How Long Is Texas Motor Speedway Track? [Answered!]

Every sports fan has heard of Texas Motor Speedway. The motorsports race track is located in Fort Worth, TX, and is one of the most popular venues for motorsport events, especially NASCAR races. The speedway is actually made up of two separate loops that are only connected by a short tunnel. The track can be quite tricky to navigate as there are some turns that are quite tight and there are also long straightaways that you probably haven’t driven 200 miles in a row since your last oil change.

The speedway was originally built in the early 1950s as a military base known as Dyess Air Force Base. The track was then converted into a civilian airport, and was given its current name in honor of the base’s founder, W.J. “Billy” Tyne. Construction on the first loop, which is now known as the Backbone, began in 1953 and was completed two years later. The second loop, which is now known as the Frontstretch, opened in 1955. The speedway hosted its first race, the Texas Open Championship, in 1955 and has been holding annual races ever since. In 1957, the track gained fame when it hosted the first and only Daytona 500 to be held indoors. Due to its popularity, the Speedway also hosts an annual Halloween Rally every October.

How Do I Fit In A Day At The Races?

The grandstands at the Texas Motor Speedway hold over 75,000 people, which makes it one of the largest venues in all of NASCAR. You will most likely find yourself in the middle of the stands on the first row with your feet dangling over the edge. There are actually a few different types of tickets available for a day at the races, but the most popular and most convenient ones are the grandstands and the mezzanine. The grandstands are behind the starting line, and they are often the biggest and most glamorous of the three types of seats available. They are also the most expensive. The trackside bleachers are located on the opposite side of the track from the starting line and they are also covered with grandstands. These are much cheaper and can be found in almost all areas of the track. The last section is the mezzanine, which is in the middle of the three and is located in front of the stage. This is the section that is closest to the action and the action definitely stops here as you will be climbing over and through the railings to get a better view. This is where you will find the VIPs, the celebrities, and the royalty. The mezzanine also has the advantage of being located right above the finishing line, so it is the best location for photographers.

What Is The Overall Size Of The Track?

The overall size of the track is 7.84 miles. The length of the Backbone is 4.285 miles, and the Frontstretch is 4.589 miles. The two loops are connected by a tunnel that is only 1.2 miles long. This makes the speedway one of the largest venues not just in NASCAR but in all of motorsport. The capacity of the grandstands is 75,000 however, there are a limited number of seats available. You will most likely find yourself in the middle of the stands on the first row with your feet dangling over the edge. The track is floodlit at night which really enhances the beauty and size of the venue.

Is There A Capacity For More Than 75,000 People?

Yes, the speedway can hold 75,000 people per day, 200,000 people per week, and up to 400,000 people per month. This makes it one of the largest venues for sporting events in the entire country. The track can actually seat up to 600,000 when the seating area is opened up and tied down. This is quite some capacity, and this is what makes Texas Motor Speedway such a unique and magnificent place to be.

What Is The Overall Layout Of The Track?

The overall layout of the track is a traditional oval, which means that there are a few turns and a straightaway before you come back around to the starting line. There are 11 total turns on the track, and the names of the first four are aptly named: Whirlpool, Corkscrew, Twin Turn, and Bullring. The bullring is the longest turn which is 1.754 miles long. It starts right in front of the grandstands and goes all the way around the track. This is a very exciting turn to drive because not only does it provide you with a completely different view but it also gives you a feeling of how it would be like driving a circle. The next turn is the cobble stone chicane, which is just ahead of the start/finish line and it is named after the famous French racing driver, Louis Chiron. This is quite a technical and dangerous turn as the road surface changes and there is also a lot of dust and debris kicked up by the racers’ tires. The next turn is the tri-oval, which is also known as the Texas Star. It is the largest of the three tri-oval shapes and it measures 1.754 miles long. This is the connector between the Backbone and the Frontstretch, and it is also the place where the track shifts from being concrete to asphalt. It is quite a unique and interesting turn because it shifts to the right, then it heads back to the left, and it finishes by going back to the right. It is quite a demanding turn and it provides you with a completely different view of the track.

What Is The Atmosphere At The Races?

The atmosphere at the races is electric. You will most likely feel like you are at a rock concert as there are always a lot of crazy and charismatic fans shouting and singing along with the songs. The fans themselves are usually very friendly and some will even approach other fans and ask them if they are from “Texas” or “Oklahoma”. The track also has quite a large number of pre-race rituals and traditions that continue to this day. One of the most important and intriguing locations is the “Holy Ground”. This is the area just outside of the grandstands where the racers park and prepare for the big race. It is a place where vendors sell all types of merchandise, and the place is always bustling with activity. You will also find a large crowd gathered outside the vendors’ section as the racers await their turn to go racing. You may even catch a glimpse of a celebrity or a royalty member here or there, as this is a popular place to be before the big race.

Is It Possible To Get A Good View Of The Race From A Different Location?

Yes, it is possible to get a good view of the races from a different location. There are actually three different areas where you can catch a good view of the action. The first place is the mezzanine, which is the section of the grandstands that is right above the finishing line. The second place is the roof of the track. This is where you will find the best view from above the action as there is no other stadium or venue that provides this kind of a view. The third and final place is the media center. This is where the broadcasters, photographers, and journalists work and it has a 360-degree view of the track. You will need to get a membership to the media center in order to get a good view from here. However, even without a membership, you can still get a good idea of what is going on from this location.

What Is The Layout Of The Track?

The track is quite complicated, which is why there are question marks above some of the turns. Some of the turns are quite technical and demanding. There is even a question mark above the tri-oval because it is quite difficult to navigate while maintaining a safe following distance from the other cars in front of you. The track is 18.438 miles, which is quite a lot for a single lap. Some people argue that the track is quite slow and it doesn’t allow for any real passing. However, this is not entirely true. The track actually places a lot of emphasis on passing, which is why there are often multiple cars involved in a single crash. As a matter of fact, some of the cars that are driven at the speedway are not even road-legal and they are simply used for display purposes. This is because the speedway prohibits the use of motor vehicles that are not at least 25 years old. It is a shame that these cars cannot be raced, but this is the nature of vintage racing.

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