And if you’re looking to make the trip a bit easier, there are tons of places along the way that you can stay and reduce the amount of time you spend in transit. Here’s a look at how far the Las Vegas Speedway is from the famous Las Vegas Strip:

Strip to Bally’s

The first step to take if you want to get to the Las Vegas Speedway is to head to Interstate 5 and take the Las Vegas Boulevard exit. You will then be on the Road To Bally’s, which will take you directly to the northern boundary of Las Vegas. From here, you can either take the Desert Inn Road or Las Vegas Boulevard for the final leg of the trip. It won’t take long to reach the speedway once you get in the right lane.

If you’re looking to make the trip during the day, you should arrive plenty early enough to get a good parking spot and have some time to spare. Midday parkers are often met with massive lines and overflowing lots, so it’s advised that you arrive early to avoid the rush.

The Grand Tour

Though it is relatively close to the Strip, getting to the Las Vegas Speedway requires a bit of a journey. If you really want to make the most of the trip, you should break it up into parts by taking a day or two to explore the nearby areas. Start by taking in the sights along the Las Vegas Strip. You should spend about an hour or so at the top of the Strip before making the trip to the south, where the speedway is located. During this part of the journey, you’ll get a good look at the grandeur the Strip has to offer. The area is filled with luxury hotels, glamorous casinos, and vibrant restaurants.

Once you arrive at the speedway, take some time to walk around and get a feel for the place. The area is huge and there’s plenty to see, so you should make the most of the opportunity and give yourself a sense of orientation. When you have had your fill of exploring, it’s time to hit the road again. This time, you’ll be traveling to the south, where you’ll find more hotels, restaurants, and neon signs.

Las Vegas to Reno

To complete the loop and head back to the Strip, take the southern route via Interstate 15 and Las Vegas Boulevard. If you’re traveling during the day, you will pass through a number of small towns and hit the road again in the early evening. It’s during this part of the trip that you’ll notice a drastic change in temperature. The air is heavy and it feels like the perfect day has turned into a scorcher. The desert heat is something else and it’s important to stay hydrated during this part of the trip.

Though the drive from the Strip to the Las Vegas Speedway is less than an hour, it feels much longer. Especially at night, when the temperatures drop and the air is a bit cooler.

The journey from one of the most sophisticated cities in the world to the middle of nowhere is not an easy one. The trip to the Las Vegas Speedway is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those that can make the effort, the grand spectacle that is the Nevada desert awaits.

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