How Far Is Lima Ohio From Eldora Speedway? [Expert Review!]

If you’re looking for a place to race, be it professionally or recreationally, you’ve probably considered the Lima (Ohio) area. It’s home to one of the largest amateur racing events in North America, the Eldora Speedway. If speed is your thing, this could be the racetrack for you. It hosts a NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Racing) series race each year as well as other forms of motorsport, including the ARCA (American Racing CART) series and the Lucas Oil Stadium Super Late Model race. While the name may not ring a bell, anyone who’s ever watched American Sports Scene or any other form of motor racing in the US is likely familiar with Eldora Speedway.

If sports and racing aren’t your thing, however, there are plenty of other attractions in the area worth your while. From shopping to sightseeing, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a quick overview of how far Lima is from Eldora and what else there is to do in and around the destination.

Lima Inches, Not Miles

If you’ve ever been to the Lima (Ohio) area, you’ll likely know that the city proper seems significantly farther away than the airport. The drive to the runway at the University of Toledo’s Maumee Bay Airport (KMQR) is an eye-opening trip, especially in light of the fact that the pilot’s report indicates you’ll be at sea level in no time. From runway 13, you can see snow-capped mountains in the distance and feel like you’ve gone from coast to coast. It’s pretty cool.

The city of Lima isn’t actually that far from Eldora, located about 30 miles south. Since the two are quite literally separated by the big lake, it would be unfair to say that Lima is far away from Eldora. But it is a distance in miles, and that’s a lot of driving to accomplish a day’s work. The good news is that there’s a lot more to Lima than meets the eye. If you’re looking for a city with a bit of a nightlife, you’d be best served by heading to the coast and staying in a hotel right on the beach. If you’re looking for a more traditional stay, there are plenty of options as well, such as the Candlewood Hotel & Suites. And if you really want to get away from the bustle of the city, you can rent a luxurious cabin on a private lake in the area.

More Than Just A Racetrack

If sports and racing aren’t your thing, but you’re curious about what all the hubbub is about, you’ll probably be surprised by how much more there is to Eldora than just the racetrack. One of Lima’s most popular attractions is the Ohio State Penitentiary, also known as the “Alcatraz of the Midwest.” Tourists usually visit the spot where Al Capone and other gangsters were imprisoned. The building itself is quite the sight to behold, with its ominous-looking towers and razor wire lining the top. For more than 100 years, the prison was the most notorious in the country, and it’s still considered one of the most historic jails in the US. Besides the infamous Alcatraz, Lima is home to the Lucas Oil Stadium and Dorney Park & Lake, two of the largest sports arenas in the area. Both are part of the popular MoveBoat Tour of the Great Lakes, which takes you on a journey around the region’s many islands and lush forests. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, you can visit one of the area’s many parks, where you can camp, picnic, or just sit in the grass and take a breather. There’s also an 18-hole golf course, Blossom Square, and a professional rodeo team, the Dusty Rhodes Classic, named after the legendary professional wrestler. If you want to get a taste of American history, you can visit the Medina County Historical Center & Library, where you’ll get to see old photographs and hear oral histories from people who remember living through the Great Depression and the Korean War.

There’s a lot more to say about the Lima (Ohio) area, but we’ll leave you with the above. Hopefully, this article will help you get a better sense of how far away Lima is from where you are and why it might be a good idea to make a road trip there one day soon. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back to it whenever you’re curious about what else is in the area. And if you get a chance, visit the Lima (Ohio) area during the summer time. You’ll thank us later.

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