How Far Is Oracle Rd From Speedway In Tucson? [Expert Review!]

Oracle Road is a major arterial road that runs through the heart of Tucson. It is, in fact, the city’s namesake and is a must for anyone who drives, parks, or walks through the city. The road actually starts at a light rail stop and continues north as a four lane highway passing through busy Tucson streets and city parks. Between Parker Road and McKnell Road, you will find a large variety of restaurants, bars, gas stations, and fast food joints. As you continue north, the road becomes slightly less dense with buildings until you reach the northern terminus at McKnell Road. It is quite a contrast from south to north, with big-box stores and strip malls giving way to single-family homes and more green space.

How Is The Road Respected?

The road is actually a state highway, but it still gets a decent amount of traffic due to its proximity to I-10 and its role as a connector between I-10 and Loop 101. In addition, the road is also close to Oracle Stadium, the University of Arizona, and the North and South Avenues, which are lined with hotels, golf courses, and other resorts.

Is It Popular With Cyclists?

Cyclists should also respect Oracle Road, as it has a designated bike lane that runs the entire length of the highway. This lane is physically separated from the road by a white line, signifying that it is not OK to ride your bike in the road. You can also rent bicycles at many locations along the road to explore the surrounding area.

Is It Popular With Families?

Yes, the road is quite popular with families, especially since it is close to parks, hiking trails, and the large number of hotels that line the North and South Avenues. The northern end of the road, however, is a bit dangerous for young children, as it is often the site of car accidents. This is mainly because it lacks any child-friendly accommodations or attractions other than the University of Arizona campus. In addition, the road becomes less residential as you move north, so there are fewer people walking their dogs or pushing baby strollers along the roadway.

Is It Popular With Singles?

Yes, the road is quite popular with singles, especially since there are a large number of restaurants and bars along the southern end. This makes it extremely convenient for those traveling by foot, bike, or car. If you are looking for a date, you can grab a coffee or beer at one of the many restaurants along this section of the road, and perhaps finish the night with some salsa dancing at one of the bars.

Is It Popular With Professionals?

Yes, the road is quite popular with professionals traveling to and from the airport. In fact, there is a bus stop directly across the street from the airport’s arrivals gate, so you can easily head back downtown without having to worry about finding a place to stay. The road is also close to the University of Arizona, which has a large number of students living on-campus, as well as the Professional and Scientific Training Center (PSTC), which has a large number of employees commuting to work daily.

What Type Of Accommodations Does The Road Have?

The road has a variety of accommodations, including luxury spots like the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton Tucson and budget-friendly options like the Extended Stay America® by Marriot and the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Resorts. There is also a Yacht Brokerage brokerage office located at the northern terminus of the road.

What Amenities Does The Road Have?

The road has many amenities, including restaurants, bars, comedy clubs, and nightlife. In addition, the nearby University of Arizona has a variety of athletic programs, with the school’s football team, the Wildcats, playing in the Arizona Bowl every year. There is also the Tucson Festival Park, which has an amphitheater, performance spaces, and more than 200 acres of green space, and the nearby Heard Museum, which is open throughout the year and features a variety of exhibits.

How Far Is The Food And Drinks Available?

The road has a variety of food chains, including Panera Bread®, Starbucks Coffee®, and Chipotle®, as well as several independent eateries. If you are a foodie, you can find your favorite restaurants and eateries along the route, whether you are in need of a decadent dessert or savory meal.

In addition to restaurants, there are also bars and nightclubs along the southern end of the road with live music or DJs playing popular tunes. If you are looking for a drink after your flight lands at the nearby Tucson International Airport, you can find a variety of bars and restaurants close to the flight line. Be sure to check the Happy Hour menu at the various places along the way, as many offer great specials to those traveling by foot, bike, or car.

Does The Road Have A Drug Interdiction?

Yes, the road has a Drug Interdiction program. The first and only full-time program of its kind in the nation, the university police patrol the road and surrounding area looking for signs of drug activity. If they find any, they will confiscate the drugs and arrest anyone in possession of them. Since its inception in 2015, this program has been very successful in keeping the road safe for drivers and pedestrians, as well as maintaining the quality of life in this highly desirable community.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes, there is a lot more I could tell you about the road. If you are interested, you can find out more at

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