How Long Is Charlotte Motor Speedway Track? [Solved!]

Charlotte Motor Speedway is one of the biggest NASCAR tracks in the United States. It is located in North Carolina, United States, which is known for its gorgeous scenery and rich history. Every year, thousands of people travel from all over the world to this beautiful city to witness some of the greatest sporting events in history. It is one of the most renowned motorsport venues in the world, with the slogan “The Home of American Dream” being proudly displayed on the track’s surface.

Named after the beautiful Queen Charlotte, this track was originally established in 1924 and underwent a major renovation in the 1960s. Along with the rest of the motor racing world, Charlotte has been stunned by the news that the 2022 NASCAR season will be the last one held at this track. The decision was made due to the ongoing pandemic, which has sidelined sports fans worldwide. However, it also means the end of an era for Charlotte, as well as the rest of the fans who were lucky enough to attend many of these events over the years.

What Type Of Surface Does The Track Have?

You would typically find lots of dirt, sand, and patches of grass at a regular race track. However, there is more to the surface of Charlotte Motor Speedway than meets the eye. The track is comprised of a 3.28 mile rectangular loop and is paved with traditional black asphalt. This combination provides ideal conditions for high-speed racing.

The asphalt around the track is protected from corrosion by an asphalt seal coating, while the rest of the surface is kept pristine through regular sweeping and cleaning. This ensures that the track will look as good as new for many years to come.

What Is The Track’s Size In Car-Tons?

The size of a track in car-tons is measured by the total weight that a car can handle, typically limited to between 2.2 and 2.5 tons. This weight varies based on the type of car, but it is usually in this range. Anything above this amount is considered an overweight, which could lead to penalties or even disqualification if the car is not within the allowed range. This measure can vary from race to race, with some tracks being bigger and more suited to high-performance vehicles than others.

Based on the above, Charlotte Motor Speedway is sized at about 77,500 car-tons. This makes it one of the largest speedways in the world. It is comparable to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is considered the gold standard among NASCAR tracks and is a regular stop for the Indianapolis 500. Other comparable venues are Sonoma Raceway and Watkins Glen International, both in the U.S., as well as Autodromo Nazionale in Monza, Italy.

How Is It Staged?

The grandstands at Charlotte Motor Speedway are located on one side of the track, while the opposite side is open. The track is flanked by the same type of grandstands, with the infield surrounded by a metal fence. There are about 120,000 seats in total, providing a panoramic view of the entire race track. The seating is arranged in a semi-circle around the track, allowing fans to get a view of the action from all angles. There are also small bleacher-type seating areas behind each grandstand, which offer an even more intimate experience.

The lights on the track are also arranged in such a way that creates a special effect when lightning strikes during a race. This is one of the few venues where you can see flashes of lightning during a race. It is a breathtaking sight to behold, especially since you rarely ever see this in real life.

What Is The Track’s Shape?

Like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and many other tracks around the world, Charlotte Motor Speedway is actually a horseshoe shape. This is due to the need to create room for the cars to change drivers before and after each race. The outside turns at the track are quite extreme (about 85 feet, or 26 meters) and are used to create a sense of speed and excitement. The combination of the long straightaways and the tight turns results in a track that is both challenging and exciting to drive.

At the end of each straightaway, there is a long, gradual incline that is used to create some spectacular speeds. This is followed by a quick, steep decline that leads to another longer straightaway. The climb up to the top of this rise is known as “The Hilltop” and the descent down the other side is “The Bottom”. This combination of long, gradual climbs and steep descents make up one of the most exciting parts of any NASCAR race, both for drivers and spectators alike.

Where Are The Pits And How Many Do There Need To Be?

Besides having the biggest track in the world, Charlotte Motor Speedway also has the deepest underground facilities. This is made possible by the fact that the track is located underneath the North Carolina Aquarium, in the Atlantic Ocean. The pits are located completely underground and can accommodate up to 72 cars, with six lanes and a special transition area between the two grandstands. Each pit is also equipped with its own set of floodlights to provide better visibility for the drivers, as well as spotters positioned around the track to call out the positions of the drivers.

There are a few other major NASCAR tracks that are located in the same general area as Charlotte, making it convenient for fans to travel between them. The speedway itself is a few miles from the center of town, which is the headquarters of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Some of the other tracks include:

  • Daytona International Speedway
  • Tropicana Speedway
  • Budweiser Speedway
  • Canada Street Speedway
  • Miller Motorsports Park
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway (base) *

The above list of NASCAR tracks is quite extensive, with most of the venues being located in the United States. Outside of North America, the most heavily-favored track is the Autodromo Nazionale in Monza, Italy. It has been the site of the renowned Mille Miglia, one of the worlds biggest car rallies, since 1927. The track is also the home of the Ferrari team, which is arguably the best in the world, as well as a host of other top-notch racing teams.

The above should give you a pretty good idea of how long the Charlotte Motor Speedway Track is. In addition to being one of the biggest tracks in the world, it is also one of the most historic venues as well. If you’ve ever driven or been to North Carolina, or are just an avid fan of NASCAR, then you know exactly what I mean when I say that this track is legendary. It’s quite a combination, all things considered!

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