How Late Is Speedway Cafe Open? [Expert Review!]

This is the question that everyone asks when they are at the mercy of a traffic jam or simply want to grab some dinner before a late show. Sadly, the answer is different for everyone. The general rule of thumb is that the later it gets, the less likely you are to find a restaurant open or serving food. The following piece will tell you how late Speedway Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee is open, so that you can plan your evening accordingly.


Although there isn’t a common answer to this question, several factors contribute to the varying degrees of open hours at restaurants across America. The most obvious one is the day of the week that you visit a restaurant. Most eateries are closed on Sunday, so although it’s the Sabbath for many people, it’s actually a day of rest for restaurant owners in particular.

Another key factor is the time of day that you visit a restaurant. Like many other businesses that operate on a for-profit basis, restaurants need to maximize their profits, and they do this by getting as many people in their seats as possible during operating hours. This usually means lunch and dinner hours, with the occasional brunch or happy hour thrown in as a bonus.

A restaurant’s location is also important. Is it in a resort area? Is it near a university? Do you have a favorite bar or grillspot that you frequent? These are all factors that can affect when and if a restaurant is going to be open. The more affluent the area in which a restaurant is located, the more likely it is that it is going to be open late. Sadly, the location of a restaurant also has a lot to do with whether or not it is going to be safe for women to be alone there. In short, if you want to eat at a certain establishment, you should probably call ahead to make sure that they are going to be open at the time of your visit.

Sunday: Not So Bright

Although it’s the day of rest for many people, the hours after 12 p.m. on Sunday are the worst for restaurants. The meal and beverage delivery companies for many well-known restaurant chains encourage customers to order food and drink before noon on Sunday to ensure that they are serviced by Wednesday.

Restaurants are, by nature, casual places, and as such, they don’t always close on Sunday. However, if they do close, it’s typically due to religious beliefs. For example, many Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist restaurants are closed on Sunday as a way of observing the Sabbath. Additionally, if a restaurant is part of a chain, it’s most likely going to be closed on Sunday as a way of not offending their other restaurant locations by being open on a Sunday night.

Monday: Not So Bad

Monday is usually a good day for restaurants, as they are less likely to be open on holiday Mondays. While Sunday and Monday are the best days for most businesses, for restaurants it’s usually the other way around. This is because most restaurants don’t get busy on holiday Mondays, as people are getting the Mondays off work anyway.

Tuesday: Worst Day

Tuesday is the worst day, from a restaurant perspective, and this is mainly due to the fact that it’s another workday. Although it’s likely that some restaurants will be open on Tuesday, it’s more likely that they will be closed. After all, they don’t want to be open when they are not busy, do they?

This is one of the reasons why many restaurants try to avoid Tuesdays. If you visit a restaurant on a Tuesday, the chances are it’s going to be closed, or at least really close to closing. If you call ahead and make a reservation, the staff might be able to work something out for you. However, you probably don’t want to do that on a Tuesday, as it’s most likely going to be reserved for a party or special event.

Wednesday: Better Than Tuesday

Wednesdays are usually the best day, from a restaurant perspective, and this is mainly because it’s another working day. While Tuesday and Monday are the worst days, from a restaurant perspective, it’s usually Wednesday that people look forward to. This is because they get to go into work after spending the day (typically) either working or resting.

This pattern continues through Thursday and Friday, as those are usually the days that people look forward to getting to go into work. While it’s always good to go into work, it’s not always good to go into work too soon after taking a break. In other words, people often need a bit of a break after spending so much time resting or working, so going into work on a Wednesday is typically better than going in on a Tuesday or Monday.

Now let’s break it down by region. We will start in the west and work our way east. As we mentioned before, the time of day and day of the week that you visit a restaurant can have an effect on when and if it is going to be open.

West of the Mississippi River, particularly in the desert, you are more likely to find restaurants that are open all day and close only for lunch and dinner. In the western United States, especially in the desert, you are going to find more restaurants that are open all day than you are in the more settled areas, mainly because it gets so hot in the summer that people want to get out of the heat as soon as possible. This also means that if you visit a desert restaurant, you are more likely to find it open all day, regardless of what time of year it is. You might want to give it a try; although the temperature might be a shock, the atmosphere is more likely to be something to look forward to.

Moving east of the Mississippi River, we begin to encounter a few outliers and some variability in the pattern. Eastern Kentucky is a bit of a mix between the regions we just discussed. It’s hotter and drier in the summer than in the winter, but it’s not quite as hot as in the west. Additionally, it’s the opposite of the west in the sense that it doesn’t get as cold as one would expect in the wintertime. This is because the cold air from Canada (where the winters are cold) tends to pool in the pockets of warmer air that are located in and around Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville is probably the best example of a regional restaurant capital. Not only is it home to some of the best restaurants in the country, but it’s also the location of the famous Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant, which has been featured on TV shows like [Title]: Eat Healthy, Be Happy, and Use Natural Products to Improve Your Health (blog article)]( and [Title]: The Best Organic Ice Creams That You Can Buy In 2019 (blog article)]( due to its incredible selection of gourmet frozen foods.

Late-Night/Early-Morn Breakfast

If you are driving or walking to a restaurant at night, the chances are it’s going to be closed. This is probably because people are eating dinner and aren’t planning on eating early or late snacks. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, some diners at the Steak ‘N Shake in Columbus, Ohio think that it’s perfectly okay to eat there as early as 2:00 p.m. due to the fact that it gets busy later at night and they don’t want to miss out on the business. Additionally, there are Murphy’s Ice Cream Restaurants scattered throughout the United States, and due to the nature of this business (which is based on word of mouth and repeat customers), it has always been open past normal dining hours. Of course, these businesses are mostly self-sufficient in terms of their ice cream production, as the name would suggest, but they also get deliveries from local bakeries and convenience stores to keep things interesting for their customers.

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