How Far Is Speedway Indiana To Fishers? [Expert Review!]

The 2019 race season is just around the corner! The big question on the minds of many a motorist is: How far is Speedway, Indiana, to Fishers, Indiana?

While a round-trip drive from one of these NASCAR racing staples wouldn’t exactly be considered a hardship, those who have never been there or aren’t sure how to get around there may be surprised by how far it is. Here’s a look at how far is Speedway, Indiana, to Fishers.

How Big Is It?

Let’s start with the obvious: size-wise, Speedway, Indiana, isn’t that big. At 23.8 square miles, it’s actually a little small for an entire town. However, since it’s just one town, that seems like a decent size. If we were to compare it to other nearby towns, it would be relatively small. For example, Lebanon, Ohio is 28.5 square miles and Columbus is 27.8 square miles, both of which are much larger than Speedway. In fact, if we were to compare it to the Indianapolis city limits, it would be smaller than many a city in Indiana. The population as of the 2010 Census was 7,600. That’s only about 56% of the town’s total square miles.

All these numbers make the round-trip drive from one of the nation’s preeminent racing venues to Fishers seem pretty far. It’s a little more than an hour’s drive from the heart of Speedway to the outskirts of Fishers. Of course, driving there during rush hour isn’t exactly ideal.

Where Is It Located?

Founded in 1911, Speedway is located in Hendricks County near the center of the state. To the southwest of Indianapolis, I-65 runs through town, connecting it to Lafayette, Chicago, and beyond. It also runs directly to the east of the town, which provides some fantastic scenic driving opportunities. In fact, the town is home to Talladega Superspeedway, which boasts the longest straightaway in NASCAR. The track holds a record for most top fives in a season with 126. In 2019, it will be 47 years since the last time a car owner won the prestigious Grand Slam. The chances of that happening this year are bright given the dominance of the Big Three (Ford, Chevy, and Yamaha).

Many NASCAR aficionados have made the pilgrimage to Speedway and its distinct racing atmosphere. It draws thousands of spectators every week, with many more watching from outside the track. Its proximity to large cities makes it an appealing destination for those who love a Sunday drive or a road trip to the circus.

What Kind Of Climate Is It?

Being relatively close to the equator, the climate in Speedway is pretty good. The town rarely sees freezing temperatures, and the ones it does may be a blessing. While the town doesn’t get a ton of snow, the occasional snowfall doesn’t cause many problems. The biggest issue with the climate is driving in the winter. The temperatures aren’t the problem — it’s the snow. If you’re not used to driving in snow, beware of sudden dips in roadways that can cause you to swerve or lose control of your vehicle. Those who live there know all too well the devastating effects that snow and ice can have on a vehicle’s performance. It would be a good idea to avoid that area in the winter if you value your car’s overall quality.

What Are The Nearest Cities?

There aren’t any direct flights to and from Speedway to most of the surrounding areas. The closest major airport is Indianapolis International, which is about 30 miles from the center of town. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to most places.

You’ll need a car to get around on your own, and gas costs about $2.50 per gallon, which is above the national average. If you’re driving to Fishers from Indianapolis, the trip takes about an hour. From there, it’s approximately a 20-minute drive to the northern suburb of the Indiana city. Traveling to Fishers during peak hours isn’t advisable, as traffic can be very frustrating. Traveling at other times may be a better option.

Of course, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could make the trip without any trouble. If we were to guess, most people traveling to or from Speedway will have the tendency to take the highway. Those who do get there often find that the trip is much shorter if they avoid taking the interstate. In fact, we’d wager a lot of money that a lot of those who travel to and from Speedway take an alternate route. That’s probably because the interstates are heavily trafficked and don’t have signs indicating the presence of other routes. Those who take the backroads find that they can get much closer to their destination without having to fight traffic as much, if at all. Those who do get on the interstates often find that it’s faster, too, which can put a little more pressure on the gas pedal.

How Has The Economy Changed Since The Last Census?

The economy in Speedway has changed a lot in the last decade. It went from a rural area to a suburban one. While there are still plenty of farms in the area, the fields have given way to strip malls, office parks, and houses. As a result, the population has increased by 26%. Since the last census was taken in 2010, the city’s total employment has increased by about 16% to 62,600 jobs. The average household income has increased by about 35% to $56,000 per year.

Those who work in the city’s factories, shops, and offices will mostly be doing so because of the abundant opportunities provided by the area’s tech industry. The fact that many well-paying jobs are available there may also encourage more people to move to the city, further boosting the local economy.

Will People There Drive On The Other Side Of The Road?

We all know that the culture in some parts of the country is completely different from the rest. While we don’t always agree with other drivers when they drive on the other side of the road, there’s no denying that there are some places where that’s just the way people there act. We’re not sure if NASCAR fans are among them or not, but that’s the way things are there. That doesn’t mean that we have to like it, but it’s better to know than to pretend that everything is the same as back home.

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