How Long Is I 80 Speedway? [Facts!]

The I 80 Speedway is the most northern of the three major NASCAR circuits, and as the name suggests, it covers a vast area in and around the city of Chicago. The track’s name comes from its location at the intersection of the I 80 and the famous “La Salle Street” (which itself intersects with the “Dan Ryan Expressway” at the downtown area).

Most people are familiar with the Chicago Motor League, a local car club that meets at the track on Wednesday nights for some racing (usually some type of vintage race cars and other older models). What most people don’t know is that the I 80 Speedway is actually a race track and sports arena combined, and is one of the most popular venues for auto racing in North America. The fact that it’s in the middle of the United States and not in Canada where most fans live makes it must-see motorsport for anyone traveling through the region. If you’re a motorhead who grew up dreaming of racing against the best, consider making the pilgrimage to the I 80 Speedway to see some of the greatest races in NASCAR history. Here’s a quick guide to how long is I 80 Speedway, and what you should know before you go.

How Do I Get To The I 80 Speedway?

There are a few different ways to reach the I 80 Speedway. You can take the Dan Ryan Expressway (I 80) from the Chicago city center and get off at the La Salle Street exit. This will put you right on the doorstep of the speedway’s grandstand, which is the area behind the main straightaways (the kind with the big yellow stripes).

The most direct route from the Chicago area is to head north on the I 90 (Kennedy Expressway), get off at the Dan Ryan exit, and follow the directions above. You can also take I 94 (Roseville Tollway) south to I 90 and get off at the La Salle Street exit. This will put you closer to downtown but a little to the south of the main grandstand.

What Time Does The Race Start?

The I 80 Speedway doesn’t adhere to standard racing hours, so you’ll need to be a little flexible with your schedule. Races usually start around 2:00 pm, but they can start as early as 12:00 pm, or as late as 7:00 pm (the night of a football game, for example). Check the I 80 Speedway website to see if there’s any specific race time slots available.

Where Do I Sit/Stand To Get A Better View?

In the grandstand area behind the main straightaways, you’ll find several different seating options. The best one would be the last row of the bleachers, which have a perfect view of the track and are only a couple of hundred dollars. You can also get a great view from the upper deck of the grandstand, which is a bit more expensive but worth it. On a really tight budget, you can get a spot in the upper deck of the pavilion, which is sort of in the middle of the track and still offers a great view of the cars.

If money is no object to you and you want to sit as close to the track as possible, you can get a paddock spot (also known as a “garage” or “chassis” area) for around $20. This will give you a perfect view of the entire race track and ensure you don’t miss a single moment. Be sure to bring your own stool and/or stool cushion to sit on.

Is It Possible To Tailgate At The I 80 Speedway?

Yes, it is completely possible to tailgate at the I 80 Speedway. This area is between the main parking lot and the track, and is equipped with several large parking spaces that are ideal for tailgating. It’s also possible to bring a catering truck or other food trucks to sell at the tailgate area, which is a great way to earn some extra cash for the ride home.

Are There Restrooms At The I 80 Speedway?

There are restrooms at the I 80 Speedway, but unless you’re an athlete or a large group, there’s no need to bring your own toiletry kit. The track is very clean, and vendors often provide toiletry kits for those who are running low on supplies.

Is It Appropriate To Dress In The Stylish Way I Feel Most Comfortable In?

There’s nothing wrong with dressing in the way you feel most comfortable in, and the I 80 Speedway is certainly a place you can do that. Unless you’re specifically headed to a formal affair or other semi-formal event, feel free to wear whatever you want. You’ll find that the majority of the people at the I 80 Speedway are pretty chill about how you choose to dress, so long as you’re respectful and don’t disturb the other patrons.

This is a place of motorsport, and while the atmosphere may be one of relaxation and enjoyment, the last thing you want to do is to attract the attention of the everyone around you by showing off your tattoos or piercings. Dressing in a way that’s comfortable for you is the best way to go, so long as you’re not breaking any laws or otherwise bothering anyone.

Do I Need A License To Tailgate At The I 80 Speedway?

You don’t need a license to tailgate at the I 80 Speedway. There are no restrictions on where you can set up your car for the race, as long as it’s not in the way of traffic or interfering with other spectators. It is, however, best to set up your car in a way that’s comfortable for you and fits the vibe of the place. If you want to bring your dog with you, make sure you get a muzzle (this will prevent him from barking and disrupting others).

What Is The Atmosphere Like At The I 80 Speedway?

The atmosphere at the I 80 Speedway is generally very chill. This is not an area full of boring sports fans; instead, it’s a place where people come to celebrate, socialize, and enjoy themselves. The vibe is generally quite congenial, and there is rarely any bad blood between the fans. This is a place where everyone is together, as friends and family members often come to cheer on their loved ones.

The I 80 Speedway is actually a combination of a sports arena and a race track, and is home of the Chicago Slaughterbirds, a pro esports team that competes in the Overwatch League. Besides motorsport, the sports arena also hosts shows like the NBA All Star Game, NCAA Basketball Tournament games, and major concerts and entertainment events, so there’s always something going on there. If you’re looking for a unique travel experience and want to see some real Americana, then be sure to check out the I 80 Speedway in Chicago.

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