How Far Is The Ky Speedway From Louisvilke Ky? [Expert Guide!]

The Kentucky Speedway is a premier sporting venue located in Louisville, Kentucky. It hosts some of the biggest races in the United States including the popular Derby Festival and the summer Kentucky Speedway World Cup Series. If you’re planning on traveling to this magnificent track, here’s everything you need to know about the distance between Louisvilke and the Kentucky Speedway.

The Kentucky Speedway Is Situated In Louisville

The Kentucky Speedway is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and is easily accessible from both I-65 and I-75. The track is actually made up of 2 separate circuits: a 3/8-mile oval and a one-mile tri-oval. The total capacity is around 140,000 fans with many corporate boxes and expensive suites.

Though it’s not the longest track in the world, it certainly has one of the greatest atmospheres. Thanks to the efforts of former Kentucky Governor and current United States Senator, Ernie Fletcher, the Kentucky Speedway opened its doors in 1968 and has been a part of the Louisville community ever since.

How Do I Get To The Kentucky Speedway?

By car, you’ll need to head north on I-65 until you reach Exit 31E for the Paddock Road. Turn right and follow this road for a few miles until you reach the entrance to the track. In the other direction, take I-75 south until you reach Exit 24 and follow the signs to the track.

In light of the recent US government recommendations, I’d advise against taking public transportation to the Kentucky Speedway. The chances of you ending up stranded are high. You’ll find plenty of parking spaces near the entrance to the track. If you’re taking the taxi, make sure to call ahead and arrange the pick-up time.

What Time Does The Last Race At The Kentucky Speedway Start?

According to the Kentucky Speedway website, the last race at the track usually begins around 3:30 p.m. The last pitch is usually around 12:30 a.m., which means you have to head to the bathroom before the track closes to get your fill of beers.

As far as the gates close, access to the Kentucky Speedway is restricted. Security personnel will stop and check the IDs of anyone attempting to drive onto the track. Once you’ve made it through the gates, you’ll find all the essentials you need for the night’s racing. Be sure to time your stay at the track to beat the traffic and find your seat before the show starts.

Is It Possible To Purchase A Tix To The Kentucky Speedway?

The answer is yes, but only if you arrive at the track early. When the gates open, it’s generally possible to purchase a ticket for the next race. However, once the gates close for the night, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get a ticket for the next day’s race. The best option is to arrive early and secure yourself a good seat in the grandstand. This will make sure you get to see the whole race without having to purchase a ticket for each lap. In some cases, you may even be able to get a ticket for the next day’s race for free.

What Is The Best Time To Visit The Kentucky Speedway?

To best enjoy the track, visit it during the summer months. This is when the air is warm and the track is at its best. In the winter, the track may be frozen and unusable due to the cold weather. During these months, it’s best to go to the track when it’s least crowded, which means either early in the morning or late at night. This is also the best time to visit in any case, as it gets dark earlier and the track lighting makes for excellent views of the race.

If you are driving to the Kentucky Speedway, make sure to bring lots of fuel and snacks with you. There are usually no facilities available at the track, so you’ll have to bring your own toilette unless you want to use one of the many public ones located around the track.


Getting to the Kentucky Speedway is not hard. Once you’re there, the fun begins. The track is great for any type of motorsport fan. The atmosphere is excellent and many drivers enjoy visiting Louisville. If you’re not a fan of large crowds, the best time to visit is either in the morning or in the early evening. This way, you’ll have the place almost to yourself.

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