How Long Is New Hampshire Motor Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

You have a long flight and you want to catch up on your books. But instead of going to the airport store and picking up a novel, you opt for a racing game instead. Not even knowing much about motor racing, you end up in the wrong section of the airport bookstore. You pick up a copy of _Michelin Professional_ and heads to the cashier, hands full of books. To your surprise, the cashier asks you, “Did you read this one?”

You nod, confused.

“It’s about Formula One,” she explains, “but there’s a part in the book that talks about NASCAR. Do you know much about NASCAR?”

You shake your head no.

“The pits are located behind the grandstands. There’s a crew member standing by the garages, waiting for you. Can you tell me where those are?”

You nod, relieved that at least you know where those are. You point them out, and she smiles and hands you your change. You go to the F1 section and continue your quest for knowledge.

Now, you may not feel like you need to know much about NASCAR to play the game, but the folks behind the cash register probably do. For centuries, NASCAR, or National Car Association, was the minor leagues of motor racing. It wasn’t until 1947 that the sport achieved its current form. What was once the All-American Road Race, a championship race between all-star drivers, turned into a qualifying points race for the first NASCAR Cup, or series. Today, NASCAR and F1 are a lot more alike than you’d think. Like F1, NASCAR races are mostly held in autumn, and the participants are mostly men. Like F1 drivers, most NASCAR drivers begin their career in karting, or racing cars before moving up to touring cars and eventually, stock cars. Some famous NASCAR alumni include Richard Petty, Danica Patrick, and Dale Earnhardt. If you’re ever in New Hampshire, you have to go to this place, the Sports Museum.

What Is The Purpose Of The Daytona International Speedway?

On a completely different subject, let’s briefly discuss the Daytona International Speedway. This place is something else. You’ll find all types of racing games, not just car-related ones, so if you’re not into cars, maybe try out a different game or hobby. As a matter of fact, the speedway is home to many different racing games, from go-karts to Formula One. It also features a huge arcade, where you can play all your favorite racing games for free. If you’re traveling to Daytona, you might as well bring your wallet, because the place is fairly expensive. The gates open at 8 a.m., and the first session is at 9 a.m. Therefore, any fan that sits outside the gates during the open session will be thrown out. You must have a parking pass to park on the premises. They give you a map with all the parking lots and let you know where visitors are allowed to park and where you’re supposed to find a spot. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a space near the entrance or the garage entrances. If you don’t, you’ll have to find a spot somewhere on the infield, or on the side of the road. In general, spots in the outer areas are reserved for security personnel, local law enforcement, and track employees. This is also where track workers live, so be careful not to block the view of anyone who might live there. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the more crowded areas, so if you have a heart condition or if you’re prone to fainting spells, then this might not be the best place for you. If you have a ticket for an F1 race, you can use the same ticket to get into the speedway as well. This is one place you don’t want to miss. In addition to having some of the best racing games, the speedway also features a lot of racing-related memorabilia, from old car keys to vintage helmets, flags, and more.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway And The Indianapolis 500

If you think that traveling to New Hampshire and the Daytona International Speedway is a bit much, then consider traveling to Indianapolis instead. Indy is the biggest race track in the country, so it might be hard to find a place to fit into your travel plans. Nevertheless, if you do find the time, it’s worth it. Indy features all of the above, along with some things that go beyond racing games. You’ll find the Hall of Fame, with its displays of antique cars and other vehicles important to the history of Indy car racing. If racing is your thing, then this is the spot for you. Of course, the biggest attraction is the race itself. The Indianapolis 500 is the annual championship race for teams and drivers participating in the IndyCar Series. The 500 is named after the distance that it covers; a 500-mile race is about as far as you can go around Indy. The whole thing started in 1911 as a one-off race, but every year since then it’s had the same status. This year’s race is scheduled for May 26. The 500 will be a very special event for the community; it’s been designated a City Championship, which makes it an unofficial designation as the Indianapolis Capital.

Now, if you have a day off and you want to do something different, consider heading to the airport. There’s lots to do, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to cars or motorcycles. You might even discover a new hobby. You can start by browsing through the different books in the airport bookstore. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always visit one of the many museums there. If you’re not familiar with New Hampshire, you might want to travel to a different state. There are lots of options, and you can find things to do whenever you have a day off. It’s amazing how much there is to do in and around an airport.

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