How Long Is Ims Motor Speedway Phoenix Arizona? [Ultimate Guide!]

IMS is one of the most famous racetracks in the world. Many consider it the “Granddaddy of them all”. Famous for being the place where stock car racing (as we know it) began, the track has been home to some of the most memorable moments in motorsport history. In 2020, the track will be celebrating its 90th anniversary and has decided to commemorate the occasion with a series of special events.

One of those special events will be the return of the Ims Triple Crown. The crown was first introduced in 1937 and has been a part of Ims racing ever since. For decades, the Triple Crown was considered the ultimate honor for an athlete or driver competing at Ims. Now, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, the track is looking for ways to bring back the excitement of the races that used to take place there. The Triple Crown will feature three races – a 300-mile race for motorcycles, midget cars and monster trucks, a 200-mile race for cars and a 100-mile race for trucks – on consecutive days. Only three riders or drivers will be able to complete the entire Triple Crown this year: Scott Campbell, Tim Ferry and Eric Belsky. The first two races will be held on May 26, while the third and final race will take place on June 23. All three events will be televised live on Fox Sports 1.

As part of its 90th anniversary celebrations, the track is also planning on hosting the Ims Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The induction ceremony will honor the sport’s greats from the past who will be recognized for their contribution to the sport. Current and former competitors, teams, sponsors, crew members and others involved in the sport will be in attendance. Also, famous cars and bikes from the classic era will be on display and there will be Q&As with the legends themselves. The ceremony will be held on May 26 and will be accompanied by a vintage car show.

How Is the Layout of Ims Motor Speedway?

The layout of Ims is quite unique when compared to other tracks. While many sports facilities are laid out in a grid-like fashion, Ims takes a more scenic route. The track’s entry is located at the top of a long, winding hill. Once the cars start climbing the hill, they will quickly enter a sharp turn that leads to the track’s first straight. Once the cars clear the turn, they will have a clear view of the grandstands on their left.

This is followed by a sweeping right hander. The cars will then enter a tunnel before emerging into another wide open stretch. The next turn is a slight right hander that takes the cars to the back of the track. From there, they have a clear view of the lake and the surrounding areas.

The next portion of the track is a fast, mostly flat section that leads to a sharp left turn. A short section of this portion of the track is known as Backwater. This is a right-hander that leads to a very deep, narrow chute. Once the cars clear the chute, they will enter a broad, flat portion of the track. This flat section is Homecoming. The cars will then make a hard right hander, followed by a sweeping left hander that leads back to the starting/finishing line.

What Is the Weather Like There?

The weather in Phoenix is very unpredictable. While there are usually hot and dry conditions, the temperature can take a sharp turn for the worse. In the winter months, temperatures can plummet, leaving the track and its competitors under the weather’s proverbial boots. Typically, the track stays open all year long, except for a couple of rainy days here and there. While it is challenging to conduct any form of business there during the winter, the track is still open for the racing enthusiasts and those looking for a getaway during the off-season. Traveling to Phoenix when the temperature is rising is never a good idea. On the other hand, heading there during the offseason is a way of life for many.

More Information About Ims Speedway

You can find a lot of information about Ims Speedway on the internet. If you’re unfamiliar, the track is located about an hour and a half from downtown Phoenix. There is ample parking and security at all hours. Plus, there is a restaurant, gas station and hotel near the track. In addition, wireless internet is available everywhere in the area. So, if you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consider heading to Ims Speedway.

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