How Far Is Texas Motor Speedway? [Solved!]

You may have driven down I-45 or I-35 from Dallas, TX, with your eyes closed, zoning out to some loud music. But have you ever wondered where that loud music is coming from?

It’s not coming from the radio station, but more likely is coming from the racing cars whizzing by on the highway. On race days, the sound of engines and groans of tires on asphalt fill the otherwise quiet Dallas highways.

If you have a specific destination in mind when traveling to or from Texas Motor Speedway, you’ll want to know how far it is. The answer is 2½ hours north of Dallas on I-35E. If you don’t have any specific destination in mind, it’s always a bonus to know how far Texas Motor Speedway is from your current location. You can use the above-referenced map to find the location of any intersection in Texas Motor Speedway, TX.

Getting There

Texas Motor Speedway is located in the heart of the beautiful state of Texas, which means you’ll need a car to get there. If you’re driving, take I-35E north from Dallas for 2½ hours until you reach the entrance to the speedway. There’s an additional $2.50 US per day charge for cars entering the complex via the Permit Parking lot.

If you’re not planning on entering the complex, take the I-35E exit southbound and follow the instructions to find the closest parking to the entrance.


There are a number of parking options at Texas Motor Speedway. You can pay at the gate or enter the Permit Parking Garage and access any level. From the garage, walk towards the center of the lot and look for the Texas Motor Speedway official parking sign.

The Garage is an easy walk from the entrance. You can also take the escalator or elevator from the garage to the parking lot. If you’re a fan of tradition, you can park in one of the grandstand lots and find a place to sit. You can also park in the infield and walk to your selected gate.

The Track

Arguably the most recognizable location at Texas Motor Speedway is the track itself. You’ll find three racing levels with seating on either side. The highest level is closest to the track, while the lowest is furthest from the track. Between the two middle levels, you’ll find the infamous Turn 1.

The three distinct tiers of grandstands are surrounded by asphalt, making it a bit more interesting than standing in front of a brick building. It is here you’ll find the excitement of a racetrack, with colorful banners and grandstands behind which fans can sit and scream at the top of their lungs. If you find yourself in the middle level, you may not hear the noise from the cars, but you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of an arena full of people. It’s an experience that may be hard to describe.

If you’re an asphalt racing fan, you may not want to miss a Texas Motor Speedway event. The tradition of the Lone Star State is alive and well in the form of the exciting asphalt racing events held at this historic location. On any given day, more than anything, you may find yourself wondering, How far is Texas Motor Speedway? Fortunately, you can use the Google Search Engine to find the answer in a matter of seconds.

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