How Long Is Richmond Speedway? [Updated!]

Located in the beautiful, rolling hills of Tuckahoe, North Carolina, just outside of Richmond, the Richmond Speedway hosts some of the premier racing events in the nation. Covering nearly 400 acres, this speedway prides itself on its scenic beauty. The facility opened in 1910 and has been host to many an exciting race ever since, drawing drivers from all over the country.

Is a trip to Richmond just to sit in the stands and watch the cars go by? Of course not! You can actually do a lot more than that at the Richmond Speedway. Besides watching races, you can take a walk through the trackside museum or browse through the memorabilia housed in the library.

Here are just some of the things you can do at the Richmond Speedway:


As the name suggests, the main attraction at the Richmond Speedway is the races. Every Thursday night, fans can head to the track and catch one of the most prestigious events, the Craftsman Truck Series race. The truck series is part of the NASCAR circuit and is considered one of the most competitive series in all of motorsport. Racing legends such as Richard Petty, Smokey Yunick, and more have all called the Richmond Speedway home. Nowadays, the series is split into two halves: the Nationwide race and the Truck race. The Nationwide race is for one of NASCAR’s minor league series, the U.S. Touring Series. The Truck race is for truck drivers from all over the country. Every year, NASCAR pulls a few of the best trucks from the previous season and invites them back for another chance at glory.

In recent years, the series has become a battle between two camps: the old-school, blue-collar, and the up-and-coming, big-city drivers. It’s a fight for supremacy and one you can be sure of. Every week, over the course of an entire season, the drivers come from all over the country to compete in a race that may very well decide the winner of the whole series. When the trucks roll into town Thursday night at Richmond Speedway, it’s always a battle for supremacy.

Museum And Attractions

Besides the races, the Richmond Speedway actually houses a lot more than just a racetrack. The main building is a magnificent structure and one of the largest wooden theaters in existence. It was originally built in 1912 and served as a military hospital until 1917. After that, it was left untouched for many years until the Richmond track team decided to turn it into a museum. Today, you can wander through the three stories of the building and view historic racing artifacts and other unique NASCAR memorabilia. If you’re a racing fan, there’s no other place you have to be in the Richmond area on a Thursday night.

When the lights go out on the museum stage, the real action begins at the track. After the races on Thursday, the rest of the week is taken up by practice and qualifying. On Saturdays, there’s a parade lap followed by more practice and qualifying. On Sundays, there’s usually a day of rest and then more practice and qualifying. In addition to the main track, the Speedway also has a ½-mile banked oval known as the Flatwoods Track. This is where the local high school football teams hold their games during the week. If you’re a fan of automobile racing, there’s plenty to do in the Richmond area.

Shopping And Dining

Besides the museum and the track, Richmond is actually home to some pretty cool shops and restaurants. One of the most popular retail outlets is the Haystack Mountain Sports Shop. Located in the center of the city, this shop sells an array of gear from the major manufacturers, as well as an exclusive selection of swag for the entire NASCAR and motorsport community. The shop also houses a large, underground parking garage with over 85 spaces. If you want to grab a bite to eat at night, there are plenty of options. From traditional North Carolina BBQ to seafood and steak houses, there’s something for everyone. With so much going on in and around Richmond, it’s definitely an area not to be missed.

The city itself is only 25 minutes away from downtown Richmond, making it very accessible. If you’re looking for something more rural, the area also has a charming Bed & Breakfast, The Cuckney Suites, which offers guests 24-hour access to a fully equipped kitchen and a private dining room. There’s also the local barber shop, which has been a part of downtown Richmond since 1939, and the locally owned and operated Slice of Heaven Pie Company, which serves traditional North Carolina BBQ. It really is a magnificent racetrack located within an hour or so of almost every major city in the Southeast.

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