How Long Are The Races At Delta Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

Every driver at Delta Speedway wants to win the races! That’s what this week’s edition of the Speed Magazine is all about – finding out how long the races are, and how many drivers are left in the game after each one! We’ll look at the structure of the speedway and its events, and we’ll pit various drivers against each other to see who can cover the most laps in a stock car racing event! Let’s get to it, shall we?

The Basics

Let’s get the most basic information out of the way first. Where is the track located? Well it’s in Louisiana, but it’s actually two different tracks: one in West Monroe and the other in Alexandria. The West Monroe track is a bit longer and seems to have more corners, while the Alexandria track is a bit tighter and less bumpy. For the record, the track that was the setting for the 2006 movie Cars is actually the West Monroe track. The reason the movie was filmed there is because the cars in the movie were from the 1950s and 1960s, and the track was still using the original configuration of the years gone by. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that the track was widened to its current size.

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Now, about the races. Since 1927 the track has used a single lap format, and the only exceptions were in World War II and the 1970s. Starting in World War II, the pace of life slowed down (a lot) and the need for speed lessened. There were also fewer cars on the road, so fewer people were in a position to show off their speeding talents. In the 1970s the track experimented with an intermediate caution flag, but since then has returned to a one lap format. This year the races will be 150 laps long. What that means is, there will be 15 cautions (flagged laps) and one finish. The races will go green as soon as the checkered flag drops and won’t stop until someone wins! Finally, the races are mostly stock cars, but every now and then a modified or a sports car will make an appearance. You’ll have to wait until the next edition of the magazine to find out what car(s) show up at Delta Speedway.

The Events

Each week the track has a couple of different races, and they are always held on Saturday night. The earliest race this year is scheduled for this Saturday, May 12th, at 7:00 PM and will be called the “General Tire Series 500”. The General Tire Series 500 is one of the older races at Delta, and back when the track was first built the only type of racing car used was a stock car. The distance was originally 500 miles, but now it’s more like 250 miles. This year the race will be sponsored by General Tire and will feature modified and stock cars. The weather is mostly sunny with a little breezy, so make sure you bring a jacket. It can get pretty chilly at night in May, especially near the back stretch.

The second race of the week is the “Lights Out 500”. This is a bit of an odd one to start with, because in order to qualify you have to have at least 500 continuous miles of race experience. The catch is, you have to do this during the day. The night before the race the track is completely dark, which made it a whole lot harder for the drivers who do this every year. They have to do all their practice and driving then as well, since they have to “look” at the track, and know where they are going during the race. During the day the track is completely lit up, making it much more visible. The speedway is also expanding the “lights out” race to an hour and a half, which should make this year’s race a whole lot of fun.

After that it’s the “Sprint Cup”. That’s right, the Sprint Cup. This is one of the more popular events at Delta and the name might not mean anything to you, but it’s the name of the NASCAR sanctioned tour that comes through here every year. The good thing about the Sprint Cup is, not only do you get to see some incredible racing, but you get to see it relatively close to home. The bad news is, the cup is open to any type of car, so it isn’t just limited to stock cars. The big difference between the Sprint Cup and the General Tire Series is, the Sprint Cup is a points-paying race, while the General Tire Series is generally just for fun. The weather is getting better by the day, so make sure you get out there and enjoy the last of the spring season. The point is, these are the only major differences between the two races – apart from the fact that the Sprint Cup is longer!

Who’s Racing At Delta Speedway?

That’s the million dollar question, and the answer is, almost everyone. When a track has a major upgrade as dramatic as expanding the track or switching to lights out for qualifying it’s hard to resist the temptation to show off your skills. As a result, this year the track has something special planned for the weekend of May 12th and 13th, and it’s going to be open to all car classes, including sports cars and modifieds. This is exactly what makes Delta Speedway so appealing – other than the opportunity to break some speed records, you’ll get to see all types of cars and drivers, and maybe even make some new friends. If you’re a car enthusiast and haven’t been to Delta in a while, then this may be the last place you want to be missing out on. There will be a special drawing for one of the luxury suites for the race on May 13th, so make sure you enter the drawing!

How Do I Watch The Races At Delta Speedway?

You can watch the races, and many people do. The downside is, if you’re one of the many Americans who live in other parts of the country, it can be difficult to get a TV signal that will let you see the race in its entirety. The good news is, WAFB, the Fox affiliated station that is available in the market closest to Delta, broadcasts the races in high definition, so you’ll get an excellent picture no matter where you are. The disadvantage is, sometimes there isn’t HD coverage of the race. It’s all dependent on the affiliate stations that are airing the race – sometimes they prioritize local stuff, so you may have to look elsewhere for the HD version. It really is a shame that the races aren’t available in HD at Delta, because a lot of the cars are starting to look a little nicer than ever, and the racing itself looks incredible, especially since it’s on a full-time 4K broadcast. If you’re really curious about what happened during a particular race, all you have to do is check the history books – that’s how I found out Michael Waltrip had a massive accident at the track. Fortunately, he walked away from the accident unharmed, but it was an incredibly scary moment when he found out his car had burst into flames, and he wasn’t sure if he would have gotten out alive. Luckily he did, but it’s still a scary moment when it happens to someone you know.

The History Of Delta Speedway

The history of Delta Speedway actually goes back a fair bit further than you’d think. The track has actually been around since the 1920s and initially used a graded surface. That is, the track was built on a gradual slope, and the surface consisted of little dips and bumps, which aided in turning and braking. It was during this time that the track also implemented a color coding system for the grid – black was used for the first five races, and then each subsequent week the color was advanced by one position. In the 1960s the track was widened and lights put in place, making it longer and faster. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the track began to host any major events, and even then it was mostly just the annual “Lights Out” event. The speedway has also been known to change track configurations over time – in the early years, back when there were no electronics in cars, the tracks were simply wider and longer, which made for more passing opportunities. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the track began to implement corners and if you look closely you’ll see an example of this in some of the pictures in this week’s issue of the magazine. Finally, around the turn of the century the paddock areas, where the cars are parked, were also expanded. This made it easier for fans to get pictures with their favorite drivers, and it also gave the owners a bit more space to walk around and stretch their legs.

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