How Is Texas Mtr Speedway? [Solved!]

What do you think of when you think of Texas? Maybe you think of barbeques, wide open spaces, and cowboy boots. But did you know that Texas is one of the country’s most popular racing grounds? Every year, people flock to the state to take in a race or two. If you’re interested in visiting or moving there any time soon, read on for more information.

A Brief History Of Texas Motorsport Years

Before the 2019 season, Texas ranked 12th in the country for most NASCAR races. It probably doesn’t come as a great surprise that the state would turn out large audiences for auto racing. After all, they do live in a city that is actually shaped like a car. But it probably also doesn’t hurt that the terrain is so diverse, with winding roads, big cities, and small towns all within its borders. If you’ve ever been there, you know that it’s not uncommon to see someone on a tractor trailer trying to make their own version of ‘The Cowboy Way.’ It’s a way of life that dates back to the earliest years of the sport. And it just so happens that some of the greatest drivers in history have called the state home. Names such as Louis C. Mayer, Thomas B. Barton, and Ralph De La Vega all made their mark on the racing world, and continue to do so even today.

Where Do The Races Take Place?

As mentioned, Texas is one of the most popular racing grounds in the country. To give you an idea of how many races the state has to offer, here’s a breakdown of the 2019 races by week:

  • Weekly Cup Series race
  • Weekly Busch Series race
  • Monthly Miata race
  • Monthly Convertible race
  • Once-a-month Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race
  • Monthly NASCAR Truck Series race
  • Twice-a-month ARCA Racing Series race
  • Triple-A race

What Makes These Races Different?

The biggest and most popular difference between the various races is the size of the field. The weekly NASCAR Cup Series and the weekly NASCAR Truck Series each consist of 32 drivers. That’s a lot of competition. The smaller-scale events aren’t quite as fierce, with either the Miata or the Convertible races typically having only 16 drivers. And while the Triple-A races feature a massive 18-driver field, these are races that are more about family and friends than about money and fame. Money and fame are always a key consideration, but it’s not the only one.

All-Star Weekend

One of the great things about Texas is that it has one of the largest all-star guest lists in the country. Every year, some of the biggest names in racing travel to the Lone Star State to participate in a celebrity race or two. The biggest and most prestigious of these is the All-Star Race at the Walt Disney World Speedway. It’s a 3-hour, 50-lap race that brings together drivers from all over the country. Every year, the all-star race is one of the highlights of the NASCAR season. Drivers and celebrities from all walks of life gather in Orlando for a day of competition and camaraderie.

That’s not all there is to do in Texas, of course. There’s also the smaller-scale Fort Worth Star-Telegram Halfway Race. It’s a 12-lap race that features drivers from all over the Midwest. The World 600, the Daytona International Speedway race, and the Indianapolis 500 are also held in Texas. And if you’re a car fan, you can’t miss the Auto-X Competition, where amateur drivers try to put their best foot forward by racing modified vehicles on closed tracks.

If you’re looking for a place to visit or live in Texas, you’re in luck. There’s so much more than one NASCAR race a week here. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up and head to Texas. You’ll have a ball.

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