How Far Is Sidney Ohio From Eldora Speedway? [Solved!]

If you are planning on visiting Eldora Speedway this year be sure to check out the routes to avoid traffic and parking problems. Most people travelling from the United Kingdom will likely visit the popular American race track just to enjoy one of the greatest races ever. However, with the advent of the Covid restrictions, it is not yet known when or if the iconic track will host another round of motorsport. If you are new to the area be sure to check the news for updates before you travel there.

The Best Ways To Get To Eldora Speedway

Whether you are planning on driving or taking the train be sure to familiarise yourself with the routes. There is a direct bus service between the two towns that will take you directly to the track without having to stop at a hotel. You can take the New York City bus or the Greyhound bus to get to the track. If you are driving from the United Kingdom the best route is through New York or Boston – the two most populated cities in the U.S. If you are coming from the opposite direction New York City is the best route as well.

Parking At Eldora Speedway

Parking at the track is always a nightmare especially during the popular summer months. There is always some sort of queue to get into the parking lot and it is advised to show up early afternoon to avoid having to search for a place to park. There are spaces reserved for VIPs and people with disabilities, however, these are quite far from the gates. If you are driving be sure to look out for restricted stalls as they are sometimes hidden and you may have to search for them. There are also spaces reserved for large trucks however be careful not to park in these as you may get a parking fine or have to pay extra for the spot.

Weather At Eldora Speedway

The track is located in Southern Ohio and as such it is bound to rain at some point. If you are visiting the U.S. in the summer be prepared for extremely hot and humid weather. The track is often referred to as the “Bike Capital of America” and it definitely lives up to its reputation. During the week of the race weekend temperatures can reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it is advised to bring plenty of water and some warm clothes with you.

Attendance At Eldora Speedway

The track usually sees around 100,000 visitors each year and this number is expected to double over the next few years. The majority of the audience turn up for the IndyCar races during the summer months and school holidays and it is advised to get your tickets well in advance. Unfortunately, with the rise of Covid restrictions there is no telling when or if the track will host another event. For those who do not mind missing out on a race or who are new to the area are highly advised to stay away as the setup and security measures put in place by the IndyCar drivers are stringent.

Where To Eat At Eldora Speedway

There are plenty of options for food trucks and family-friendly restaurants located in the adjacent town of Sidney. The track itself is relatively empty and lacks the energy of a real football stadium, however, the crowds come for the drivers and their extravagant displays. The atmosphere in the stands watching an IndyCar race is unlike any other as the drivers are determined to put on a show for the audience. The hot dogs, popcorn and soda are all pretty standard fare and you will find any type of food truck serving the area, however, the prices are higher than at typical sports venues. If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Sidney head to the Wild Thyme Café located in the Summit Mall – a five minute walk from the entrance to the track. The café serves British classics like Scotch eggs and mini pork pies as well as pizza and pasta and the food is cheap and good. The mall also has a movie theatre showing first-run movies and live sports on TV, however, you will have to visit the library to use their computers.

If you are looking for a quiet and more upscale environment you can head to the Eldora Speedway Event Campus located in the nearby town of Lewisburg. This is a short drive from the track and the food and drink options are endless. There are plenty of upscale dining places and bars located within the campus as well as a spa, gym and bowling alley. If you are looking for a peaceful spot to eat, drink and relax after a long day at the track you can’t really go wrong with this option.

Eldora Speedway is a hub of motor sport in America and it sees quite a lot of visitors each year. The track is just as famous for its steep banks as it is for its open-air design and hard-hitting action, making it one of the great American sports venues. It is advisable to get your tickets well in advance if you want to watch an IndyCar race at the speedway. Visitors to the area should take into consideration the weather, transportation and parking options before planning their visit.

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