How Long Is Iowa Speedway? [Solved!]

Few racing venues can rival the long history, vibrant culture, and exciting events that are featured at the Iowa Speedway in America. The 1.5 mile tri-oval is a track that was originally constructed in 1950 and has been the site of some incredible motorsport moments ever since! We take a look at how long the Iowa Speedway is and where you can find the race schedules for this year and beyond.

The History Of Iowa Speedway

The Iowa Speedway is located in Newton, Iowa, in the United States. The track was first built in 1950 and has been the site of some incredible motorsport moments ever since! It is one of the oldest continuously operating motorsport venues in the United States, and it is often regarded as one of the greatest race tracks in the world. Since its inception, the speedway has been the site of some prestigious racing events including the NASCAR World Championship and many more intermediate to grassroots races! The following is a short history of the track:

The Early Years

The track was initially constructed as a flat, fast track with high banking and grandstands, making it ideal for hosting flat stock car racing such as Midget Racing and Can-Am V8 Racing. However, it wasn’t long before NHRA (the National Hot Rod Association) took notice of the speedway, as drag racing began to grow in popularity during the 1950s. The association quickly imposed a rule stating that no more than two carburetors could be used per engine. This effectively halted midget and Can-Am V8 racing, as the majority of the cars in those series used multiple carburetors. (1) The track remained unchanged until 1960 when NHRA finally relented and allowed the use of multiple carburetors. (2) This was the beginning of the end for the early years of the track as it slowly morphed into the format it is known for today.

Modernization And Expansion

In the 1960s and early 1970s, the track was completely redesigned and resurfaced. The track changed from a triangle to a trapezoid, with only the inside walls retaining the triangle shape. This made it easier for the cars to enter and exit the track, as well as providing better sight lines for the fans. In addition, the track’s elevation altered, dropping it by five feet in some areas and ten feet in others. The expansion continued in the 1980s when the track was again reconstructed, receiving a new surface, installation of a lighting system, and a series of modifications to the track’s configuration. The most recent expansion was completed in 2010, adding a “fan zone” in the form of a roof above the grandstands, along with an all-new digital board and entrance signs. This expansion added more than 40,000 square feet of premium seating and increased the track’s capacity from 65,000 to more than 100,000. The track also added a children’s playground and picnic area, along with new beer and food stands.

The Present Day

The track continues to thrive today, hosting frequent and exciting motorsport events with some of the world’s best drivers. Each year, the track hosts one of NASCAR’s biggest events, the Iowa Speedway 400, along with an IndyCar Classic and occasional college football games, as well as a wide array of midget and sprint car racing throughout the year! In addition, the garage facilities have been expanded to include a technical center that trains drivers and engineers for the car companies that use the track. This is one of the reasons why the track is often regarded as one of the greatest sports venues in the world! The following is a list of the track’s major events and dates for future reference:

2019 – PRESENT

This is the present day and the track is still going strong, hosting one of the most exciting racing seasons yet! The track’s president, Lance McGrew, believes that the future of the track is as bright as ever and that it will continue to attract top-caliber drivers and events as well as have an impact on the sport as a whole. McGrew also stated that he is committed to making the track safer and more comfortable for both the drivers and the fans who come to watch.

Future Of The Track

The future of the track looks incredibly bright, as McGrew stated that he is committed to making the track safer and more comfortable for both the drivers and the fans who come to watch. The track also boasts one of the largest insurance policies in the world, which provides added security for the teams and drivers who participate in its events. The track also recently inked a multi-year extension with the city of Newton that will keep the track in the city through 2055.

The track continues to thrive, attracting top-caliber drivers and events alike. More importantly, the track brings something special to the communities and families who come out to support their favorite drivers and teams. The following are some interesting tidbits about the track, as stated by its president and the track’s website:

Families And Community

One of the track’s main draws is the strong family feel that emanates from the whole town of Newton. It is well-known that the community comes together as one, supporting each other and the track no matter what. The families who live in or around Newton are also some of the most loyal and dedicated fans you could ask for. The track’s president, Lance McGrew, stated that the track is ‘’thrilled to have the opportunity to create an environment where families can come together while celebrating American culture.”

The track has also put in place measures to ensure that families can follow the action from the vantage point of the seats, making it easy for parents to watch the races without worry of missing a play or injury to their kid. (1) In addition to the all-new board that features a large picture of the sunset behind the scenes of a race, the track has also installed a digital messaging system that allows fans to stay up-to-date on the action, even when they are on the move. (2)

The track provides a safe and comfortable environment for its drivers, staff, and visitors, and the commitment to safety is a main ingredient in the track’s success. The following are some additional stats and figures about the track:

Track Stats

The stats are in as of this writing, and the track continues to turn heads with some amazing numbers! As of December 2019, there have been 713 total winners at the track, with multiple wins going to Denny Hamlin, Mike Skinner, and Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., in 2019 alone! There have also been 29 championship or series wins at the track, with the most recent coming in May 2019 when Kyle Larson captured the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Championship. In 2020, the track will mark the 70th anniversary of its first NASCAR event, so it’s sure to be a vintage year!

Attendance And Capacity

Attendance at the track is always high, with each of the races drawing thousands and sometimes low-millions of people. The track president, Lance McGrew, stated that the capacity crowds are what make the track special and he encourages people to continue to come out and support the sport.

The track continues to grow each year, and with each new season comes a fresh batch of fans and followers! In 2020, the track’s president, Lance McGrew, stated that they have more than 100,000 season ticket holders and it is their aim to surpass 125,000 by the year 2025. In 2021, they will add additional seating to the track and continue to grow each year from there!

The Future Of Motorsport

The future of motorsport is looking incredibly bright! The track president, Lance McGrew, believes that the fans who come out to support their favorite drivers and teams will continue to grow, making the event even more special!

In recent years, the speedway has been a part of some incredible motorsport moments! In 2019, the track hosted the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Championship, drawing some of the top drivers in the sport, including Corey Lao, who went on to capture the title; Daniel Hemker, who came out of retirement to drive the whole season; and Scott Riggs, a two-time champion who also happens to be the nephew of the track’s founder, Clyde! (1) In June 2019, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour returned for its 40th anniversary, with all sorts of special guests and festivities. (2) This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the track’s first NASCAR race, which took place on June 20, 1950. The following are some photos of these incredible events:

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